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10 cases of plagiarism in a movie


Cinema is already more than 100 years, so the Directors and writers becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new stories. Anyway, but in any film it is possible to find moments like the other.

Sometimes the creators so much inspired by someone's work that is almost completely copied the plot, although some then innocently trying to convince everyone that nothing is borrowed.

10. The island2005

The plot of Michael Bay tells the story of a world in which there was a global catastrophe.

The survivors live in isolated settlement, but we all know that somewhere there is an island Paradise with clean air that you can breathe. You can get there only one way to win the lottery conducted by the leadership of the settlement.

The Director is unlikely to know that this plot is almost an exact copy of the third-class of 1978 film "Parts: the horror of the clones", but it knew writer. The main difference between the budget. On "the Island" has spent $ 130 million, but the film eventually fell through, but the creators still had to pay seven-figure sum to the authors of "fear of clones" due to the obvious plagiarism.

9. Ahead2012

Thriller with guy Pearce in the title role tells the story about the riot in a space prison, where at the time of the uprising of prisoners was on a humanitarian mission, the daughter of the President of the United States. Now it becomes a hostage for her release, attracted a former CIA agent sentenced to 30 years.

This story is strongly reminiscent of the events of the film "Escape from new York" by John carpenter with Kurt Russell. There is also the main character is outside the law and for the sake of their freedom frees the daughter of an official.

Carpenter has sued the makers and won $ 80,000, but Luc Besson refused to pay and appealed. New court again recognized the "Ahead" plagiarism and increased the amount of compensation to half a million.

8. Alien1979

The writer of this cult film has never denied that the story was not invented by them completely. He honestly admitted that he borrowed ideas from many great works, however, critics and audiences quickly noticed that "Alien" is very similar to the painting "It! The terror from outer space".

Second-rate black-and-white Thriller 1958 tells a very similar story: the space ship enters the alien creature that moves on the ventilation and kills the crew members one by one.

7. Toy story1995

Director John Lasseter before the filming of "toy Story" wanted to put the cartoon "the Brave little toaster". It is talking about rise engineering and electronics, who goes in search of a host.

The Disney Studio did not want to give money on it, so the adventures of the toaster removed by another company in 1987. Lasseter, over time, has become a prominent figure in Pixar decided to revisit the idea of replacing the appliances toys.

However, both projects are not just similar but literally identical scenes that Lasseter is clearly "ripped off".

6. The fast and the furious2001

The first part of the adventures of Dominic Toretto and company as two drops of water similar to the film "On the crest of a wave" in 1990 with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the lead roles.

The only difference is that in the "fast and Furious" street racing gang, the original gang of surfers. Both fighters of the main character infiltrates the group under the cover, starts a relationship with a girl, becomes friends with the leader and enters into the taste.

5. The hunger games2012

This is a special case, because here plagiarism can be safely blame not only the filmmakers, but writer Susan Collins, who wrote a book.

The story of a bleak future and a group of teenagers involved in a deadly game it's all in 2000, it was shown in the Japanese film "battle Royale", filmed on the eponymous book.

Collins claimed to have never read the book, and the filmmakers not watched the Japanese version. However, the plagiarism is obvious, and not the best.

In the "Royal battle" a lot of killing and blood that should be in the picture about a deadly game, and Hollywood took snotty melodrama for Teens.

4. Reservoir dogs1992

The idea for his debut film, Tarantino borrowed from the Japanese Thriller "city on fire" in 1987. The RAID on the jewels, an undercover COP, a gang member with a fragile psyche all this was not invented by Quentin.

However, all the brilliant dialogue and staging scenes entirely to his credit. This Director often draws (or openly steal ideas) inspiration in the work of their colleagues, but recycles everything so that to accuse him of plagiarism the language is not rotated.

3. Star wars1977

When you create a universe of legendary "Star wars" George Lucas was inspired mostly sci-Fi serials of the 50s and books, but most of all he took from them, and from the movie "Three men in a hidden fortress" by Akira Kurosawa.

The original script so much like the work of Kurosawa that Lucas seriously thought about buying the rights to it, but then the story changed slightly.

Nevertheless, the overall left a lot, though, and enjoyed all the fantastic scenery.

2. A fistful of dollars1964

The first part of the dollar trilogy of Sergio Leone talks about the arrow in the performance of Clint Eastwood, who decides to earn extra money on the war of two gangs, who settled in a small town.

With this Western began the way Leone for the title of king of the genre, but the joy of victory was overshadowed by a lawsuit from Akira Kurosawa.

The Leone film is a carbon copy of the movie "the Bodyguard", shot Akira in 1961.

If George Lucas took a lot, but added a lot of himself, Sergio Leone did not bother and just replaced the samurai Japanese movie cowboys in his. In the end he had to shell out and pay 15% of box office receipts.

1. The Lion King1994

Cartoon "the lion King" is still one of the best animation projects in history to bring Disney a ton of money. The irony is that he was positioned as the first cartoon Studio, made not on the basis of the tale, but on the original script.

In this could believe, if it were not for Japanese anime "Kimba the White lion", filmed in 1965.

Little Kimba lion, who will rule the jungle. He also loses his father, it is his spirit in the cloud, the throne of the king of the jungle is the evil lion with two hyenas running errands. Parrot, an eccentric baboon, sweetheart, it's all there in the anime.

When the creators of "the White lion Kimba" asked why they had not filed a lawsuit against Disney for such blatant plagiarism they replied that they can't compete with multi-billion dollar Corporation, in the state in which hundreds of experienced lawyers.

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