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10 Russian Actresses whose beauty compensates for lack of talent


Folk wisdom says: don't be born beautiful, and born happy. This assertion is difficult not to agree, but it happens so that people with outstanding abilities or outstanding talents through the use of external data, achieve significant success in their profession.

It is primarily concerned with cinema, where the attractiveness and beauty have always played an important role. Well, probably, at all times there was a Minister of performing arts, who delighted the audience not bright roles, but rather a pleasant appearance.

Submitted 10 Actresses whose lack of outstanding acting talent kompensiruet beauty.

10. Anna Snatkina

This popular actress appeared on the screen at a fairly young age and almost immediately became popular with the creators of serial melodramas.

The most memorable works of Snacking began starring in the series Doomed to become a star, Tatiana's day, the Plot and the film Pushkin. The last duel.

Many critics agree that the success of Anna in the movie is practically 90% connected with her bright appearance. It is very difficult even to fans of the actress to remember at least one of her typical role, in which it would be convincing.

Almost all of her characters are similar to each other, and play as Snacking. It may seem that in the professional Arsenal of the actress there are only two emotions: sadness romantic and mysterious reverie. Nemnogoe for the domestic soap operas is enough.

9. Alexandra Bortech

Such paintings as the Viking and I'm losing weight in a short period of time made the young actress a real star.

However, despite this early success and spectacular, almost angelic appearance, professionally Alexandra need to grow and grow.

It's hard to argue with the fact that the complex distinctive role, the young actress is still not too tough. But quite possibly the girl with years of accumulated skill, if not get used to rely only on their looks.

8. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk woman with outstanding appearance, can not be said about her acting abilities.

This spectacular brunette in the beginning captivated the whole country with slender legs and a cute parody of a Ukrainian dialect.

After the execution of the title role in the popular sitcom My fair nanny Zavorotnyuk has become quite popular, but in the memory of most viewers, it still is associated with the nanny Vika.

Despite the primitive scenario, flat mostly jokes and mediocre play of the main characters, the image of the girl from Mariupol who dream to marry a producer Shatalina, was very popular in its time and indeed became the most vivid in the entire filmography of the actress.

To date, the Anastasius failed to repeat the success of the series.

7. Agnia Ditkovskite

Nature has endowed the daughter of the famous actress Tatiana Lyutaeva beautiful appearance. Her sweet face and turning the figure literally beg on the screen, however, for her acting capabilities, everything is not so happy.

The girl who played the beloved main character in the movie Heat, suffers from a rare for women of her profession with a lack of affect. Her frame is even hard to call the acting: it may seem that the just a pretty girl with no education, just pronounces the written text, absolutely not investing in the glory of any emotion.

Well, apparently this time Apple rolled far from the tree.

6. Natalia Rudova

This charming blonde was remembered by the viewer through the work in the TV series Tatyana's day. Where she played the murderous schemer namesake of the main character.

The actors all know that the negative images are on the screen is much brighter positive, but in this case, as the image of the good (or stupid) main character, which is embodied on the screen Anna Snatkina and negative character Natalia's Employment was equally boring and uninteresting.

Tears, anger, envy performed by Natalia naturalnymi seem to be bordering on the antics of an Amateur.

5. Paulina Andreeva

The wife of famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk has become very popular after acting one major role in the detective Thriller Method. After this role for Paulina I got the image a kind of mysterious girl-vamp with a fairly striking and unusual appearance. However, according to critics, her acting skills while losing its visual appeal.

4. Karina Razumovskaya

Before you fulfill a major role in the crime drama Major, Karina played in many melodramas in which he played virtually the same role kind of girls who despite the blows of fate, stay honest and naive.

Maybe because of such an abundance of soap in her filmography, she was unable to properly deal with the role of the police and even the head of the Department.

The attempt of the actress to make her character tough and decisive turned out that Radionova (the name of her onscreen character) came out cold and emotionless, and to be honest mentally retarded. In General, even without thinking said: do Not believe!.

3. Elena Korikova

The first serious role of Helena in the big movie was the main role in the film adaptation of the novel Pushkin's mistress into maid. In this film the actress literally glowing with youth and beauty. Rumor has it that during filming the Director was not allowed to make up the performer of the title role so he was afraid to spoil her natural beauty.

The second significant work was a major role in teleroman Poor Nastya. After the role of charming serf actress Anna, Elena Korikova was a real sex symbol.

But despite this success, her acting ability has never been called the delight of the public. Buying facial expression, inexpressiveness incarnation of the character and lack of playing emotions kompensiruet of beauty and charm actress.

2. Anastasia Makeeva

This is, without a doubt, the brilliant and charismatic woman it is difficult to call unambiguously a bad actress. More accurate to say that she has good acting craft at the secondary level, and it is also worth mentioning the good vocal data.

However, it is impossible not to agree that her success on TV and in the movies has more to do with its rare beauty, rather than with extraordinary acting talent.

1. Olesya Sudzilovskaya

The blonde spectator used to see in the role of the beautiful and bitchy heroines who do not shun any method for achieving their goals.

This image is permanently fixed to the Sudzilovskaia and to get rid of him, standing before the audience in another role, while remaining organic and authentic in the frame, the actress does not allow the lack of sufficient acting ability. However, her beauty still amazes the audience.

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