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10 striking changes of the characters of "Game of Thrones" from the first to the last season


Without exaggeration, the "Game of thrones" can be called one of the best cult TV series of the XXI century. Most likely, the "secret ingredient" is directly connected with a clever plot, vivid and charismatic characters and beautiful locations, which you were shooting.

It is particularly interesting to observe how a character changes over time and plot of the story.

The share of some of the characters have to go through this test, it is not surprising that they have changed so much.

10. Gwendoline Christie / Brienne Of Tarth

Brienne of Tarth from childhood knew that she did not want to be a lady. She wanted to take the armor, shield and sword to go fight for the honor of the country and his home. She wanted to serve under her beloved Renly Baratheon.

But after the death of the beloved Brienne cares for only one thought, revenge. She swears allegiance to Catelyn stark and sent on a long journey for a couple with a captive Jaime Lannister.

Neither she nor Jaime could not imagine what a huge boost it will give their future relations. She's one of the few who can understand the feelings and soul of the Regicide.

In the course of combat, her blade will become sharper, and skills – better. A few seasons former prisoner will become so emotionally close to her that Brienne will fight him next in the main battle of the series against the White walkers.

9. Alfie Allen / Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy in life not much luck. When Balon Greyjoy rebelled, which did not succeed, he gave his son almost captured the stark family.

As the Starks are a noble family, they raised and took Theon as a guest and, although he served the Starks, family members warmth towards him.

During the war of the Five Kings youngest Greyjoy is faced with a difficult choice. He needs to understand who his real father Balon, who gave him a small almost captured, or ned stark, who is always worthy to Theon treated and raised him along with their children.

For the betrayal of the son of ned stark Theon is very badly paid. Because of the hardships of testing the character and personality of Theon was completely broken. But his mistakes before he died, he managed to redeem himself by fighting for the Starks in the battle against the White walkers.

8. Peter Dinklage / Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is one of the most striking and interesting characters of "Game of thrones". Despite a difficult childhood, the hatred of father and sister, Tyrion has not lost its charm, sharp mind and sense of humor. It's hard to be a dwarf, especially in the family of a noble family.

In which only scrapes he had got into. The younger Lannister and captured, he fought in the courts-fights, he tried to kill his own sister and many more.

But a sharp and clear mind have rendered Him good service. He not only managed to survive in poorly for Tyrion ended the trial by combat, and to escape from the wrath of Queen Cersei and become the new hand of the new Queen, that is Daenerys.

7. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau / Jaime Lannister

In the first series, opinion of Jaime Lannister the formed quite definite and unambiguous. He is self-centered, narcissistic, and very much loves his sister.

But in the course of the story it becomes clear that Jaime is actually sincere and loyal person. As his words, and loved ones.

His character is revealed through communication with Brienne of Tarth, as the prisoner must deliver it to the capital and exchange for the stark girls.

But in the course of travel and Brienne, and Jaime unconsciously revealed to each other and thus grow closer. Brienne's eyes, the viewer realizes that for the sake of loved brother of Queen Cersei and is ready to do the noble and honest actions.

6. Lena Heady / Cersei Lannister

Queen Cersei is cold and heartless bitch. Such it sees the most fans. It is not so.

Cersei feels incredibly vulnerable in this world. Married to the unloved husband and children from his brother Jaime. If someone learns that her children are illegal heirs of the king, they simply kill.

Cersei is so much loved their children, that for them are literally ready for anything, even personally cut the throats of their enemies. In the mother's feelings, she did not hold, in this she even reminds Catelyn stark.

The loss of the children one by one awakens in the soul Cersei inhuman cruelty, to appease which only sweet revenge.

5. Maisie Williams / Arya Stark

Tomboy Arya since childhood proved all his behavior that the lady of Winterfell she will not. Instead of dolls and sewing I was interested in fighting and fencing lessons.

When her father was executed, the girl went on a long journey, during which she had to face with a variety of companions.

Before she had to taste the smell of the first murder. But that is what pushed Arya to the path to which it always aspired.

Test tempered and strengthened her faith in herself and in her actions. Perhaps this all helped her to revenge her family, and kill the leader of the White walkers, the King of the Night.

4. Sophie Turner / Sansa Stark

The eldest daughter of ned and Catelyn stark Sansa has always been fragile and delicate nature. Unlike Arya she wanted to marry Prince Joffrey, to bear him many children and become a proper lady.

But bright dreams girls did not come true. Her father was executed, and Joffrey was the real moral sadist. He strongly forced Sansa to suffer both psychologically and physically.

When the girl manages to escape, she married Ramsay Bolton, and then she realizes that Joffrey's cruelty was only the beginning. After all the suffering the character of the eldest daughter of ned stark has changed, become harsher and harsher.

3. Isaac Hempstead-Wright / Bran Stark

Young Brandon stark did not even know how to change his life after Jaime Lannister pushed him from a high window.

His life is not just changed, no, she was different. 10-year-old Lord not only became a cripple for life, but discovered his abilities Varga, a man who is able to transfer one's consciousness into the body of an animal and control it.

And the dreams in which bran is chasing the three-eyed Raven, is not accidental. Think of the great role of the sage will go to him.

2. Kit Harington / Jon Snow

One of the most positive and true to his word heroes. First appears before the audience a bastard Lord of Winterfell Eddard stark.

For romantic dreams and decides to join the Night's Watch. But the harsh life of the sentinel on the Wall is full of difficulties and trials. John goes through the same difficult path as Daenerys.

First, the life of a bastard, then service on the Wall, a life with a free people on the other side of the Wall, betrayal, death. And after his death and resurrection it's time to become the king of the North.

1. Emilia Clarke / Daenerys Targaryen

The viewer is met with Daenerys, when she was just a young girl, one of the last members of the Targaryen dynasty that ruled Westeros for centuries.

Brother Viserys gave my sister married for the mighty khal Drogo in exchange for help in conquering the Iron throne. The story of a young Daenerys promised to be very unremarkable. After the death of her husband and brother, she decides to take destiny into their own hands, gathering the remnants of the mighty khalasar to retake its rightful throne.

Through adversity and hardship from a young and naive girl, She gradually turns into a stern but fair Queen. But political games and the loss of loved ones gradually risk to drive her crazy.

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