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10 excellent movies that we are constantly reviewing


Some films have in common is that they can be reviewed again and again, they did not bother.

Sometimes it seems that over time, these films become even more interesting than before.

Look at the 10 films that many people revise constantly.

10. Honey, I shrunk the kids 1989

Professor Zielinski was a great innovator, and his last invention was an electromagnetic device that reduces a variety of items.

When the machine start to work, Zielinski accidentally reduced own children. They were young, and after exposure of the device become completely invisible.

The inventor did not understand what happened. His children ended up in the bin, and he didn't even notice.

The offspring of a Professor should be saved from the insects and as soon as possible to get caught by the father in the eyes to save them.

9. Back to the future 1985

Doc is an eccentric Professor who creates a time machine. Together with the teenager Marty McFly, he embarks on an exciting journey: friends are in the 50-ies. There they meet a young Doc and Marty's parents.

Teen saves his father from the wheels of the car, but it turns out that it was a big mistake. Marty has prevented parents to meet, and that means he will never be born.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Marty falls in love with his own mother, who at the time was a teenager.

The task of the boy to make his parents loved each other and started Dating.

8. Home alone 1990

A family from America are going to fly to Europe on vacation. All going in a hurry – and in the end forget home little Kevin.

Left alone, the boy is not upset, on the contrary – he begins to enjoy the long-awaited freedom. Kevin is going alone to celebrate the New year, orders a pizza house and even shopping.

However, he accidentally discovers that his house plan to infiltrate the thieves. The boy is not lost, and showed himself to be very resourceful in preparing various ingenious traps.

In the end, the thieves repeatedly regretted that this baby was found on their way.

7. Two: me and my shadow 1995

Elissa calm, quiet, and Amanda – fidget and a chatterbox. These girls are not sisters, but they are very similar to one another.

One lives with a single father and enjoys the wealth, and the other is in an orphanage.

However, for the fatherless also, to some extent, was lucky: she is Diana, a very good teacher. She was crazy about the Amanda soul and treats her like his own daughter.

Father of Elissa wants to marry a very selfish and unpleasant person. The girls accidentally meet and decide to stop this marriage, but at the same time to drive a rich man with cute Diana.

To achieve their goals, the girls decide to switch places.

6. Mortal Kombat 1995

Shang Tsung – the magician, seized the tournament, which was attended by the strongest fighters.

The magician wanted to make the whole world plunged into the embrace of chaos.

The warriors three decided to prevent the death of humanity, and for that they need to fight the forces of darkness. The victory of one who will demonstrate all the professionalism and skill.

5. Soldiers 1998

Experts from the company "Globotek" decided to use the latest learning microprocessors for the production of toys.

These technologies were military, and as a result, the stores sold the real combat soldiers, is designed to war with gorgonite, kind fantastic creatures. The son of the owner of the store sided with the latter.

Angry soldiers at first did not hurt "civilians", but then they began to fight against them. The battle joined children, their parents, and then would-be creators unmanaged paratroopers who too late realized the scale of the problem. The weapons were to take even a peaceful gorgonites.

4. Gremlins 1984

Gremlin is a mischievous mythical creature that can be compared with houses. Until Billy Peltzer knew absolutely nothing about such creatures. He worked, studied and felt in love with the beautiful Kate.

One day the boy's father gave him a strange creature called a Mogwai. It was impossible to wet and feed them after midnight.

Of course, not without fatal negligence. As a result, the light appeared an army of aggressive and vicious gremlins who seek to destroy everything in its path. They began smashing up the house and made a veritable pogrom.

The bill will deal with these creepy creatures.

3. Cast 1990

Molly and Sam were victims of a robber. As a result, the Sam died and become a disembodied spirit. He learned that lost their lives not by chance, but his lover is in great danger.

In order to tell her, Sam looking for a man who is able to interact with the dead. As a result, he cannot find the woman-psychic, except that she is not going to contact with annoying spirit.

Sam will very much work to do in order to save his beloved.

2. Nurses 1994

The owner of the transport company live Gemini: his nephews, orphaned.

The man starts threatening, hinting at the boys, and then he hires bodyguards for them. It is also a Gemini, a very reckless and extravagant dressing of pitching.

Boys give "nannies" to light, inventing new tricks, but David and Peter with his bare hands not take. They still manage to find a common language with obnoxious boys: maybe it's that kids just seem smaller copies of themselves "nurses".

1. Ghostbusters 1984

At the end of XX century it turned out that in America live not only ordinary people, but very real ghosts.

Americans have no opportunity to oppose them, and so the case need to be handled by professionals. This three Ghost hunters, and scientists-parapsychologists, who know a lot about ghosts. However, now they have to apply their knowledge in practice.

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