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Top 10 best TV shows in the world


The vast majority of people cannot imagine life without a quality series. This is understandable, as they allow to Express feelings and emotions, and feelings about the fate of the main characters is able to displace into the background many of the problems. At least for a while. It understands the creators of the TV series, so regardless of the genre, almost all series end with intrigue to get people to watch the sequel again and again. However, among the considerable diversity of today's TV shows only a few have managed to become really "popular", gaining popularity of millions of viewers.

10. Escape2005-2017

The protagonist of the series – a brilliant engineer Michael. Orphaned, he was educated older brother Lincoln. When he is accused of murder and put in jail, where he awaits the death penalty, Michael throws all his forces to rescue the brother. Legal ways to justify the innocent Lincoln over, and Michael is developing a complex plan of salvation. Studied in detail the plan of the prison, he thinks the escape route. Encrypts the results in the form of a tattoo that does to your body. Remains the case for small – to end up in jail.

Bank robbery caught passes as intended, but difficult prison life, prisoners too dangerous and vigilant guards not just put the plan at risk.

First shown in America, the series has become so popular that it was photographed by many countries, including Russia.

9. Desperate Housewives2004-2012

The series, which tells the story of four friends in the home of a quiet American town Fairview. The history of the search for personal happiness, love and success for each of them begins with a sad event – the suicide of their good friend Mary Alice lang. Deciding something was wrong, her friends decide to investigate the circumstances of Mary's death and does not suspect that she can communicate with him through notes. Using the ability, the spirit of Mary watches every resident of the town and helps her friends to have a happy life.

The series has received the recognition of most critics and many millions of fans, becoming the winner of more than 150 titles.

8. The big Bang theory2007 - present

Leonard and Sheldon are talented and young scientists from Caltech who starred apartment. Every day they solve fundamental problems in physics, arguing themselves hoarse over the fresh editions of your favorite comics and there are huge plans for the future. The flip side of their genius – the complete inability to communicate with ordinary people, especially girls. Their only friends, engineer Howard and astrophysicist Rajesh.

Friends life is flipped upside the head when the neighborhood is populated by cute actress penny who is fascinated by Leonard.

7. Classified material1993-2016

A special FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder working for the Department, specializing in paranormal cases. Dana – specialist of forensic medicine, a staunch skeptic, seeking all reasonable scientific explanation. Fox, specializing in the psychology of serial killers, believes in the existence of unexplained phenomena, aliens and a higher power. Their radically different approaches to helping them to successfully investigate the most intricate of murder and kidnapping. Initial hostility teammates quickly develops into a strong friendship and mutual trust, even in the most crisis situations.

Just a few months after the release of this series has become extremely popular, and this popularity has survived to the most recent series. The x-files slogan "the Truth is out there" has become a catch phrase and performers of the main roles D. Anderson and D. Duchovny became world famous.

6. Very strange things2016 - present

Quiet measured life of a small town was shaken by a terrible event disappeared a guy named will. There is no evidence, and the local Sheriff believes the boy just ran away. The family will grieved the disappearance of a boy and his friends, making sure that the government will not deal with the case, begin their own investigation. Going into the woods on the trail of will, they find a strange girl. She is afraid to communicate with adults fear of returning whence they had escaped. The disappearance of will starts to get mystical features.

5. House MD2004-2012

The dramatic story of a brilliant team of doctors who undertake the most unusual and critical cases. They're led by the eccentric genius Gregory house, famous for its bad temper and often extreme methods of diagnosis and treatment. Self-injury doesn't make him tractable, and only the high efficiency saves him from dismissal. His team prepared to fight for patients ' lives, often going beyond their professional duties and balancing the precarious facets of the law.

The combination of dramatic and funny situations, complemented by fine acting brought the show numerous awards, and about 30 million viewers only on TV.

4. Friends1994-2004

The series revolves around the life of six friends living in new York city's West Village. Monica is the soul of the company, avid cook and advocate of purity, her brother Ross is a modest scientist, a paleontologist, Phoebe is an eccentric masseuse hippie, Rachel is an eccentric rich woman who are trying to start to live independently, Chandler – the main Joker of the company, seeking a life partner, Joe is an aspiring actor, wholeheartedly giving themselves to the girls and the food. Together, they constantly get into absurd situations, solve problems, argue, come together and just have fun.

Despite the fact that the filming of this Comedy series ended over 10 years ago, he continues to enjoy great popularity among different age categories of viewers. Also "Friends" was honored with numerous awards and became the best youth series in the world. Which began as a low-budget project, series last season brought the cast of about 100 thousand dollars. for the series.

3. Sherlock2010 - present

Reinterpretation of the famous works of sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The events take place in modern London. A talented young detective with a complicated character Sherlock Holmes is looking for a roommate. The fate confronts him with Watson – a doctor with a disability, served in Afghanistan. They quickly find common language and become a faithful partner who was studying the most difficult puzzles. But no matter how brilliant Sherlock is, he still can not manage to get to his rival Moriarty, a skilled manipulator, for a long time of driving Holmes for the nose.

2. Breaking bad2008-2013

Quiet school chemistry teacher Walter white is diagnosed with lung cancer. Lousy job, financial difficulties, a pregnant wife and son with disabilities pushed him to a desperate change to earn enough money for a comfortable family life while he still has time. So Walter, along with his not the most brilliant student, master in "business" Jesse Pinkman begin to produce drugs. New business dramatically changes former teacher, forcing him to hide from the law and cheat their own family.

1. Game of Thrones2011 - present

Ends with a time of satiety and well-being, and an ancient Darkness wakes up in the far Northern wastelands. The concentration of power in the Seven kingdoms of Westeros – the Iron Throne is located in the center of the cleverly woven plot. Usurper to the king Robert Baratheon asks for support from longtime friend of the warden of the North ned stark, inviting me to become his right hand. This is prevented by Robert's wife, Queen Cersei and her father, Keeper of the lands of the West Tywin Lannister. The confrontation between the two families quickly out of control and turns into a bloody war of the Five Kings.

Note that we are rating the best TV shows largely subjective, and the preferences of viewers can significantly vary. However, all the films deserve, at least once to look at the world through the eyes of their characters.

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