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10 stars whose manicure is appalling, even fans


Fans used to think that celebrities have the opportunity to do a manicure from the best masters in the world. This is true, but for some reason on the network you can come across a lot of photos where the nails of singers and Actresses look very unattractive, and some even repulsive. No one understands what it involves.

In our article you can read about the 10 stars whose manicure is appalling even their fans.

10. Britney Spears

About the difficult fate of the famous American pop singer, winner of the award "Grammy" know it all. Also from the ears of the fans couldn't manage to hide the rumors that she has a very bad habit, namely nail biting, which is often characteristic of young children.

Paparazzi one of the exits of Britney managed to take pictures where you can clearly see her nails. In the photo they are in terrible condition, bitten, bleeding from the burrs, without the slightest hint of varnish.

When the singer forgot to put on her finger a ring, the cost of which exceeded many thousands of dollars.

9. Rihanna

American R B singer and actress known for her love of shocking. A lot of the audience just watched her appearance on the red carpet in a variety of incredible outfits, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Also the singer loves bright makeup, sometimes with thickly painted eyes and lips covered with a dark lipstick or a gloss, although makeup artists recommend to focus on one thing.

This trend is evident in her manicure. In the photo found in the Internet you can see that the star prefers to paint her nails in bright colors, especially red, and increase incredible length, getting nogotochki in the style of witches.

8. Cynthia Erevo

The British singer and actress, and the winner of several prestigious awards, too, managed to surprise fans with his manicure.

If you are going to the festival Met Gala, she decided to seriously do my nails, the manicure she did for this event for two days. On the first day the master drew the outline, and secondly, they painted.

In the end, nogotochki celebrity appeared a painting of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam", which was supplemented with numerous rhinestones and chains. Nail art is very shocking and impressive, but in the eyes of fans, it is not practical.

7. Cardi Bi

Hip-hop singer from America is also known for his love of nail art. Star goes on stage and does not appear at different social events without the long nails, which are generously decorated with rhinestones, stucco and paintings.

Besides the fact that synthetic nails, the singer is too long, they also have a strange form, that is strongly bent at the ends.

The main color of the manicure at the same time can vary and be as pale pink and a bright acidic or neon.

6. Lady Gaga

Outrageous singer accustomed to the adoration of the public, each image is carefully thought out, so the nails are not left without attention. Manicure "Queen of monsters" is an unusual combination of creativity masters of nail service and colors.

In the photo, found on the world wide web, you can see how the singer wears a bright red long fingernails, and then performs on stage with the same long nails, but painted in black color, is often on her nogotochki you can see the rhinestones, beads, metal pieces and other interesting details of nail art.

5. Georgia May Jagger

Apparently, American model, known for filming in commercials of brands such as Hudson Jeans, Chanel, H M, Miu Miu, Versace, Rimmel nourishes not weak love for Japanese cuisine. How else can one explain her appearance in public with nails, on which was a picture of sushi and rolls.

However, a manicure can not be attributed to a good, he looked bad, like a model stuck on the nails clippings of images depicting these options.

4. Cache

American singer and the author of numerous songs not afraid to voice your opinion. But fans of the star have noticed that she sometimes Express themselves very difficult way.

Once fans noticed the stars on her fingernails, the word "penis", the other nails were decorated with numerous large crystals and oversized moldings. What celebrity have turned to a similar nail design remained a mystery.

3. Katy Perry

American singer and composer did a good job on the occasion of the marriage of crowned heads in 2011.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrity decided on a manicure where each nail adorned with the image of any of the members of the Royal family.

But fans speculated that the singer went to such a nail-art not because of the infinite love of the British ruling dynasty, because it has already been seen in public with nail, which adorned the image of her former husband, the American flag and favorite cartoon characters.

Most likely, the role in the selection of manicure also played a love of the outrageous.

2. Rita Ora

The British singer and actress can also be seen at social events in interesting and unusual images. On one of them, namely at the MTV Music Awards in 2014, the paparazzi managed to capture the nails Rita.

Long bright red nails celebrity was decorated with spiders, clasped, as they say, real diamonds on the nails of the singer could be seen ribbons of rubies. By the standards of the fans of nail art were a star in an incredible amount.

It was rumored that this incredible beauty the singer had to pay over 70 thousand dollars.

1. Beyonce

The American singer in style R'n'b, actress and dancer love is not only a beautiful voice, but its a great show. At his concerts, the star is laid out in full, tirelessly changing images, shocking in their appearance.

On one of their tours, the singer donned not only in attire fit for a Queen, but made a manicure in the same style.

In the photo you can see that the nails of stars painted in gold color in 3D. It is said that this stunning beauty Nogotkov cost celebrity about 850 dollars.

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