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10 most scariest 911 calls


911 is the emergency service in America, Russia and Canada. When emergency service workers instantly react and go to the place.

The majority of switches 911 calls to the nearest center if the system is congested and the call cannot be accepted.

911 call in different situations, usually, when man himself can not cope with something.

Many of the stories caller genuinely frightening... In this article you will learn about the 10 worst calls perpetrated 911.

10. Assault on a woman

The man seemed to the woman suspicious, so she decided she should call 9-1-1. She said that a man is clearing the area... he went to the back of the house and asked about some guy Walks near the front door and says can't find some kind of apartment.

The woman was scared because she was lonely and the elderly. After the operator asked her: "Where is this man?" The woman replied: "I don't know."

After a couple of seconds the woman began to scream... she was attacked.

9. Attack monkeys

When the monkey is furious – it's hard to imagine what an ordinary animal... the Operator picked up the phone on the other end heard the woman, she was asked to send the police on 241 Rock, the road Rockrimmon.

When he asked what happened, the woman replied: "the Monkey ripped my friend's face". The operator says: "When an animal will move away from your girlfriend, tell me about it, we should help her." She says: "It's impossible, she's dead. The monkey ripped her completely. I feel bad and I will fall now to faint." The woman began to cry: "Please hurry..."

The police arrived, the woman was in the car and shouted: "Please, shoot it! I stabbed him, he's hurt. I'll stay in the car."

8. A terrible confession

911 called the offender to confess in a series of coldblooded murders. The man started to tell: "I'm so sorry I killed that girl. I stabbed her about 40 times. Kimberly Compton was the first on the 3rd floor in the hallway. I don't know what's wrong with me... I'm sick, what if I'm going to kill someone... I'll kill myself."

During the story, the criminal is crying. He called after some time, being in tears and hysterics, "Please find me, I can't stop, I kill and kill. I killed someone with an ice pick".

7. Someone strange in the yard

The man felt fear, because his yard was running one, reminiscent of the human form. When the 911 operator asked, "What happened to you?" The man replied, "we Have creeps here something strange...I can't tell if it's my turn on the sensor and I saw this creature. It's something huge like a man, but it moves with great speed. The operator asks: "were in your neighborhood of problem before?" To which the man replied, "Yes, my dog killed, I don't know what it is, could not catch him himself. I look out the window and are afraid to go out, although can't see him".

After a while: "Oh God! Send someone! I don't know what it is, this creature is more than 2 meters, and it's looking right at me!" The operator asks: "is He standing on his feet?" The man says, "I don't know! This is a huge man! And he's all black."

6. Suicide

One of the sisters saw the suicide of his brother and decided to dial 911. "Hello, 911," said the operator. "Help me, my brother is dead" – emotionally and in tears said the girl.

She introduced herself to the operator and Nicky in hysterics told me that her brother killed himself with a gun and she's home alone with his sister, parents there. "Please send someone up here!" – shouted the girl.

The operator asked: "Nicky, you just found him?" She replied, "Yes," and started crying... "Honey, don't hang up," said the operator. The girl continued to cry, and the operator said that help is on the way. Returned home father, and the operator asked him to stay with his daughters until help gets here.

5. Brake failure

911, a woman called and said that he was going to the Lexus in the Northern part of highway 125. Drowned the gas pedal stuck. She's with her boyfriend travelling at 120 km/h near mission gorge. They are in big trouble because they have faulty brakes. The woman and her boyfriend are approaching the intersection, all that remains is to pray.

The operator said You can not turn the engine off? To that he replied: "No", then there was a cry...

4. Strange creature

A man in great fear calling 911 because they saw a creature whose head is missing skin. The operator says, "What happened?" He said, "Please... someone is in my house." Operator: "Well, sir, I notify the police, you in apartment 2?" The man says, "Please... apartment 2."

Operator: "Tell me, is it a man or a woman?" He replied: "I don't know, I just saw that on the back of his head no skin. Torn skin hanging from the head." Everything was shaking, the Man asks: "What was that?" The operator offers to leave home but he can't, because is in the closet. The operator asked whether in the closet any means of self-defense, but it turns out that in addition to the hangers, nothing.

He shouts: "Go away! I'm really scared..." on the phone, heard strange noises, and the man vaguely shouted: "Oh my God!"

3. Quarrel of parents

This creepy call from a child who tells about a fight his parents. The operator asks: "What happened?" The child is crying and tells that her parents are fighting. "Please stop!" – screaming baby mom and dad, and the operator asks: "Call the Police, please!"

The operator said that they're gonna come in, and after asking up an adult, the child says that they always fight because dad drinks and goes to clubs. It turned out that it was not his dad, and stepdad.

In the house you can hear strange noises... the girl is crying and says he beats her mother. The operator asks the girl to open the front door so the police could come.

The girl returned to the phone and said that he hit her younger sister. "Oh God!" – the girl screamed, something happened. He got to baby her younger sisters...

2. The case on the road

The pair was driving on the highway, when suddenly the windshield flew into the stone that hit the head of the woman. A man in a panic, calls 911: "Hello, I'm on the highway 80, something flew into the windshield and hit the head of my wife. Oh, my God! You would not be able to call an ambulance to find us?"

The operator asks, "Where are you? Go to the West or the East?" The man replies: "To the West". Operator: "what kind of car you drive?" Man thinks, and then says: "In Nissan rogue, we stopped at the left side of the road. It's a nightmare... something flew into the windshield".

The man turned on the alarm on the advice of the operator. "Oh my God! The part of her brain just blew, but she is fighting for her life. The car was our daughter, when suddenly something flew into the glass" the man says. "Help is on the way" said the operator.

1. World Trade Center

September 11, 2001 was a tragedy – a terrorist attack in the United States. This day was destroyed the twin towers, buried thousands of innocent people.

Call one of the desperate people was recorded in the 911. In service of rescue the man called and asked to send firefighters. The operator after the conversation was able to identify a person's location is 105 floor, on the North-Western part of the building, in the second part of the center.

He says, "Girl, we got 2, still deteriorating, but we don't want to die!" She says, "Sir, I understand, firefighters are trying to bring back the equipment." Fire promises soon to reach, the caller saying that the smoke is too thick... the Man already calling 10 times, but too many people, and they did not come.

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