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Top 10 oldest city in the world


Any city has its own history, but not all of them can boast of centuries of existence. Some settlements, existing, formed a very long time. The age of many cities installed using archaeological and historical researchers, the findings of which are indicated the approximate time of occurrence. Based on these data, the rating: the oldest city in the world where the most ancient urban settlement of our planet.

10. Jerusalem

This city is known to many people in all countries, as there are Holy places of Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is also called the city of peace, a city of three religions. The first human traces in the territory of Jerusalem appeared in 2800 BC, so it can rightly be considered one of the oldest cities in the world.

During its history, Jerusalem has experienced multiple wars, two times it tried to destroy, but he still delights us with its grandeur and beauty and gladly welcomes pilgrims from around the world. In Jerusalem, a striking mixture of ancient traditions of different peoples, which is reflected in historical monuments, the culture of the locals and unique architecture.

9. Beirut

9 position in the ranking of the oldest cities in the world ranked Beirut. According to various sources, the city has emerged over 3000-5000 years BC During its existence, the city was repeatedly destroyed, but it always managed to recover.

On the territory of the Lebanese capital has been repeatedly made excavations, in which were found various artifacts that belong to the Phoenician, Ottoman, Roman and many other ethnic communities. According to studies, written references to Beirut date from the 14th century BC. today the city is the tourist center of Lebanon. It has a population of 361000.

8. Gaziantep

Gaziantep is one of the oldest cities in Turkey and around the world. It is located close to the border with Syria. Its settlement occurred in 3650 BC To 1921 the town had a different name – Antep, after added the title of "Gazi", which means brave. In ancient times through the town were the Crusades, in 1183, during the Ottoman Empire in Gaziantep started to rebuild mosques and Inns, it later became a trading center.

The modern city is inhabited by Turks, Arabs and Kurds, estimated number of 850,000 people. Gaziantep annually visited by crowds of tourists from different countries. There's plenty to see: the ruins of ancient cities, museums, bridges, and other unique attractions.

7. Plovdiv

The first settlements in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv appeared for 4000 years BC, According to some, it is the oldest city in Europe, so it is given a 7 place in the rating of the old cities in the world. In 342 BC, Plovdiv was called differently – Adres. This name can be seen on ancient bronze coins.

In the 6th century the city was under the control of the Slavic tribes, it later became part of the Bulgarian Kingdom and was renamed to Puldin. For its subsequent history, the city fell several times under the rule of the Byzantines and returned again to Bulgaria. In 1364 Plovdiv was captured by the Ottomans. Modern city famous for its many historical monuments and other attractions, is known far beyond Bulgaria.

6. Fayoum (El Fayoum)

This Egyptian city appeared approximately 4000 years BC It is located on the territory of another ancient city of Crocodilopolis, in the South-West of Cairo. That he is one of the oldest cities in the world evidenced by excavations which confirm a visit to the city by the pharaohs of the 12th dynasty. In those days the city was called Shedet, which means sea.

Currently, El-Fayoum awash with numerous markets, bazaars and mosques. The city has an unusual infrastructure with a variety of attractions. It produces rose oil, grown exotic fruits and cereals.

5. Sidon

The oldest city in Lebanon began its existence for 4000 years BC It is located 40 km from the capital. According to historical records it is known that it was visited by Jesus and the Apostle Paul. During the time of the Phoenicians it was the biggest trading centre in the Mediterranean. Up to the present time preserved sea port, constructed in the Phoenician era.

Sidon was repeatedly included in the compositions of the various States and empires. He was considered one of the most impregnable cities. Now there are about 200,000 people.

4. Susa

The first settlement in Susa appeared in 4200 BC, the city is mentioned in the ancient Sumerian Chronicles, and also in the old Testament and other Scriptures. The town had the status of capital of the Elamite Empire, until it was invaded by the Assyrians. In the year 668 the battle took place, during which the city was looted and burned. Ten years later Elamite Empire disappeared.

One of the most ancient cities of Susa many times endured the bloody massacre and destruction, but each time it re-rebuilt. Currently, the city of Shushan is called shush, its population has about 65 thousand people, mainly Muslims and Jews.

3. Byblos

In three of the world's oldest cities included Byblos, known as Jubayl. This Lebanese city was founded in the 4-5 Millennium BC, It was built by the Phoenicians and gave it the name Hebe. On its territory there is a variety of the Phoenician shrines and the Church of John the Baptist. Biblioset the city began to call the ancient Greeks who visited the city and purchased the papyrus. In ancient times BIBLIOS was the largest port.

Bibleiskie writings and translated, they still remain a mystery that has left the ancient city. They do not have similarities with one of the writing systems of the time.

2. Damascus

The second position is the ancient city of Damascus. The first mention of it date back to the 15th century BC this period of time, it was ruled by Egyptian pharaohs. Later, the city was the center of Damascus Kingdom. For the rest of the lifetime of Damascus repeatedly became a part of different States and empires. It is known that Damascus was visited by the Apostle Paul, at the same time there appeared the first Christians.

Currently, Damascus is the cultural capital and second largest Syrian city, there are more than 1, 5 million.

1. Jericho

The top of the podium rightfully belongs to the world's oldest city – Jericho. Historians have discovered in its territory the remains of ancient settlements, who settled here in 9 BC, the City is situated on the banks of the Holy river of Jordan, he is known to many biblical Scriptures.

Modern Jericho is a real living Museum of ancient monuments. Here you can see the ruins of king Herod's Palace, to visit the source of the Holy prophet Elisha and visit various Orthodox shrines. At this time it has a population of over 20,000 people.

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