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Top 10 best pistols in the world


Firearms appeared in the XIV century, forever changed the world. It was after the first appearance of muskets and arquebus ceased to exist knightly army. Heavy armor, with success protect against cold weapons, easily penetrated by bullets. Over the centuries, the firearm has undergone a huge transformation. The best guns in the world – let's talk today about the most popular and well-established kinds of manual weapons.

10. Stechkin Pistol

Opens the top ten best pistols in the world Stechkin automatic pistol. It entered service with Soviet army in one year with the legendary Makarov pistol, but was aware of it much less. PS can be attributed to the most rare guns in the world. In the USSR it is produced in extremely small quantities. The West had accepted his curse, though critics have never held in the hands of this gun. Meanwhile on the fighting qualities he was not inferior to the most famous gun brands. It was designed for special forces, where applied until now. However, in 1958, the gun was removed from production. There were several reasons: the high cost of weapons and some disadvantages. He was heavy, bulky and uncomfortable to wear. In combat PS not enough power.

9. Heckler and Koch USP

Pistol developed by the German company in 1993. On the ninth place in the list of the best designs of hand weapons he got for the highest reliability, quality and high accuracy. There are nine modifications of this gun. From disadvantage is the large size and the heavy action of the weapon.

8. Desert Eagle

The gun was developed in 1983 specifically for large caliber. The manufacturer is an Israeli company, positions it as a hunting weapon and a weapon to protect against attacks, be it animal or criminal. Impressive size and fearsome appearance have made the Desert Eagle is popular in computer games and cinema in the genre of shooter.

7. Walther P99

The company Carl Walther Sportwaffen has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative weapons of high quality. Model P99, which began in 1994, has become one of the best developments of the company. The goal of the German developer put the following: the creation of weapons that would combine the latest technology of those years and fighting qualities. The Walther P99 was a sensation, because before that the company produced only the classical models of weapons.

Advantages of gun – small size and weight, easy to handle, the back of which can be adapted for any size of the palm of the shooter due to the removable elements. All this makes it one of the best pistols in the world.

The weapon comes in several versions.

6. Colt M1911

This is one of the oldest guns with a hundred years of history, which already makes it the best weapon in the world. More than 70 years it was in service with the US army, not yet lost to the Italian brand Beretta 92. Is the most popular and well-known gun in the world and has a lot of clones.

Disadvantages: large size and weight, small capacity.

5. TT pistol

TT – legendary gun of domestic production, developed in the 1930s, has greater stopping power and penetration. It's a weapon with high combat and operational qualities. The small size and weight allow concealed carry. Easy to handle and reliable in the conduct of fire, it quickly gained recognition. The main disadvantage of the gun is the bad fixing of the store, as a result there were cases of crossbow.

4. FN Five-seveN

One of the best pistols in the world was developed in 1998 for use by NATO units. He merits a lot: it is light, has low recoil force, but the use of a certain kind of ammo it can penetrate a bulletproof vest.

3. Glock 17

Is among the most popular pistols in the world. Is adopted in more than 30 countries. Has a huge number of modifications. The gun is lightweight and simple design: consists of 30 items. Disassemble it with the help of available tools (e.g., nail) can be less than a minute. The Glock 17 is one of the most reliable pistols in the world. His life is around 300-400 thousand shots.

Lack of trigger and check the fuse allows you to instantly bring the gun in combat condition.

Glock stands out from the framework of generally accepted ideas about guns. Made mostly of high impact polymer, black and sinister, he is a true killing weapon. The gun because of its lightness fell in love with the law enforcement agencies of many countries. In the United States more than 40% of police officers prefer to carry it.

2. Sig-Sauer P226

It is also called weapons for the elite. Second place among the best pistols in the world it gets high recognition for this brand power structures of many countries. This gun is the result of fruitful cooperation of the two known arms companies: the Swiss SIG and German Sauer. The result of the fruitful Union appeared in the mid-1960s, the Sig-Sauer P220, which became the basis for the creation of an entire line of high quality weapons.

The first thing that catches the eye, if you take a gun in hand – excellent quality of its production. I have to say – if you need a small compact model handgun, Sig-Sauer P226 does not fit you. The impression he makes on the photos, very deceptive, is the gun really heavy, big and with a massive arm. It costs a considerable sum and you can afford it, not everyone can.

Most importantly, why the gun is valued in the world is an excellent combat characteristics. Weapon marks Sig-Sauer always has a high rate of accuracy of fire.

It was developed in 1981 specifically to participate in the competition for a new weapon for the us army. Lost gun Beretta 92, but only because the Italian firm had offered a lower price for their weapons. But, most likely, the choice of the Americans was dictated by political motives.

Of the drawbacks of the weapon include a large weight and high price.

1. Beretta 92

In the first position among the best guns in the world is the Beretta 92. Weapons created by the oldest company in Europe, which began in 1526. Pistol Beretta 92 and its further modifications are in service in many countries.

Disadvantages: thick handle, sensitivity to pollution, a lot of weight.

Best guns in the world have a lot of connoisseurs. For each favorite weapon worthy of first place in the list. Don't forget that all the ratings are rather arbitrary in nature and cannot be regarded as wholly correct.

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