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Top 10 best cartoons about horses


A friendly relationship the person had not only dogs, but horses. Animated movies about these animals teach children to be kind, brave, friendly and helpful. These cartoons are the good and sentimental. In the following list includes the best cartoons about horses for girls, which will be interesting not only for the youngest viewers, but also adults. They allow you to shape a child's most valuable traits and learn to help others in difficult situations.

10. ICO – the brave colt

"IKO – a brave colt" opens the list of the best cartoons for girls about horses. The main character of the cartoon is a foal named IKO, who wants to live in the Royal stables. He is very brave and handsome, so ready to commit brave deeds, to fulfill our most cherished dreams. One day he discovers from the Royal stables every night lost one horse. ICO is taken to solve this difficult case, hoping that will be completely rewarded for your actions.

9. My little pony

"My little pony" − one of the best animated films for girls about horses. Action cartoon takes place in a magic country Polandia. I live here a fabulous and incredibly beautiful animals, including ponies, rabbits, birds, chipmunks, etc. Once a year all the inhabitants of a fairy land come together to celebrate the day of the Little Ponies. This event recognizes the insidious witch who decides to do everything to prevent the Jolly celebration.

8. Big secret for small company

"The big secret for a small company" − a Soviet cartoon, in which young viewers will be familiar with a horse, a donkey, a cat and a dog who have long been friends. Once they find the telescope, which in turn look and find that on other planets a lot more interesting. They decide to jump into the magic well, then get on different planets. Soon the friends realize that they are bored without each other and decide to come back to Earth to be together.

7. Barbie and her sisters in a pony tale

Cartoon "Barbie and her sisters in a pony tale" are very popular among children and is one of the most popular cartoons about horses and their closest "relatives". Barbie with her sisters going to visit their aunt Marlene in Switzerland. There the girl will enjoy the beauty of the Alps and ride horses. Barbie Stacey has acquired the skills of an experienced horsewomen, and their younger sister is still learning it. Once in the woods, Barbie and sister meet a very beautiful baby pony that will help them to get into a real fairy world.

6. Marusina carousel

"Marusina carousel" − the good old Soviet cartoon that tells the story of a sweet and kind horse by the name of Marussia, working on the carousel. She really liked this job and the kids, which she skated. However, from its very nature konyashka was very curious and decided to try myself in other spheres. She tried to engage in urban transportation, and then went to work in the village. After their long wanderings, she goes to the Park where he meets a boy who reveals to her the secret that she was the best horse on the carousel. After that, Mary decides to return to work on the carousel, he realized that it was her true calling.

5. The last unicorn

"The last unicorn" − a cartoon that will be interesting to girls aged 4 to 8 years. The plot revolves around a handsome unicorn who is forced to leave his garden to find his own kind. On his way there Mother Fartuna, who takes him prisoner. Helps him escape a good magician named Schmendrick. Together they go on continuing the search. They have to overcome many obstacles, and they are waiting for dangerous adventures. Despite all the difficulties friends manage to overcome them and achieve your cherished goal.

4. Horses

"Horses" is included in the list of the most entertaining cartoons about horses for girls. In the center of events, four young friends and their horses, which are waiting for an unforgettable adventure. Action cartoon takes place in a magical land of horses. There are animals that can talk and is very smart. Little ladies childhood learning to be world class riders, but they must first learn to love and respect horses. Once in the country there is another girl who is very rich and proud at first glance. But soon she finds a common language with the friendly company of girls, who are waiting for her exciting events.

3. Ranch

"Rancho" is one of the best series of cartoons for girls about horses. The main character of the cartoon is a girl named Elena is moving out of town with his family to live on a ranch. On new place of living quite different lifestyles and way of life, which is very unusual for the little heroine. Gradually Elena adjusting to her new environment and her passion to become a horse, which she began to devote all his spare time. Among them the girl had a favorite. One day he became seriously ill and died. For a child it was a real tragedy, and she wanted to leave the ranch back to town to forget everything. But in the life of Helena there is a new event – she meets a wild Mustang named Mistral. They become inseparable friends, and in front they have many exciting adventures.

2. Black beauty

"Black beauty" is a cartoon that is sure to appeal to a girl of any age. This touching animated story about the friendship between a girl named Paulie and her horse, known as Black beauty. Foal named Jack was a good and kind family. But it so happened that the head of the family became very ill and was forced to move to another place. Jack sell, and it falls to the evil mistress named lady Wismar. However, this Black beauty was lucky, because in his way is Poly, which would do anything for his friend and will never leave him in the lurch.

1. Wendy

"Wendy" − a serial cartoon for girls. The main character of the cartoon is a girl named Wendy who lives with his parents on the farm. She grew up quite spoiled as a child, liking to give orders. The parents had enough time for a daughter because they had a lot of work. One day the farm gets the foal is left without a mother. The baby was very small and weak, it needed special care. He loved Wendy and all the hassle of leaving, she decided to take on. Care and love, quickly raised the colt to his feet and helped him to get stronger. He taught the girl the main point: kindness and care for others.

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