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The 10 most expensive repairs of Russian stars


Rich to live not forbid! Just think what fabulous sums give domestic celebrities to equip their homes in accordance with their own preferences.

And, of course, they can understand, because for most mere mortals repairs in the house is the key to a comfortable life, as for the stars one more opportunity to demonstrate their level of success members and colleagues.

We present 10 of the most expensive repairs of the Russian celebrities.

10. Alla Werber

The Fashion Director of TSUM Alla werber is the owner of a luxury apartment on Tverskoy Boulevard.

Only the paintings that creative hostess of the room adorned the walls, are fabulous money.

According to werber, is to create such apartment design and regularly organize receptions for VIPs has also been her dream, which, having achieved high social status, she was able to carry out.

9. Anastasia

The infamous ballet dancer and star of Instagram not just to please their fans and provoked hate photos of myself on the background of luxurious interiors of their house.

Pretentious glamorous style of her home has become a reason for criticism of the former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre. However, the Anastasia, despite the taunts of the spiteful critics, continues to brag about its surrounding luxury, more transforming her house into a Museum of itself.

8. Iosif Prigozhin and Valeria

Valeria and Joseph live in an apartment in a residential complex in Krylatskoye. The design of this apartment is in a quite original style: by star masters of the it resembles a boat.

All of the furnishings are made here under sketches of the designer Gabana O Keefe. Wall living room decorated with panels of mirror is antique, and the walls and bedroom doors are upholstered in gorgeous velvet.

In General, the whole scheme looks almost Regal stylish and dignified. And of course, very expensive.

7. Yana Rudkovskaya

The immediate surroundings of the famous producer of Dima Bilan knows about her passion for luxury brands and luxury.

In Yana's house, which, of course, located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, there are three floors. 1,000 square meters is located a few bedrooms, a pool and a gym, and in the yard there is a hockey court.

To design Rudkovskaya reacted with extreme seriousness. For example, for each plaster butterflies on the wall in the large living room was made of its unique form.

Furniture Rudkovskaya ordered from leading British designers. The house has a fireplace of pure marble. Perhaps that is why fans of the star couple in social housing-pair compare with Versailles or the Hermitage.

6. Valery Leontiev

Valery Leontiev always, if possible, tried to do everything to provide you and your family as comfortable as possible conditions.

Now, on the crest of success, star of the national stage can afford to keep apartments on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

In the heart of coral Gables mostly live immigrants from Russia and the CIS, there Is Villa Valeria area of 280 sq. m.

The interior is executed in style of a Safari. The walls are decorated with leopard and tiger skins on the shelves and adorn statues rare African animals.

The furniture is also full of leopard spots. The singer admits that he personally participated in the development of interior design, hiring the best professionals.

5. Nikolay Baskov

Hard to believe, but only to the 35 years the Golden voice of Russia became the owner of their own homes. Then a natural blond settled in the apartment, which he presented then still a respected person and a great admirer of Nicholas — billionaire Telman Ismailov.

This property is located, naturally, in a luxury building at Prechistenskaya embankment. Not far from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
Gold moldings, luxurious finishes, antique furniture, there is something to admire.

4. Nikas Safronov

Rumor has it that finish your home cost renowned master of modern painting Nikas Safronov approximately $ 10 million.

The artist lives in a 15-room apartment with a splendid view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin. Indeed, the Royal Suite is rightly recognized as one of the most unique and expensive in our country.

Nikas for 11 years settled in your home: for five years, he bought the apartment from the neighbors, and the remaining 6 years spent there repair.

After a long creative throwing, Safronov chose a Gothic style. To achieve the maximum stylistic authenticity, he bought vintage furniture, paintings, decorated the walls with vintage frescoes.

The first floor was the living area, second floor area, third floor workshop of the painter.

3. Ksenia Sobchak

The apartment, which is owned by former gossip girl and leading a scandalous and now a serious journalist, interviewer and policies Ksenia Sobchak, located in the heart of the Northern capital of our vast country.

The very premises of reconstructed communal apartment. Here, in addition to fashionable modern design ideas, there are many expensive Antiques of great cultural and material value, such as antique furniture, paintings by well-known authors and rare editions of rare books.

2. Philip

A recognized king of Russian pop, of course, must be present in matching the status of the apartment. Philip Palace, has not even one!

In addition, in the capital, he has a penthouse apartment on Taganka, with an area of 260 square meters, although the star, the landlord, said it is not enough comfortable. In the design of the apartments was attended by the most fashionable artists of the modern interiors.

1. Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

One of the most famous star couples Russia lives in a real castle, which is located in the suburban village with a dissonant name of Dirt.

Yes, this place is not like the noisy prihlaseny Barvikha, Zhukovka or where prefer to settle very many local celebrities.

Castle Pugacheva and Galkin scale mesmerizing design ideas of the owners. Its cost is estimated at approximately half a billion (think about that number!), and the area of land on which is located this luxurious architectural object in a hectare.

The castle has six floors, which are 20 living rooms. In addition, the mansion has a freight Elevator, underground Parking,winter garden and, of course, the pool.

Wondering what to finish the interior of the house, the couple spent more material resources than on its construction.

The design of the lock is made in the classic Victorian style, all furniture is created in a retro style, made to order.

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