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Top 10 best dishwashers 2014


Many people cook with great pleasure, but when it comes to washing dirty dishes, almost have to throw lots to decide who would wash the dishes. But there is something that can ease the labor and to wash mountains of dirty dishes for you, we are talking about the dishwasher. Today we will share with you the Top 10 best dishwashers in 2014. This rating is not the most expensive and the best quality. So, let's begin.

10. Whirlpool ADG 155

The last place in our rating goes to the dishwasher Whirlpool ADG 155. It cost 12 140 rubles.

Disadvantages, of course, but that is not a reason to abandon the purchase of this machine. It is compact, but roomy enough. She has a few special modes, it can clean even most stubborn dirt. And for all its merits is not very expensive, only 12 of 140 rubles. Although Whirlpool ADG 155 and occupies the last place among the top dishwashers in 2014 is certainly worthy of attention “home helper”.

9. Delonghi DDW06S Brilliant

The price of this “dishwasher” is 17 690 rubles. It was built in the device for washing utensils suitable for any kitchen, because if adequate capacity is relatively small. In the manufacture of this model used high-quality materials. But overall a very nice dishwasher in all its parameters.

8. Neff S 51 M 65 X4 EN

The line below was the machine cost 31 680 rubles. This is the most expensive unit in the ranking of the best dishwashers 2014. After seeing the above price, it may seem that it's too big, but I like this machine a lot of positive qualities that justify the high price.

There are modes for fragile and too dirty dishes. For fragile use delicate mode, while too contaminated intensive mode. Machine saves water, at one time, it will need only seven liters. You are not afraid of leaks, as this provides a reliable protection. During operation of the dishwasher, you will not hear any noise.

7. Electrolux ESI 4200 LOX

In seventh spot is occupied by a dishwasher Electrolux ESI 4200 LOX. Is this model 15 806 rubles.

Appearance pleasant in the management of it is simple and convenient, the noise during operation is almost inaudible. The machine you are sure to be satisfied, because thanks to the ceiling soul you can wash even those hard to reach places that can not be hand washing. This dishwasher is able to soften the water that comes inside. Assessing all the advantages, we can conclude that the price is quite acceptable.

6. Siemens SC 76 M 530

Sixth place in the ranking of the best machines for washing dishes of 2014 belongs to one more device from the company Siemens. Its price is 26 745 rubles.

This machine looks stylish and also compact. Despite the small dimensions, it can accommodate a large number of dishes. Inside, everything is thought out, and indeed, enjoy it very convenient, you will understand it immediately.

The wash quality can not survive. All dishes will sparkle with cleanliness, and a glass container will not remain divorces because it has a special mode. With all this the machine does not cause any noise.

5. Bosch SMI 65 M 65

The cost of this dishwasher is 29 680 rubles. Let's start with the drawbacks – it does not provide protection from children. However, it is not so scary, and for those who have no children or they are grown up, it is useless option.

We now turn to the merits. This machine can accommodate from thirteen sets of dishes, the quality is happy, because each set is washed to Shine. Each dish has its own mode of cleaning. During operation, the machine is almost inaudible.

4. Zanussi ZSF 2415

Just behind the three leaders should dishwasher Zanussi ZSF 2415. Its price is 8 990 rubles.

This device is perhaps the most economical solution when selecting the best dishwasher. It saves space, water, detergent, energy and most importantly money.

However, such machines have disadvantages. During her work she produces a lot of noise, although it is not critical. Anyway, in the class of this machine it is very difficult to find one that was high quality, and that the cost was in the aisles reasonable.

3. Candy CDCF 6S-07

Is this dishwasher 9 900 rubles. This model has very good features. This machine will be a great choice for those who value compactness and reliability. Despite the fact that the Candy CDCF 6S-07 has a small size it combines quiet operation, great program and all this at an affordable cost.

2. Bosch SKS 60E18

On the second place of the rating dishwasher Bosch SKS 60E18. Its value is 15 290 rubles.

It should be noted the compactness of this machine, it is perfect for small apartments where very little space. Despite the fact that it is quite compact, its class is high enough.

Of the machines many features that make it work much faster, but the quality of washing at the same time does not suffer. During its operation the machine delivers virtually no background noise.

The appearance of the car will allow it to blend well with any decor. It is also easy to manage. It is a display sufficiently, so difficult you will not.

1. Siemens SR 66T090

First place and the title of best dishwasher in 2014 went to Siemens SR 66T090. Is this "assistant" 24 250 rubles. The price is certainly not the cheapest, but what about quality?

The loading machine may be partial, it is very convenient. You can not worry about the glassware, because the machine has a special system of protection. The vehicle is also protected from the children.

Plus you will not seem a little, plenty of them. Coating this dishwasher – stainless steel. Despite the huge capacity, the machine does not cause any noise during operation. You can even forget that the machine is working.

We have listed plenty of positives, and what are the disadvantages? It is not surprising, but the disadvantages of this dishwasher not.

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