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10 most unpleasant work in the world, for which very few people willing to take


Someone is the office staff constantly performs monotonous, very boring work and on weekdays only dream that as soon as possible the working day has ended.

Someone working in harmful and heavy production, fearing for his life or constantly feeling disgusted.

No wonder they say that man knows all in comparison. Now we will tell you about some of the most unpleasant and dirty work on the Ground, and you will see that compared to them your profession is the best in the world.

10. The janitor downed animals

Daily vehicle knocked down a lot of animals crossing the road. They don't stay on the roads, they are quickly removed.

In our country, this work was done by service contractors looking for defined road sections and special organizations.

Abroad the dead animals removed by specially trained cleaners. In America, people often eat the meat of a downed elk, deer food: this is especially common in certain States (Montana, Idaho, Pennsylvania).

9. Flusher

Whether we like it or not, the human intestine is emptied regularly. This implies the fact that someone day-to-day siphoning and dispose of all the accumulated filth, because by themselves they don't disappear.

Such dirty work is done by the flusher. These specialists are trained to respond to emergency situations that occur very often. During any such issues they often have to work overtime.

8. Quality controller deodorants

The effectiveness of the different deodorants determined by specially trained people. This difficult job can be described as very smelly, but dealing with it is only capable people, and have a pretty sensitive sense of smell.

Professionals experiencing various deodorizing means, often have to sniff the armpits of other people: without these steps, the quality control impossible. However, you can get used to this kind of work.

7. Techniques of artificial insemination of cattle

A man who loves animals, can become a trainer, a zookeeper, a veterinarian, and so on. The last thing he will think is artificial insemination of goats, sheep, cows or collecting semen from bulls.

And someone earns a living, oplodotvorenie even elephants. Techniques of artificial insemination washes, wipe the external sex organs of animals. He also provides massage, positive impact on fertility. Perhaps for some it's a dream job, but imagine such a person difficult.

6. Worker medical waste

Expired medications, materials for dressings, organs, tissues, people, amputated limbs – all of these wastes must be disposed of.

In many European countries, they specifically destroyed (e.g., burned) so as not to harm human health and the environment.

In Russia, medical waste is burned in mikrogematuria or transported to special landfills. The destruction of biowaste – a very unpleasant job, because their smell is a combination of the stench of dirty feet, unwashed bodies and burning rubber.

5. Cleaner vomit

Coaster – entertainment that appeals to many fans. They cause tremors in the stomach and breathtaking.

People are very often sick after these rides, and sometimes during the trips.

Of course, someone has to clean up this vomit. We can say that such people do the most vile thing in the world. They don't have to cool off during working hours, to doubt it is not necessary.

Cleaner in Thorpe Park, English Park, at the end of the 00 years had to assemble about 150 litres of vomit.

4. Cleaner of crime scenes

In movies you can often see how FBI agents and detectives working on the crime scene, drenched in blood. However, viewers do not show, who and how do the subsequent cleaning of such areas.

In the places where the crimes were committed, then working with special cleaners. They have to get rid of various potentially infectious materials, biological fluids.

This work is not only sickening, but also very dangerous for health, so it requires strong nerves and a careful observance of all necessary precautions.

3. Forensic entomologist

People who have a tendency to work with the corpses, quite a lot of options for professional development. The way that can be called obvious – employees of funeral homes, coroners.

Less common work – forensic entomologist. It requires a love of insects and a strong stomach. Such experts are studying the life cycles of arthropods, insects that were found on human remains during criminal investigations.

Entomologists determine how long ago death occurred.

2. The collector of the urine of animals

The collector of the urine is very unpleasant and very real profession, which is divided into a large number of specialties.

People who collect excreta of monkeys, using plastic bags or large sheets of plastic. Usually such containers are attached to the trees.

Using urine orangutans scientists are studying factors that influence the reproduction of these animals.

Experts gathering for the allocation of deer, sell them to hunting. The hunters then use this urine to attract other deer.

1. Cleaner sewer areas

It is not only disgusting but very dangerous job. Sewer cleaners often die from exposure to toxic gases, asphyxiation, accidents.

These professionals are particularly at risk, if not used in required means of security. The worker is forced to his chest to climb into the filth in which they can float the corpses of rats, dogs.

It cleans sanitary, drainage lines, using brooms, scrapers, metal, and bare hands.

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