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10 anime series, similar to the "Valor knight."


Favorite scenes can not sink into the soul of the viewer. Moreover, you need to find in themselves enough courage not to start to reconsider any series a second and third time.

In the case of anime "Valor knight loser" to gather strength and begin to revise pretty hard. It was too steep the plot is strongly gaining points people's choice award.

That though as-that to smooth the impulse to view, it would be nice to see a list of the ten cool anime similar to "the Valor of the knight of the loser."

10. The pick of destiny2016

The plot of the anime takes the audience during the heyday of the Chinese Empire, when the leading place was occupied by no men, and dragons, demons, werewolves, and the philosophy of Buddhism.

There was a legend that many years ago fell to the Ground a few meteorites. They were decorated in strange characters, or rather characters. The people who found the meteorites and studied them thoroughly, gained superpowers and force that can defeat evil.

The main character, a young man named Chen Chang Shen, he learned from his teacher that he was sick with a terrible disease and he left to live very long. But to accept the boy did not intend to.

He wants to change his fate, having obtained those letters from meteorites. Idea dangerous, but it will be worth it if ry will survive.

9. MAG full timein 2016

It is difficult to study in the school where no one believes in you, and along classmates consider a complete failure.

So is the fate of a fellow named Moran, who accidentally started studying at the school of magic. Even more precisely, the will of the relations of his father, who was able to attach the careless son to school for real wizards.

Mofan wants to learn magic, after all he received from the mysterious old man with a strange amulet, and now the young man is eager to solve the mystery of this artifact.

8. Lord of darkness: the Other history of the world2018

Many people adore computer games, especially massively multiplayer online role-playing games, because life there is much richer reality.

That's considered a recluse by the name Takuma Sakamoto, who for many years played a game called Crossroads.

If in real life he's a recluse, the real demon King, who was afraid of all the other players.

It so happened that one day Takuma woke up and saw himself tied to the altar, and next to him were arguing about two pretty girls. As it turned out, the two hapless player tried to tame the demon King, but something went wrong and now they are magically connected to him. What will happen now?

7. Absolute Duo2015

The world of this anime is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. People have created a device called Lucifel, which is embedded in the human body in order to enhance his natural skills and the basic senses. The implementation process is called the rite.

In addition to increasing abilities in man raises the weapon, the so-called stigma, as a rule, it looks like a blade.

That is the main character of the mark takes the form not of a blade, and fixture in the likeness of a shield. Most likely, at the time of the rite the young man felt a strong sense of vengeance and desire to protect loved ones. The stigma is felt.

6. Blue exorcist2011

This anime is perfect for those who would like to observe the opposition of the world people of Assia, the world of demons, Gehenna.

Satan has a son born from a mortal woman, and his name is Rin. In the plans of the evil and demonic father to son use as the key, which will help to enslave all life.

But Rin has a different opinion and is going to become a exorcist to kill, and to destroy the wicked and rebellious demons.

During the training, Rin meets other exorcists who become his close companions.

5. Chrome Regios2009

Fans of post-apocalyptic stories will come to a complete delight from this anime. Now people have to live in huge moving cities and defend against the insectoid creatures.

To share natural resources, which do not have city have a fight.

The main character, Lafone Alsafa, to enter the military Academy city Zuellni to fight in one of his fights.

4. Aesthetics banished hero of2012

It turns out that in addition to the world of people there are other worlds. And the main character has experienced that the hard way.

The akatsuki Asave even managed to visit another world, be the hero and even challenge the local King of demons.

Before the demon died, he asked akatsuki to take care of his daughter. Hero complied with the order and took the girl with him to the human world. All his friends he was presented by the daughter of the demon King as his sister.

3. Demons high school2012

And broke on the Ground war. But not between people, no. The battle was so massive that it involved fallen angels, and the angels of the Lord God, and demons from the underworld.

And events went so far that died, and Satan, and God. Thoughtful magical beings that the war should stop, but conflict settled and was not. Moreover, their own purposes and even people turn into loyal puppets.

2. Unlucky student in the school of magic2017

Now magic is not an empty phrase, not the plot of a literary work, not a fairy tale for children, but the real reality of life.

If you wish, you can go to school and become a professional magician, after all, with this purpose, the government has opened special schools and universities.

In the Senior school of Magic did not particularly prosperous Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki gifted. And now they have a fascinating study in this special place.

1. Battle Academy city Asterisk2015-2016

When the Earth was a meteorite, as one was afraid that humanity is doomed. But in the course of this event no one died. Moreover, on Earth there was a special energy called mana, and people who have learned how it operated, had the opportunity to subjugate the laws of physics.

Among them, the main character, a young and gifted boy, time dilation in Tokyo Jupiter Amagiri, who came to study in the city Asterix. And before he knew it, he already pissed off one of the most influential witches of the Academy.

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