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10 pairs of domestic and Hollywood stars that are very similar


They say that every person on Earth somewhere a DoppelgangeR like him as two drops of water.

Russian celebrities are no exception, and some of them "Gemini" found no where else but in Hollywood.

10. Gennady Khazanov Robert De Niro

If you look at photos of a young Khazanov and De Niro, calling them twins is impossible they are too different.

However after 60 years the traits of both celebrities began to change in such a way that one began to sound a lot like the second. Gennady Khazanov at the moment, 73 years old, and De Niro 75.

Despite the fact that professionally they went their separate ways one became known in the CIS stand-up comedian, and the second Oscar-winning actor, one common quality, they all have: both with age do not cease to live an active lifestyle. To retire no one is going: Khazanov continues to appear on TV and perform in the theater, also engaged in politics, and his Hollywood DoppelgangeR's still in films.

9. Garik Bulldog Kharlamov Matt Damon

These two men in my youth was a lot more than the previous couple, but still maximum similarity achieved with aging. Although aging isn't the right word, as Kharlamov was only 38 years old, Damon is older than 10 years.

Damon is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, and Garik in Russia. Films with the participation of the "Bulldog" does not differ high quality, but that does not diminish his talent as a comedian: he definitely ranks among the best on the national scene.

8. Sati Casanova Leticia Sabatella

This pair of twins is not as widely known as other, because if Sati Casanova needs no introduction, Leticia Sabatella we have known only to fans of Brazilian soap operas.

She's older than Sati for 11 years, but when you look at her pictures, this figure does not fit in the head and looks the same age as Leticia Casanova. In her youth she was a sex symbol of Brazil, so the soap Opera with her participation could be of interest to even men.

7. Julia Kovalchuk Sarah Jessica Parker

Probably the most interesting couple on our list at least for several reasons. First, it is the age difference: Kovalchuk 36 years old, and Sarah 54. Secondly, Julia has always been and remains one of the most attractive singers of Russia, and Sarah Jessica Parker though has achieved worldwide fame, but beauty was never considered.

However, looking at comparative photos, the similarity is immediately apparent.

6. Ekaterina Vilkova Amanda Seyfried

Ekaterina Vilkova and Amanda Seyfried not only similar in appearance, they are also colleagues: both became successful Actresses. Of course, Vilkova known only to a domestic audience, and Seyfried know in the world, but this is detail.

In addition, they are almost the same age: Amanda is a year younger than Vilkova, so none of them will age faster. This means that with twins they will probably remain until the end of life.

5. Valeria Cynthia Nixon

And again, almost the same age, only this time Hollywood's "twin sister" older Russian singer for 2 years. Not to mention that they share another, rather sad fact: the peak of glory of both has passed.

Yes, Valeria is still know as her songs, and Cynthia still remembered by the millions of fans of "Sex and the city", but in recent years, none of them did anything significant for his career.

4. Artem Tkachenko Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody over his Russian colleagues in the acting profession for 9 years, but hardly anyone, the difference is much evident. Thanks to his talent, which brought him an Oscar, a Golden globe and many other awards, he became the idol of millions.

It is possible that Artem Tkachenko, admires his "twin". Though he is not conquered until the world audience, but in the film, the figure is visible: appeared in "Gogol" and several TV series, including "blood" "Sparta".

3. Maria Sittel Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

If you do not take into account the undeniable resemblance of these women, otherwise they have nothing in common.

Maria known TV presenter, who now leads the information program "Vesti" on TV channel "Russia", and "Special opinion" on "Radio of Russia" and "Special correspondent" on channel "Russia". In 2005 he became the laureate of the award "TEFI" in the nomination "Presenter of information program".

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is her complete opposite professionally. Gained popularity in 1994 when he won the competition "Miss world". This victory opened her doors to the world of Indian cinema, to which she confidently walked in, becoming a real star not only in bollywood but also beyond.

So, she became the first Indian woman, whose waxwork appeared in Madame Tussauds, and was a member of the jury at the Cannes film festival. If she had not refused the role in the movie "Troy" with brad pitt, it would have had all the chances to hit Hollywood.

2. Ekaterina Klimova Kristen Wiig

The star of the band's "We from the future" and "We are from the future 2" Ekaterina Klimova under Kristen Wiig for 4 years, and this is a unique case, when the difference can be seen by the naked eye. Wiig, of course, an attractive woman, but our Kate is still beautiful.

As for professional accomplishments, Kristen is mostly known as a comedian and screenwriter, and her acting has rarely been a good one. Which is only a remake of "Ghostbusters" with women in leading roles, which failed miserably.

1. Evgenia Brik Jennifer Lopez

Eugene Brick, though not a star of Russian cinema and television, but a certain popularity to their 37 years it has gained. So, it was nominated for several awards (including the Nika award) for her role in the TV series "dudes", and for his work in the movie "Moscow Elegy" she has been awarded the IV festival of TV movie "Flashes" in the nomination "best debut".

Jennifer Lopez went much further than his "twins", building a successful career not only in film but also in music. Many millions of albums, the awards and the title of a sex symbol is just the tip of the iceberg.

Considering that Eugene is younger than Jennifer for 12 years, you can wish her in the near future to catch up with its counterpart in terms of achievements and popularity.

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