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Top 10 largest Islands of the world


The island is a parcel of land separated from other continents. On planet Earth there are over half a million such sites sushi. Some may disappear, others appear. So the youngest island appeared in 1992 due to volcanic emissions. But some of them are daunting. In the ranking of the largest Islands in the world are 10 of the most impressive positions on the square.

10. Ellesmere196 thousand sq. km

Opens the top ten largest Islands of the planet Ellesmere. Its territory belongs to Canada. It is the third largest island of this state with an area of just over 196 thousand sq. km This plot of land is located to the North of the canadian Islands. Due to the harsh climatic conditions, it is little inhabited by humans (the average number of inhabitants is 200 people), but is of great value to archaeologists, as there are constantly finding the remains of ancient animals. Drying remains immobilized by ice since the ice age.

9. Vic217 thousand sq. km

Ninth place among the largest Islands on earth is Victoria. And Ellesmere Victoria belongs to the canadian Islands. It got its name from Queen Victoria. The land area is 217 thousand sq. km and is washed by the Arctic ocean. The island is famous for its large number of lakes of fresh water. The entire surface of the island has virtually no hills. Only two settlements located on its territory. The population density is very low, as this area is home to just over 1,700 people.

8. Honshu28 thousand sq km

In eighth place in the ranking of the largest Islands of Honshu is located relating to the Japanese archipelago. It occupies an area of 228 thousand square meters. km. this island is located the largest Japanese cities, including the capital of the state. The highest mountain, a symbol of the country Fuji is also on Honshu. The island is covered by mountains and there are a lot of volcanoes, including active. Due to the mountainous relief of the island's climate is very changeable.
The territory is densely populated. According to the latest population is about 100 million people. This factor puts Honshu on the second largest Islands by population.

7. UK230 thousand sq km

The UK, took seventh place in the list of largest Islands in the world, is also the largest among the British Isles and in Europe in General. Its area is 230 thousand square kilometers, with a population of 63 million people. The UK holds a major part of the United Kingdom. High population puts Britain in third place among the world's Islands in terms of population. And it is the most densely populated area of Europe. Located on the island and the capital of the Kingdom London. The climate is more temperate than in other lands in this area. This is due to the warm Gulf stream.

6. Sumatra43 thousand sq km

Sumatra settled in the sixth position of the rating of the largest Islands in the world. The equator divides Sumatra into two almost equal halves, so it is in two hemispheres. The area of the island is more than 443 thousand sq. km, inhabited by over 50 million people. The island belongs to Indonesia and is part of the Malay archipelago. Sumatra is surrounded by tropical vegetation and washed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean. He is in a zone of frequent earthquakes and tsunami. In Sumatra, large deposits of precious metals.

5. Baffin island500 thousand sq. km

Opens the five largest Islands Baffin island. It is the huge island of Canada, the area of which exceeds 500 thousand sq. km It is covered with numerous lakes, but inhabited by people only half. The number of Islands is only about 11 thousand people. This is due to the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic. The average annual temperature is around -8 degrees. Here, the weather dictate water of the Arctic ocean. Baffin island is cut off from the mainland. To get to the island is possible only by air.

4. Madagascar587 thousand sq km

Next on the list of the most impressive Islands in terms of scale, square – Madagascar. The island is located East of Africa, he was part of the Indian subcontinent. From the mainland they are separated by the Mozambique channel. The square footage and the same state of Madagascar is more than 587 thousand sq. km. with a population of 20 million. The locals call the Madagascar red island ( this island color of the soil) and wild boar (because of the large population of wild boars). More than half of the animals found in Madagascar can not be found on the mainland, and 90% of the plants represented only in the geographic area.

3. Kalimantan748 thousand sq km

The third stage of the rating of the largest Islands in the world occupied by Kalimantan with an area of 748 thousand sq. km with 16 million inhabitants. This island has another common name — Borneo. Kalimantan occupies the center of the Malay archipelago and belongs to three countries: Indonesia (most of), Malaysia and Brunei. Borneo is bordered by four seas are covered with thick tropical forests, which are considered the oldest in the world. The attraction of Borneo is the highest point in South-East Asia — mount Kinabalu with a height of 4 thousand meters. The island is rich in natural resources, in particular diamonds, which gave it its name. Kalimantan in local language means the diamond river.

2. New Guinea786 thousand sq km

New Guinea – second place in the list of the largest Islands in the world. 786 thousand sq. km situated in the Pacific ocean between Australia and Asia. Scientists believe that once the island was one part of Australia. The population is approaching 8 million people. New Guinea is divided between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The name of the island was Portuguese. "Papua", which translates as curly hair connected with curly hair the local aboriginal people. In New Guinea there are still places where never been. This place attracts researchers of flora and fauna, as they can meet rare species of animals and plants.

1. Greenland2130 thousand sq km

The impressive size island in the world – Greenland. Its area exceeds the area of many European countries and 2130 thousand sq km. Greenland is part of Denmark, and in tens times more the mainland of this state. Green country, as they still call this island by the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Due to weather conditions most populated (population of about 57 thousand people), and covered with ice. The glaciers are vast reserves of fresh water. The number of glaciers it is second only to Antarctica. Greenland national Park is the most Northern and largest in the world.

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