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10 individuals in real existence of which there is great doubt


In our Internet world we don't always know with whom you communicate, because it is customary to hide their names, photos.

But as it turned out, and before there were people-fakes. Everyone knew their names, a lot of them wrote and said, however, was not absolute certainty that they exist.

10. Uncle Sam

Symbol of the United States was an elderly man with an old-fashioned beard, with hat on head, in a frock coat and pantaloons. His hat is painted in the colors of the American flag.

In fact, no uncle Sam did not exist. It's just an image, which appeared in 1812, during the British-American war.

There is a legend about how there uncle Sam. A butcher named Sam Wilson supplied the new York military base of the barrel, filled with meat. On them he wrote the U.S., which meant "United States", i.e. the United States. But the soldiers joked that the food came from uncle Sam (Uncle Sam).

It is believed that his first image appeared in 1852, in the pages of one of new York's Newspapers. It was drawn by artist Thomas NATs, who was known for his political cartoons.

9. Roland

At the end of XI century, a symbol of exemplary war was Roland. There is no evidence to prove its existence. About it only mentioned in "the Biography of Charlemagne".

The legends tells that the best knight of Charles, his mother's nephew was Roland.

In the year 778, when the king returned from his campaign in Spain, he passed through the gorge of the Pyrenees. There Roland was attacked by the Basques in Roncesvalle valley. One of the nobles of the king, Ganelon, changed him and became a personal enemy of Roland. He led the army of the enemy.

But Roland blew his horn because the battle was unequal, and Charlemagne returned and revenged the enemy, and Ganelon executed.

8. The Marlboro Man

This image was invented for an advertising campaign Marlboro. She became one of the brightest.

The Marlboro man was created by Chicago advertiser Leo Burnett in 1954. Initially the goal was to win the attention of women so they bought filter cigarettes, which were produced specifically for them.

But a few months they became popular among men. At this time, there is scientific evidence about the dangers of Smoking and began to promote filtered cigarettes.

7. King Solomon

He was the third Jewish king, the character of many legends. In the legends it is described as a wise and fair man.

He even attributed magical qualities. Said king Solomon could rule over the Jinn and understand the language of animals. He has written several books.

But there was or not Solomon actually, nobody knows. Information about it can we get from the Bible. Several times of this king was mentioned in the works of various authors. But no other information that would prove that king Solomon there.

But still scientists believe that it is a true historical figure, because in the Bible there are many facts, figures and names that would be difficult to invent.

6. Robin Hood

One of the main characters of the English ballad was Robin hood. His personality has always been a huge interest, so it was filmed, created literary works.

According to legend, he was the leader of forest robbers who operated near Nottingham, in Sherwood forest. He robbed the rich to give the money to the poor.

It is believed that the birthplace of Robin hood was the village of Locksley, which he was sometimes called Robin of Locksley. In his army were a few dozen sharpshooters who supported their leader and also was a courageous and resourceful, and most importantly, noble people.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Despite the fact that we are from childhood accustomed to this clever detective and perceive it as a living person, it is a regular literary character. It was invented by Arthur Conan Doyle and his works have become classics of the detective genre.

But the image of the detective was charged with doctor Joseph bell who worked with the writer in the Edinburgh Royal infirmary. He became famous because he could, paying attention to the small details to see what this or that person, what his character, speculate about the past.

Sherlock Holmes, despite the fact that he never existed, became a cult figure. He built museums, put monuments were written dozens of books, from TV shows and movies.

4. William Tell

For a long time this national hero of Switzerland was considered a historical person, but later legends about him began to challenge.

He was a fighter for independence and a skilled shooter. According to legend, one of the governors hung on a long stick hat famous Austrian Duke and told him that all she bowed. But young peasant by the name of tell, has not fulfilled this order. Then the cruel Governor ordered him to take a crossbow and shoot an Apple that was on his son's head. Tell was able to hit the target, but then admitted that if I hurt son, then another arrow would have killed the Governor or himself.

Told him to go to prison, bold shooter was able to escape to the mountains.

3. King Arthur

He was one of the most famous Celtic highlanders, the Central character of numerous novels devoted to the knight theme.

There are a number of legends, which tells of king Arthur, but the noble knights of the Round table. Most often they were engaged in the search for the Holy Grail (the chalice from which Jesus Christ drank at the last supper), or saved beautiful ladies.

2. William Shakespeare

Was one of the greatest English language writers and the best playwright, the national poet of great Britain.

Is known about his life not so much. He was married to Anna Hathaway, was raised with her 3 children.

However, in the literary circles of so-called "Shakespearian question". There is a suspicion that he is not the author of all these works. There is no evidence, because I do not have a single manuscript, written in his hand. There is also no record of receipt of fees, he never kept diaries.

Shakespeare never attended University, worked as a watchman. Scientists believe that a person, not brought up in a cultural family and good education, could not write such works of genius. He could not be such an extensive vocabulary.

1. Homer

The ancient Greek poet, the Creator of the famous "Iliad" and "Odyssey" still remains a mysterious person. In his biography many contradictions. There are about 9 variants of his life. Historians can't even decide what city he was born.

Due to these conflicting information, it is not certain that there was once a man with that name. Most likely, it was a collective image.

Moreover, it's hard not to notice a big difference between the poems, the impression that they were written by different authors.

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