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10 actors, masterfully reincarnated in the great men on the screen


To play on the screen a world famous personality, a makeup and computer technology is not enough.

The actor chosen to play such a role must be suitable to its implementation very seriously. You need to get into the character to such an extent that the viewer was convinced that the screen is not an actor, and he is a historical figure who rose from the dead in order to show reality as it was.

10. Benicio Del Toro in the role of Ernesto Che Guevara, "Che"

In 2008, Benicio Del Toro was approved for the role of the famous Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

It would seem that the resemblance between these two individuals is not observed. But Benicio could so accurately and competently to get used to the image and character of Ernesto, after the screening of the film at the Cannes film festival, Del Toro was awarded the best actor. This award is worth a thousand words says about the accuracy of the image reproduced Benicio.

9. Morgan Freeman in the role of Nelson Mandela, "Invictus"

Morgan Freeman was a great addition to the Clint Eastwood movie "Invictus." He is responsible for the image on the screen of the first President of South Africa and a fighter for human rights during the existence of segregation on racial grounds.

Nelson Mandela was an outstanding personality, and therefore show his character and will had the same brilliant actor. Morgan Freeman came in handy.

8. Guy Pearce in the role of Andy Warhol, "I seduced Andy Warhol"

In the movie 2006 "I seduced Andy Warhol" tells the story of the friendship and cooperation of the talented and brilliant artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol and one of his muses Edie Sedgwick.

For the role of Andy were invited British and Australian actor guy Pearce. The embodiment of the image Warhol pierce approached with the utmost seriousness, and expressed it not only in the white wig. He is very responsible approach to the cult image of the 60-ies during the pre-production.

7. Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock "Hitchcock"

Sometimes the need for a more accurate determination of the way to pick up not only a powerful his charisma and acting experience, but the person who a little bit, but like the character in appearance.

In the case of a biopic directed by Sacha Gervasi neighborhood, dedicated to the relationship of Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville in the time of the filming of a masterpiece film "Psycho." Anthony Hopkins still looks something reminiscent of the great masters of horror, which can not but rejoice.

6. James Franco as James Dean, James Dean

Around the life of American actor James Dean during his life and after his death there were many myths and tales. To dispel some of them, in 2001, mark Rydell shot dramatic film on the life tragically taken at the age of 24 years, James.

Got a serious question, who will assume the image of Dean on the screen. While in the Director's chair was Michael Mann, the role was assigned to Leonardo DiCaprio.

But after a change of Director, actor for the lead role has also changed. There were a few contenders, but in the end James Franco got down to business.

5. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote, "Capote"

The pinnacle of acting Philip Seymour Hoffman is considered the role in the film "Capote". It is for her and Philip in 2005 received only one in his career "Oscar."

Director Bennett Miller I was already familiar with Hoffman and immediately presented in the lead role of his old acquaintance.

Philip Seymour was very upset that he and Truman Capote much different build, but the Director told me not to worry and sensitive to lose weight. Hoffman was preparing for the role very carefully, for four months training on the principle of Stanislavsky.

4. Jamie Foxx in the role of ray Charles, "ray"

Jamie Foxx also maximum responsible attitude to the performance of a great jazz artist ray Charles.

First, he asked specifically for him the entire script to print Braille in order to learn to better understand blind people.

Second, while in Los Angeles, he took courses for the blind. On the eve of filming Jamie thoroughly "scrubbed" and studied all the biographies of ray Charles, to play the personality of the great musician as convincingly as possible.

Moreover, already during the shooting process Fox used special makeup that blinded him for a day. And, of course, in all the episodes with piano, Jamie played on their own.

3. Geoffrey rush in the role of Peter Sellers, "the Life and death of Peter Sellers"

Peter sellers – one of the most famous British actors and comedians. The worldwide popularity it has earned its role is not quite adequate inspector Crusoe in a series of films about "the Pink Panther".

He has been nominated for various awards, including an Oscar, a Golden globe award and British film Academy.

After the death of the great Maestro for the film about his life, and the role of Peter was played by Geoffrey rush, who was in the way, not only in character but also in appearance.

2. Gary Oldman in the role of Sid vicious (Simon Ritchie), "Sid and Nancy"

A cult film for every lover of punk rock is, of course, "Sid and Nancy". It was filmed in 1986 by Director Alex Cox, who wanted to show the atmosphere in which they are doing, the music of the legendary British band "the Sex Pistols".

Gary Oldman had to play colorful bassist Sid vicious and demonstrate how the musician had an impact up close and personal with a drug addict Nancy Spungen.

Critics and Sid's friends believe that the actor coped with the role brilliantly.

1. Eddie Redmayne in the role of Stephen Hawking, "the universe Stephen Hawking"

Eddie Redmayne various roles on the shoulder, and he proved it, starring one of colorful and unusual film.

But in melodramatic films James Marsh actor had to play shining world physics, namely Stephen Hawking, who suffered in life from the disease of motor neurons.

Eddie, being physically healthy, able to coexist and reliably show heavy, but at the same time the busy life of the great physicist-theorist.

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