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10 obvious signs of dislike to him


How much is now being written in magazines and spoken on television about how important it is for each of us to love ourselves.

Psychologists say that in certain situations it is necessary only to increase self-esteem, as in life, everything will change for the better.

But how to understand whether you love yourself or not? Sometimes we think we love ourselves. However, if you dig deeper, it turns out that in reality it is not so.

Introducing the 10 signs, the presence of which gives a man a clear dislike to her.

10. Guilt

With painfully low self-esteem a person is able to literally blame themselves for the mere fact of its existence. It can't shake the feeling that all the bad things that have happened somewhere nearby, is his decisive contribution.

Thus, it is not necessary similar as to be confused with constructive criticism that help people in personal-improvement.

It is also worth noting that quite often, near a notorious person is someone who is by all means to cultivate this destructive feeling for one's own benefit.

9. You wish to spend money on yourself

You feel uncomfortable if you spent money on a new pair of shoes, a beauty salon or just a nice change. You mentally scold yourself for these unnecessary expenses and calculate what you would spend these funds to better use.

It has more to do with lack of motivation. For example, why spend money on nice clothes if I'm still fat, or need to buy expensive cosmetics, if that person has nothing to help. And so on increasing.

And if this chain is interrupted, then everything will end in complete degradation of the external appearance.

8. You are haunted by the disease

Hypochondria and hypochondria are eternal companions of people with low self-esteem. If you get masterful to invent new flaws in yourself, then why don't you go to fantasy on the theme of diseases!

But if to speak seriously, such behavior may not only alienate loved ones, but also lead to the development of these diseases, such as insomnia, depression, migraines, fatigue, etc.

7. You don't follow the diet

You can either completely lose your appetite and eat you will almost with force, or will start to eat your problems until a new obesity.

And to increase self-esteem in a state where your body 20-30 pounds of excess weight is much more difficult.

6. You find it difficult to ask for help and say: no

You can't turn anyone down, even if execution of the request is very difficult to you personally.

Therefore, people with low self-esteem often become objects of manipulation are not very decent people.

For an insecure person go colleagues the chief does not hesitate to load it in excess of, and friends enjoy a trouble-free, filling up a bunch of innocent requests.

5. You are dependent on someone else's opinion

You doubt their abilities, therefore cannot adequately analyze events that happen around. Therefore, you have no choice as to make his judgment about anything not on the basis of his findings, and in the words of someone else.

But this is only half the problem. The fact is that having a low self esteem you can not correctly filter out the opinions of people you trust and those who can not boast of any sagacity, any outstanding intellectual abilities.

That is why the words of the people, which is good, generally not worth paying attention to, you take to heart.

4. When you say compliments that you don't feel

You think you do not deserve such compliments or even think that man is laughing at you.

You don't believe third-party opinion, but trust the voice of their subconscious that says about a million of your faults.

3. You don't like to look at myself in the mirror

Why am I not Angelina Jolie? This question excites many women who are dissatisfied and looking at his reflection in the mirror.

It is possible that she Angie asks similar questions looking at myself in any reflective object, otherwise wouldn't she torment yourself diets, invented by anorexique.

After all, if masochistic corrosiveness to seek out a new disadvantages, and miss universe will feel the exhibit of the Kunstkamera.

2. You have failures in your personal life

That's no doubt! Here can be a few options.

First: you will be out to dig in its heels and on the horizon will not appear any candidate for your hand and heart.

Second: you will attract people either of the same insecure, who understand that the better they find no one, or individuals with severe addictions to despotism and violence, because a number of uncertain second half they can fully demonstrate their unhealthy qualities.

If your self-esteem start to fall when you are already married, then you are inevitably in the process of unnecessary self-flagellation will have to wait for a sharp deterioration with your partner.

Remember, the dislike of one of the spouses is the obsession with delusions of jealousy, decreased libido, increasing mistrust and misunderstanding.

Want to imagine such happiness? Then continue with the same intensity to engage in undue self-flagellation.

1. You do not follow their appearance

Say what you will, but low self esteem is a big step in the direction of depression. And she, in turn, manifests indifference to its external appearance.

First, you become too lazy to spend energy on basic manipulation related to hygiene (brush teeth, comb hair, iron clothes, clean shoes, etc.), about the makeup and additional means of care in this case does not have to say.

Second, people with low self-esteem devoid of incentive to work on the attractiveness of his image, because he is sure in advance that can not a priori someone who like.

A similar reasoning, we can drive themselves to a standstill and result in rapid degradation, both physically and spiritually.

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