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Top 10 best space movies


Space, the boundless and dangerous, attracts people. What to expect stellar expedition into its depths and what meetings promise distant planets – it tells the viewer the best films about space. Exciting films on this subject not so much as I would like. Let's talk today about the ten most interesting films about the conquest of space by man.

10. Through the horizon

"Through the horizon" is a sci – Fi band with elements of horror, tells of a near future in which a rescue ship from Earth is sent to Pluto. Here was received the distress signals from the missing seven years ago the ship "event Horizon". In the rescue mission included the designer of the ship. The scientist reveals to the crew a secret – his baby could fly on ultra-long distances, using the curvature of space and time. But what might face humankind at the other end of the Universe? It will have to figure out members of the crew of a rescue mission. A fascinating story, worthy to be among the best films about space.

9. Europe

The film was positively received by critics for credibility and attempt to return to the sci-Fi ribbon science. It is also compared with the famous "Space Odyssey 2001". For breathtaking realism on the screen the picture is included in the list of the best space movies. It belongs to the genre of mockumentary movie.

Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, becomes the ultimate goal of a scientific expedition, which sent some private Corporation. A team of scientists to land on the surface of Europa and take samples to find out whether it is possible on her life. But during the flight, researchers pursues a series of setbacks.

8. Pandorum

This exciting Thriller is on the list of most exciting movies about space. It is interesting not only dynamic plot, holding in suspense until the very end of the story, but its denouement.

The earth is dramatically overpopulated. To the planet Tanis sent the ship "Elysium" to create a human colony there. He's taking 60 thousand persons, who are in hypersleep capsules, as to fly to the planet need 120 years. Two crew members come in and out of the capsules. The atmosphere on the ship, they realize that during their sleep, something happened with the rest of the crew. Corporal bower is sent to investigate and discovers two survivors and strange creatures, configured extremely aggressive.

7. The Chronicles Of Riddick

Before becoming the iconic character of the series of films "fast and furious", VIN Diesel became famous for the role of the laconic criminal Riddick. Fascinating story, good acting and high quality graphics allow you to include this painting among the best space movies. "The Chronicles of Riddick" is the continuation of the painting "Black hole", based on the Asimov story "nightfall". In the sequel, the main character, who has taken refuge from his pursuers on a distant ice planet, find the bounty hunters. Deal with them, Riddick discovers that the order for his capture they got to Helion Prime. He goes to the planet to the captured mercenaries ship, to see who started hunting him.

6. Starship troopers

This is one of the best space movies in the genre of military fiction. The Director Paul Verhoeven.

Human civilization is waging a bitter struggle with a race of arachnids. Came to power, the military and citizenship is now granted to those who served in the army. The main character, johnny Rico, despite the resistance of parents, is recorded in the army as a volunteer. He dreams of becoming a pilot, but due to low marks in maths take it to a landing. As a result of changes arachnids trajectory of the meteorite he falls to Buenos Aires, the hometown of Rico, he has another reason to stay in the army and take revenge on the enemy.

5. Apollo 18

"Apollo 18" is a suspense film in the genre of pseudodocumentaries, revealing the popular theory of "lunar conspiracy". In the center of the plot – the mission "Apollo 18", which actually was cancelled and never took place. A spaceship crew gets a secret mission – to place on the lunar surface installation to prevent a missile launch from the Soviet Union. After completing the task, the astronauts discover nearby Soviet spacecraft, whose launch in the press not reported the body of one of its crew members. They begin to suspect that much of the true purpose of stay on the moon military concealed.

4. Stranger

All the paintings of this cycle long ago became a classic of cinema and are the best space movies.

In 1979 Ridley Scott created a film that became a cult classic and made famous by actress Sigourney weaver. The cargo ship received the order to explore on the way home, the planet from which the signal came for help. An alien creature that has penetrated into the ship, begins to destroy the crew. It turns out that on a planet inhabited by Aliens, the crew was specifically directed Corporation that is very interested in getting this alien life forms. Ellen Ripley, last survivor understands that it is impossible to prevent the emergence of Another on the Ground.

3. Prometheus

"Prometheus" is one of the best space movies of recent years, with its interesting and long history. A very long time Ridley Scott decided to shoot a prequel to his famous film "Alien". Then it was decided that this would be an independent film in which the Director reveals the secret origin of Others.

In "Prometheus" shows the history of searches by a team of scientists of its creators, an ancient race that millions of years ago gave life to the people. With the help of many found in all parts of the world the images of the aliens, the scientists were able to figure out which star system they came to Earth. The vessel Prometheus is sent to the destination, carrying aboard members of the expedition.

2. Interstellar

In 2014, the "interstellar" struck audiences with their visual effects (for which he later received the "Oscar") and dramatic story of the main characters. Therefore, he deservedly ranks among the best films about space.

Farmer Cooper, a former pilot of NASA with his daughter Murph lives in the near future when Earth's resources are almost depleted and the oxygen level dramatically decreased. The daughter complains to her father that in her room, wielding a Ghost, dropping the books. Dealing with this mystery, Cooper is on a secret military base and met with a Professor conducting a search for a new home for humanity. Through the wormhole that was found in orbit of Saturn, once a year you send an expedition to another star system. Cooper's offer to be among the next group of researchers, and he agrees to lead the team.

1. Star wars

There is hardly a person on Earth who doesn't know what "Star wars", Jedi and Sidhi. If you make a ranking of the best space movies, it should take the lead, no doubt, but this cult epic. On the approach of the long-awaited premiere of the seventh part – "the force awakens".

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