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Top 10 best Turkish TV series


Recently huge popularity of Turkish soap operas, not only in Turkey but also far beyond its borders. Eastern culture has always attracted special attention due to the traditions and color that are so different from the European way of life. The best Turkish series, which depicted stunning landscapes, unexpected plot and talented actors, will not leave anyone indifferent.

10. Ezel

This serial drama detective occupies the last place in the ranking of the best Turkish TV series. In the life journey the main character took many tests. First, the young man has it all: beloved, with whom they are planning a wedding, and loyal friends. But in an instant everything changes when loved ones betray Ezel and he goes to prison. After serving his sentence, the man is not as carefree as he used to be, now this is a man who wants revenge. But love, he can not overcome within himself.

9. Forbidden love

All actions in romantic melodrama takes place in Istanbul in the late 19th century. This is one of the best Turkish TV series where in the first place come feelings of love. At its centre is a story of a rich widower and wealthy beauties, whose mother is trying not to give daughters even after her husband's death. The girl doesn't want to communicate with her mother, blaming her for the death of his father. This situation allows you to get closer to her new lover even more. The mother wants to marry eligible bachelor, but he offers hand and heart of her daughter. At first it seems that here it is happiness two people in love, until the unexpected happens.

8. Time of tulips

The feud of two powerful families whose children are in love with each other was always interested in the audience, so the drama has entered the list of the best Turkish TV series. The main character's father died and with his death came the debt, and things went into decline. Her mother will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. At the same time, the other main character is financially stable and peaceful, after all the problems his avoid. And one day these people meet by chance and they fall in love. But they have to overcome together life's difficulties that arose in their way.

7. ASI

This romance has become a favorite work of cinema because of the beautiful love story, which has ranked as the best series made in Turkey. The main character ASI – kind and attractive girl. Her father, like daughter, loves farming, although it does not bring much income. Their cases start to go up when there is a chance to become owners of these lands. The city comes to a secured and handsome young man who at first sight falls in love with ASI. But all is not so simple, because their families are against this Union, and the mystery of the ancient ruins relationships lovers.

6. Between heaven and earth

In the center of the series shows the story of three very different people who are drawn into a love triangle. In this Turkish series is the hatred between two sisters with different personalities, who loved the same man, a widower with a child. One of the girls is depressed because she lost the baby and sees no reason for life. The other sister is the complete opposite of the first, her confidence is enviable and she enjoys every day. A man must make a difficult choice, deciding who he wants as his wife.

5. Under the canopy lip

This is one of the best Turkish series, which comes to the fore love. Couple dreams about a happy family and already thinking about the wedding. The girl working at the factory and suddenly the owner begins to show signs of attention to the beauty, gradually falling in love with her. Her lover is honest and kind, but he's financially unstable, and the girl wants to live in luxury and wear jewelry. The sister of the owner of a factory wants to meet a simple man who would love her. The whole situation changes completely, when all four get into an accident.

4. Falling leaves

This Turkish TV series won the people's choice award, becoming the film adaptation of the same name by resat Nuri guntekin. In the center of a series of dramas, shows a large family, consisting of father, mother and their five children who moved to live in Istanbul. The head of the family is trying to instill in their offspring a sense of justice and moral principles. But he soon realizes that this knowledge is not enough in the modern world. Gradually, the Ali family begins to crumble and crumble, like leaves of a tree.

3. What is the fault Fatmagyul?

This is one of the best series of films shot in Turkey. The main character is an ordinary girl Fatmagyul, who lives with her brother and sister-in-law. She dreams about her wedding with favorite man, but a terrible accident dramatically changes her life. Over the girl had sexually abused four young men, three of whom had influential parents. The fourth guy had to marry fatmagyul, to avoid jail. Family life beauty begins to hate her husband, who had hurt her.

2. The thousand and one nights

Second place went to the series, which tells about the woman who works at a prestigious firm, an architect. Her husband died tragically, leaving her with a sick leukemia little son in her arms. The sehrazat trying to raise money for expensive surgery child and the time she is almost there. She is appealing for money to his boss Onur, who agrees to go meet her, if a woman spending the night with him. The sehrazat at a crossroads, but the choice it does not.

1. Magnificent century

Heads the ranking of the best Turkish series is definitely the series that tells the story of the Ottoman Empire. Despite the fact that in the picture there are almost no true information events of the time, it impresses with its scale, the intrigues and machinations of the characters. Suleiman the Magnificent is a powerful man and a fair ruler who evokes fear in the other States. Once he was given a concubine of Alexander, although many refer to it as Roksolana, soon won the love of the Sultan. She converted to Islam, and only because of his cunning, she managed to survive in the harem, where she hated the first wife of Suleiman and his mother. Hürrem has achieved its goal, going over the heads, becoming the ruler of the Sultanate.

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