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Top 10 best mix for babies


Mother's milk has been and remains a unique and useful food for the newborn, but unfortunately, not all mothers are so fortunate to feed their babies breast milk. It often happens that feeding newborn feeding is impossible for medical reasons or because of an insufficient production or complete absence of milk. In this situation, the invaluable help provide dairy mixes, wide range available on the market. But it is worth considering which formula is best for newborns, because it affects the baby's health.

10. Friso

Opens our rating a mixture of Friso of the Dutch production. This food is specially designed for weak and premature babies and also for children with other health disorders. Feeding a mixture of Friso helps to crystallize the growing body, strengthen the nervous system, to establish the functioning of the organs and systems of the little man.

9. Baby

Product domestic production. You'll be easy digestible, because it contains demineralized whey, and other useful components needed for infants from the first days of life.

8. Similac

This compound is produced by Spanish manufacturers of baby food. Is the ideal mix belonging to the best for newborns that do not contain palm oil. Increases calcium absorption and normalize digestion.

7. Agusha

Refers to baby food domestic production. Available in dry form, and for infants in the finished liquid. Agusha is presented in the form of fresh mixes for the little ones, and in the form of dairy for older kids. Convenient packing allows efficient use of power.


Not far behind in popularity German mix HIPP. Perfectly balanced formula including skim cow's milk, vegetable oils, prebiotics, nucleotides, probiotics promotes normal digestion and reduces the risk of developing food allergies.

5. Humana

Fifth place ranking is the products of Germany in the face of a mixture of Humana. Wide range of products designed for kids of different age, have excellent health and any of its violation. Made on the basis of skim cow's milk, it contains no fructose, sucrose, gluten, flavours and preservatives.

4. Nutrilan

Approved by the Union of pediatricians of Russia blend nutrilac ideal for artificial feeding babies from the first days of life. The main food is cow's milk, which is enriched with minerals, vitamins, prebiotics. The mixture is easy to digest and is suitable both healthy and Allergy-prone kids.

3. Nestožen

The third position in the ranking of the products Nestožen, which has a wide range, designed for a certain age gap. If the parents do not know what mixture is considered to be the best for newborns and older kids, you can confidently purchase products from Swiss manufacturers. A balanced composition, the presence of vitamin-mineral complex allows to avoid problems with digestion and the formation of colic.

2. Nan

The least popular product is the Swiss diet, which is designed for kids of all ages. The mixture Nan ideal both healthy kids and kids who are prone to allergies. Nan successfully replaces breast milk because it contains proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development of the immature organism.

1. Nutrilon

Among the wide range of baby food for infants is the best formula Nutrilon production of the Dutch company Nutricia. On demand, it ranks first. Advantages of this product is a perfect formulation that contains demineralized whey, prebiotics, taurine, iodine and nucleotides. The mixture strengthens the immune system, reduces leg and keeps the intestinal microflora of the child.

Provide an overview of what food to choose for baby of the best mixes of domestic and foreign production, is relative, because every day the market is filled up with new baby food.

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