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10 secrets to a harmonious relationship men and women


A harmonious, happy relationship is impossible without constant spiritual growth, work on yourself.

Of course, this isn't always possible to do without quarrels: there are differences even in those couples where partners are each other's simply adore and very much respect.

The main thing – to be able to interact with each other and to compromise.

Consider the 10 secrets to a harmonious relationship men and women, which will enable you to effectively deal with most problems.

10. Be patient, but know the measure

Patience is very important in a love relationship, but it is in any case should not be limitless.

To decide whether to tolerate, understand adequately whether behaves your partner. Are only words his good intentions, does he somehow change the circumstances and so on.

Every human life is unique and there is no sense to waste it on empty promises and illusion. If beloved did not seek to compromise, it is very likely that it is time to part with it.

9. Trust the wisdom of the inner voice

When relationship problems arise, perhaps, in some cases it is necessary to seek advice from family and trusted friends.

However, there are times when it is better to think alone and to trust my inner voice.

All people have their own opinions, besides, unfortunately, there are cases when family or friends are jealous of the lovers ' happiness and dream is that as soon as possible dispersed. In such situations, advisers usually recommend just such a solution.

Great if you trust the people in your circle, but that few can boast.

8. Never encourage bad habits

Psychology explains why people behave in one way or another, but it doesn't have to justify it. If your partner has any bad habits that don't suit you, do not try to show him you love absolutely everything in it even the craving for alcohol and Smoking. Do not hesitate to Express their dissatisfaction.

If beloved doesn't react to the disturbance and continues to behave in the usual way, it says a lot about the man and about his feelings to you.

7. Define boundaries

Relationship often ends not from the showdown, and from the constant silence. Often a person "bites his tongue" and not tell the partner about what is causing their discontent.

It is quite natural that in this case the second half would not even guess that you don't like something. Unspoken claim will be accumulated, and then an explosion of emotion, which is absolutely discouraged partner.

To avoid such situations, define boundaries and discuss an unpleasant situation immediately, without waiting for the breakdown.

6. Take care of their own interests

Adults need to take care of their own needs and work towards fulfilling their desires. You should not take it out on your mate and make a drama of rejection.

Safely take to if a person wants to devote time to their problems, not yours. In this case, you can ask for help to relatives or friends.

Of course, all the time thinking only about yourself, the partner also should not be: it will be a sign of an unhealthy selfishness.

5. Work on raising self-esteem

Their self-esteem can be defined only by the man himself. Many people (especially the ladies) are very dependent on the mood and whims of his beloved. The result is that the relationship they very quickly lose their self-respect, spiritual power.

Self-esteem should be high even in cases when a partner criticizes, scolds, or threatens you to leave. You cannot allow other people to manipulate you.

4. Learn happiness "solo"

Happiness is not the optimal set of circumstances, work or relationships. It always depends on the people themselves: we should not expect that someone will give it to you, it will suddenly fill your life with meaning.

Successful people seemed to be always exude love for life, they have some inner light. Such a person considers himself happy in bad days or even in very difficult periods of his life.

To be happy in a relationship, first learn to be in harmony with yourself, to radiate optimism.

3. Give the partner freedom

Partners, spouses not in all cases are in one piece. People usually need personal space, emotional as well as physical freedom.

Psychologists believe that it is impossible to deal with from childhood issues under constant control, pressure from the partner, the spouse. This behavior in relationships is very very depressing and quickly begins to irritate.

So, if the beloved asks for a little freedom, personal space, there is no reason to refuse. Try not to interfere in working of business partner, don't follow him on social media. Beloved will really appreciate it. Remember that the main thing in relations is trust.

2. Improve your own psychology

Many did not behave in quarrels with your partner. Ensure that your behavior was Mature.

Control your emotions, don't let them turn into a flood that destroys everything in its path, but do not hammer them deep inside, from time to time give them a way out.

If you have any psychological problems, you better spare yourself, your partner and ask for help to an experienced specialist.

1. Accept conflict as a normal phase of relationship

Perfect relationships only happen in Hollywood movies.

Fight everything. It is not necessary to terminate the relationship immediately after the occurrence of any difficulties.

To decide on such a step makes sense only when the problems are very serious: for example, if one of the partners suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, begins to use physical force and so on.

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