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Top 10 most powerful binoculars


Binoculars are not the most important subject in the house, but for hunting and camping, they are irreplaceable. This optical tech is not cheap, so it is better to purchase a pair of binoculars with strong magnification. Most powerful binoculars – the theme of our article.

The inhabitants are of the opinion that the higher the magnification of the optical device, the better. This is not so. People believe that you can buy powerful binoculars and get a great picture without distortion, brightness change and color. The quality of the picture depends not on the multiplicity, but from the carefully designed optical system, high-end used items and Assembly level. Often binoculars magnification 8-10 give the most optimal picture and good, undistorted magnification of the object of attention. In addition, the binoculars with a large magnification, which are used without special racks, produce the effect of jitter. Therefore, in our ranking we consider not only the most powerful but also the best binoculars.

10. Nikon 7540 Monarch 3 8×42

10th place – the Nikon 7540 Monarch 3 8×42

Line of binoculars Monarch Nikon's impressive variety, and it is possible to find optics for any task. For those who are not willing to pay for binoculars a fortune, but wants to get quality equipment, definitely the glasses. It is waterproof, impact resistant and feature anti-reflective coated lenses that gives amazing clarity even in low light and twilight.

9. Leupold BX-2 Acadia 1250 115473

9th place in the list of most powerful binoculars from Leupold BX-2 Acadia 12x50 115473

It is suitable for hunters and fishermen because it is waterproof, shockproof and filled with nitrogen. This allows you to use it in the worst weather conditions. Convenient case allows you to keep the optics with wet hands without fear of dropping the binoculars. A smooth focusing device allows you to quickly capture a moving object and focus on it. The manufacturer gives this device a guarantee of 30 years that speaks about its quality and reliability. Is binoculars this brand from Leupold about 24 thousand rubles.

8. DeepSky 1585

DeepSky 1585 – 8 of our ranking of the most powerful binoculars in the world.

It is designed primarily for observation of astronomical objects and has large lenses with a diameter of 85 mm. Wide-angle eyepieces with aspherical elements it is applied, significantly expand the field of view. Porro prism provides high-quality image. The body of the binoculars is made of a rubberized composite material that protects the optics from bumps. Of the minuses is worth noting the large weight – 4,9 kg. Is the binocular DeepSky 1585 about 40 thousand rubles.

7. Nikon 1650 CF Action EX WP

The 7th position in the list of the most powerful and best-binoculars is the Nikon Action 1650 CF EX WP.

The binoculars of this series are designed for hunters, fishermen and those who prefer active rest on the nature. O-rings on the lenses ensures water tightness. The body of the binoculars are filled with nitrogen. This prevents the lenses to fog up during rapid temperature changes and high humidity conditions. Rubber coating provides comfortable grip and protects the binoculars from shock. Lenses are coated multi-layer coating provide bright, clear image. Is this model about 16 thousand rubles.

6. Nikon StabilEyes 1632

In sixth place for the most powerful binoculars in the world – Nikon StabilEyes 1632. Is this an optical device 55 to 95 thousand rubles. Binoculars 16 x magnification and an optical stabilizer. There is a multi-layered lens coating, the housing is protected from dust and moisture. The device provides high image quality and excellent detail of small objects thanks to an electronic stabilizer.

5. Nikon MONARCH 5 2056

5 in the list of the most powerful binoculars – Nikon MONARCH 5 2056.

About this series of binoculars has been mentioned above. High-power optics from Nikon delivers high-quality surveillance over long distances in adverse conditions and in low light conditions. The binoculars are used lenses made from ed glass ED of the new generation. The surface of the optical elements covered photocorrection coating that provides ultra-high resolution. In this model of binoculars used organic glass. Housing-augmented rubberized coating, allowing you to firmly hold the device. The binocular is waterproof and nitrogen filling the housing prevents the lenses to fog up under extreme changes in temperature. This model is about 60 thousand rubles.

4. 2060 Carl Zeiss T* S Image Stabilization

This is the rare case when the most powerful binoculars with a twenty-fold increase can be used without a tripod, thanks to special technology image stabilization. Pressing the button, it is possible to observe very small objects such as birds, jitter-free image. The system of prisms Porro and 60-millimeter lenses make the image brighter and not distort the actual color. High quality optics allows you to use this powerful binocular in low light and twilight. This relates to astronomical optics, as it can be used to monitor space objects. In particular, the Carl Zeiss binoculars 2060 S used on the ISS. You can buy it for 350 thousand rubles.

3. Veber Sport bn 22х32

In third place – Veber Sport bn 22х32. It is the most inexpensive model in the article. To buy a pair of binoculars it is possible for 1300 rubles. Despite such a modest price, it can be called unique. Moreover, the binocular gives a 22-fold increase, it is still and small. Its weight is only 260 grams. This model is great for observing sporting events, which is reflected in the title of the binoculars. Also it is indispensable in tourism.

2. Celestron SkyMastеr 25-12580

Second place in the top most powerful binoculars is SkyMastеr Celestron 25-125x80

This device can be used for active outdoor recreation and hunting, and for supervision over astronomical objects. BaK-4 prisms and multicoated optics provide high quality images. The binoculars worked well in poor light conditions and is perfect for stargazing. Cost 13 thousand rubles, with a high quality of performance is another argument in favor of the choice of this model.

1. Veber Classic BOC 3060 VR

In the line of optics from Veber Classic is the most powerful binoculars. Disadvantages – no protection from moisture and bumps, although this model applies to field and tactical devices. When using the device you should be very careful – a slight bump can lead to double vision. The cost of the binoculars is quite affordable – about 5 thousand rubles.

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