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Top 10 best air purifiers-humidifiers


The air quality in our days leaves much to be desired. Many families live in industrial areas, and keep your house clean it's very difficult. But dirty air breathe not only adults, but also children, and it exacerbates their health from an early age. In order to recover the pure and healthy air, you need to use special devices. If you choose the humidifier (cleaner) air, you'll help our rating, which includes the best tools.

10. Panasonic F-VXD50R-W

One of the best purifiers and humidifiers – is a Panasonic F-VXD50R-W. the Model is attractive because it is quite cheap compared to other devices, but work just as well. The purpose of the device – cleaning and humidification. Per hour it can handle up to 40 square meters and has five. The tank capacity of 2.7 liters, but that is enough for one better cleaning. To use the cleaner comfortable. Control device in an electronic mode. Upstairs there is a scoreboard and touch buttons, with their help, you can choose the output power and the desired mode. Humidifier is virtually silent.

9. Air-O-Swiss 2055DR

One of the last in ranking, but it does not mean that the bad – Air-O-Swiss 2055DR. This air cleaner is among the best, as it works silently but efficiently. An important advantage of the device is its efficiency. Use it only one hour, and the air in the house will be perfect. Purifier works on hydrating the discs. It is noteworthy that the ionizing rod cleans the water that runs cleaner. The only maintenance is an annual replacement of the ionizing rod, otherwise the operation of the device will be ineffective.

Additional flavor will work once the humidifier will do most of the work. So, you will be able to not only air quality, but nice smelling. The cost of this air freshener is quite small, so allow yourself this device everyone can.

8. Air-O-Swiss 2071

The eighth position goes to Air-O-Swiss 2071. This product is the same brand as the previous model, but it is more efficient. Here the increased area of service, purifier humidifier is one of the best. This virtually silent machine, has great potential. A feature of her work – a three-stage air purification. The machine can work automatically, depending on the indications of contamination of air and of moisture.

Its popularity the device has acquired and because of the possibility to set the desired mode. There are three of them. Functions added flavoring, but before using it be sure to remove the carbon filter.

7. Honeywell CL30XC

Honeywell CL30XC is one of the best moisturizers, cleaners. The advantage of this device is that it is quite powerful and can serve a large area. While this works silently so it can be installed even in a room with a sleeping baby. To use the model profitably and cheaply: only one hour of work ensures high quality of the air on the territory of 900 cubic meters. The air flow can be adjusted, there are four speeds: low, medium, high, maximum.

The convenience of this humidifier is that it notifies you of excess amount of water, so that the user can advance to extend the refill and cleaning without harm to the device. In this case the water tank is large enough – 30 litres and does not require frequent maintenance.

Honeywell – mobile device has wheels so will not have to carry it from place to place.

6. Panasonic F-VXF70R-N

Another model from the company Panasonic claims the title of best humidifier purifier is Panasonic F-VXF70R-N. it Is more expensive than the previous instances, this has better performance, and the effect is achieved faster. The device consumes only 70 watts, but serves more than 50 square meters per hour, which immediately speaks of its great productiveness. Runs almost silently. To use them, not necessary skills: using electronic display and buttons exposed mode, also has a light pollution filter, with which you can quickly and easily update the device. Water tank – three and a half liters. Provided that the humidifier will run about an hour a day, use no more than 600 milliliters per session.

5. Delonghi DAP70

Delonghi DAP70 – has the function of ionization, fast air purification (per hour – 25 square meters). And we must understand that this is a miniature model, because her work is not as powerful as portable. The main difference from all previous cleaners-humidifiers – there are three filters, that is, air passes multi-processing and only then, the normal quality is supplied to the user.

4. ZENET XJ-2200

Another miniature air purifier is ZENET XJ-2200. Among the best devices for cleansing and moisturizing it skidded due to the germicidal lamps. Today, this item used very rarely, although it is really quite effective and makes a huge contribution to the purification of air composition. It is powered from the mains, but consumes very little power, only 25 watts. In the same way as in the previous model, uses three filters: HEPA, photo-catalytic, coal.

3. Bork A800

Another best of its kind, an air purifier and humidifier for air became Bork A800. He is remembered, above all, the external appearance, it resembles the most popular smartphone. But that one connection with him is mobility. Install the device in any part of the house, he works both in daytime and in the night. The purifier has three speeds and has touch controls. The design of the device is very relevant, so that it can easily complement the interior of any apartment. In addition to the charcoal filter has the system of special cleaners.

2. WINIX WSC-500

On the second place among the best cleaners, humidifiers worth WINIX WSC-500. This model is universal. All its qualities are perfectly combined with the price. This is the silent cleaner, which works on a large area. It has an indicator of low water level, it can help you not to miss the moment when it will be possible to replace the water, which reduces the risk of breakage.

The most important thing that characterizes this cleaner is its power. Despite the fact that he weighs 7 pounds and provides clean air for large rooms, it consumes only 15 volts, but for such setting – that is the minimum mark.

1. Venta LW 45 Black

Venta LW 45 Black serves more than 75 square meters, the water tank 10 litres virtually silent operation, is powered from the mains, has three modes of air circulation and is connected to the hydrostatic. What else do you need for the best air-purifier-humidifier?

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