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10 anime similar to "Imperial concubine", 2018


The main heroine of the anime Imperial concubine Yunsi. She since birth, was a lively and energetic girl. She passes the face of danger, besides the masterful techniques of kung fu.

She is the eldest daughter of the Minister, but due to the fact that from an early age she discovered her gift of communicating with spirits, she was declared insane and was kicked out of home by sending on Linjuan where she grew up alone.

At the age of 16 she had become the bride of Emperor's son, taking the place of the younger daughter of the Minister who did not want to leave home. No one in the Palace knew about the forgery.

New groom Yunsi – Evan appeared indifferent and aloof, and besides, he strongly opposed the marriage, after all, already loved another girl. Her only friend in the Palace has a small spirit Numiton. He brightened her loneliness

Fans of the Imperial concubine, probably with an interest in 10 more anime with similar stories. Watch and enjoy the best creations of Japanese animation!

10. Library war2012

In the beginning of the era of Seika was adopted the Law on media Development based on the protection of people from adverse effects. Then all the books that promote dissent and calling for freedom were subjected to strict censorship.

In an attempt to resist this law was adopted the law on the Freedom of the Library. Thanks to him, the library with the help of local authorities could act against the Central government and provoke resistance.

As a result, the conflict escalated into a real armed confrontation. In the middle of it were heroes anime the first girl in the defence forces library of Kasahara the IR and its harsh instructor Atsushi Dojo. Together with the allies they are trying to save rare books and are not a coward to stand up for their principles.

9. Charming goddess of food2018

E Zzaao feels the kitchenette is fully in his element. She works as an editor in a popular culinary publication and this occupation she loves.

She even could not imagine that her measured and understood life very soon will be upside down. In an instant, she inexplicably falls in the past, in the era of dynasty, Huai sun, and most interesting girl comes out of his body, and the body of the concubine Xia Chunhua the leader of the gang, who believes her a spy.

Very soon, thanks to his sharp mind and incredible culinary talent, character still wins the heart Xia Chunhua, like all who at least once tried her cooking!

8. Hobo Kenshin1999

The civil war called the Meiji Restoration finally ended. In Japan, the full course of the unfolding Pro-Western reforms. Now there is no Shogunate, convened the Parliament and the government, the samurai were dressed in European clothes, the peasants acquired surnames, flourishing trade and crafts.

Hero secret war era Bakumatsu is disguised by the country in the guise of good-natured simpleton, helping all who are in trouble, but for his good deed, he does not take money.

So Himura Kenshin, a great swordsman in the past reluctant killer, he tries to atone for his grievous sins of the past and to clean it from the evil wounded heart.

A brief respite finds Kenshin in the capital, where he saves Kaoru, the young mistress of the family dojo. Over time, the dojo is going nice company such as vagrants and hermits.

But only a carefree life full of fun adventures and friendly skirmishes lasted very long. The past heroes have left their mark not only in their hearts, and many still believe that the blood can be cleaned only with more blood...

7. Hunting the demon king his wife2019

This original love story based on the novel a World of glamour, which also known as the Evil king chasing wife: Miss Pieces of the sky.

Here are shown the history between the famous killer of the XXI century, which falls into the past, and a tyrant Jin.

6. Alchemical weapon2006-2007

Incredible fate can fate holds in store for any of us. Not even believing in magic and prophetic dreams Kazuki muto was able by his own example to confirm this.

That saw an ordinary man in a dream, hardly a pleasant dream: big scary monster killed the youngster, who was trying to save the beautiful unknown girl.

However even think about the fact that this nightmare will become a reality, not allowed Kazuki to his realism and the denial of the existence of the supernatural. But very soon he realizes that he was wrong

5. Avatar: the Legend of Korra2012

In the center of the storyline, the anime – story of a girl Korra, which was destined to become a second incarnation of the Avatar after Aang. AANG defeated the Fire Lord as much as 70 years ago.

In Republic city, which, according to Aang, had to rally the mages to ordinary people, over time, problems arise. To overcome all the difficulties will have a new Avatar — a seventeen year old Korra.

The only thing she is not on the forces that control the magic of air. And to help her in this will only Tenzin, the child of Aang and Katara. Together they will have much more opportunities to realize their power, but on their way there'd be many enemies, the equalists, which I hate mages.

They possess a rare power – can neutralize the Chi and pick up the magicians their gift. Their leader, the mysterious Amon, have to fight Korra

4. Ambitions Odes To His Allies2012

Imagine just for a moment, you go down the street and suddenly find yourself in a completely different time, in the era of the Sengoku era the warring States.

In addition, as a fearless soldiers here are women Here in this unusual situation had involved an ordinary guy Ashigaru Sagara, who thoroughly knows the history of this time.

The hero finds himself in a companion to the Lord of ODA Nobuna, which connects under your wing Japanese territory. She calls Sagar Monkey, and he tries to survive in this difficult time.

Following the morality of his time, he radically changes the story, and no one is unclear where all this may lead in the end.

3. Blooming youth2009

The powerful and wealthy industrial tycoon forces his daughter to choose a husband out of three candidates, which he himself chose for her. Each of them is quite similar to the other, and beautiful in its own way. But, the catch is that actually four of them...

2. The story of the Country of Coloured Clouds2009

To Sura, the girl, whose name belongs to a noble family, lives with his father and brother called Sarana in a large and beautiful house. However, her family lost their wealth, and now a noble name and house, all they have left.

Dad is in the Imperial library, and Sura is a teacher at the school at the Church. More than anything, she longs to become a public servant, but in the Middle Ages the woman did not dare to even dream about it.

Once in their house came Advisor to the Emperor. He made Surei quite a tempting offer — six months to portray the wife of the Emperor, as a reward a very decent amount of gold.

The Advisor explains to the girl that the Emperor isn't interested in women really windy, the youngster need to learn from public administration.

Sura, intoxicated with dreams of a big reward, agreed to this proposal. But later, after learning the details of her mission, begins to doubt the correctness of his decision

1. Eternal love2017

Breaking under the weight of life's challenges, qu, Tanger decided to voluntarily withdraw from life. A failed suicide attempt radically changed the lives of girls. Because now her body live just two souls. Now she's nice and modest qu, Taniar and rude brisk qu Shaotang

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