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Top 10 largest US States by area


Many countries in the world: big and small. But there are States, largely surpassing in size all others. For example: Russia, Canada, China, USA. About the last country we'll talk. Or rather, its regions or States, of which there are exactly 50. It is logical that they differ from each other in their size. In this article you will learn what the largest U.S. States in area.

10. WyomingArea: 253 348 sq km

If you look at the map, you will see that this state, opening the top of the largest regions of the United States in area, has the shape of a regular rectangle. The fact that his limits are defined by the latitudes and meridians. Wyoming is a mountain region of the United States. The highest point in the state — Gannet Peak (4202 m). The rest of the mountains rise not more than 2000 meters. The sources of the rivers Mississippi, Colorado and Columbia originate in this state. The main attraction of Wyoming — Yellowstone national Park, who every year visited by millions of tourists from around the world. The state is rich in gas, coal, oil and uranium.

9. OregonArea: 255 026 sq km.

State, ranking among the largest regions of the United States in area, is located on the shore of the Pacific ocean. Located in the mountain area. The highest point in Oregon — volcano hood (3427 m). Deepest lake in the USA — crater — is located in this state. To tourists are most suitable Portland and Salem. Because they are many parks, gardens and various museums. Nature lovers can admire the deepest canyon in the country — hell, the mountains of Jefferson and the peaks of the "Three sisters".

8. ColoradoArea: 269 837 sq. km.

Another mountain region in our list of the largest U.S. States in area. Archaeologists have determined that more than 10 000 years ago, there already lived people. Survived even their cliff dwellings. The name the state gave the same river, so named because of the red-brown sludge at its bottom. If in the early 19th century, the land of Colorado was virtually uninhabited, with the presence of gold, everything changed in a moment. In the early 30-ies of the 20th century, the population of the state is equal to 1 000 000 people. In this region there is something to see: numerous parks, museums and war memorials will be interesting for tourists.

7. NevadaArea: 286 of 367 sq. km.

Nevada is the most arid region of the United States. Most of the territory of the state is Cordillera mountain range whose height exceeds 3.5 km away, and the rest is semi — desert. The highest point of the region — mountain Boundary Peak (4005 meters). In southern Nevada, is considered one of the largest U.S. States in area, located in the Mojave desert.

Due to the small amount of precipitation in the region, rivers and lakes are often dry.

The territory is the unofficial nickname "the Silver state", as in 1859, and here are found deposits of silver. It was then followed by numerous gold-diggers, robbers and adventurers.
Tourists should visit in Las Vegas, one of the most famous cities in the world. It is famous for its casinos and other gambling establishments. Here is a copy of the Eiffel tower.

For the comfort of the traveler, he will be offered a choice of many luxury hotels. Nature lovers will choose excursions in the parks and mountains. And extreme climbing and skiing.

6. ArizonaArea: 295 254 sq. km.

The diverse topography of Arizona. It represents the alternation of mountains and deserts, which gradually becomes a plateau. In the state grows unique forest of yellow pines. But the Sonoran desert is one of the most "alive" on the planet: there are a lot of flora and fauna. In the North-West of the state located desert with sparse vegetation — Mojave.

Many tourists are attracted to Arizona by the presence of the Grand canyon, considered one of the main natural wonders of the world. Also in the region you can see firsthand the trail of a meteorite crater as a huge crater is in the center of the Colorado Plateau.

Art lovers will appreciate the Museum of painting (Phoenix), which contains 18 000 exhibits from around the world. Learn something new about Indian art in the Museum head also located in the state capital, occupies the 6th place in the list of the biggest regions of the United States by area.

5. New MexicoArea: 315 194 sq. km.

One of the most beautiful States of the USA. He was even called the "Land of enchantment". The region will give the opportunity to admire the lush forests, river canyons and mountains. In new Mexico, occupying the middle of the top largest US States by area, you can visit the village of Taos Pueblo, which is included in the reservation. The Indians living there have kept their customs and erected a dwelling, no different from the buildings of their ancestors, who lived 100-200 years ago. The state attracts astronomy fans, because of here 10 remote observatories.

4. MontanaArea: 351 156 sq. km.

It is in this state is the source of the Missouri river and one of the highest Rockies — Grand-the Peak, with a height of 3904 meters. In the bowels of the region are such minerals as coal, oil, gas, gold, silver, lead, and silver. That is why the unofficial name of Montana "the treasure state".
Tourists will be interested in the scenic forests and waterfalls, majestic mountains and glaciers, which are located throughout the state. Here is a part of Yellowstone Park and is a refuge of Buffalo. In the cities of the state, occupying the 4th place in the list of the largest regions of the US by area, has been preserved mansions and churches of the 19th century.

3. CaliforniaArea: 423 970 sq. km.

California is the most populous state in USA by area. Such famous cities as San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles are located in this region. Here is a very unpredictable weather. The population is characterized by diversity of composition. California is the leader among other regions of the US GDP. In the state of information technology, agriculture and oil production. Region, who took bronze in the rankings of the largest U.S. States in area, the known presence of Silicon valley — places where the largest American companies engaged in computer technology.

2. TexasArea: 696 241 sq. km.

Texas, ranked second in the ranking of the largest regions of the United States by area, is a leader in agriculture, oil exploitation. The main financial centre of the country. The region is famous for the abundance of rivers. They all belong to the basin of the Gulf of Mexico. Rio Grande and Brazos — the most full-flowing river of Texas.
Tourists should visit the city of Dallas, because there is the famous arts district, where museums, parks, galleries and gardens. In Houston, many universities, and in San Antonio, travelers will find many cultural and entertainment facilities.

1. AlaskaArea: 1 717 854 sq. km.

The most Northern state of the United States becomes the leader of the ranking of the largest regions of the country by area. Separated from the rest of mainland Canada. Occupies the Peninsula of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Is also the smallest U.S. state by population. It is washed by waters of two oceans: Pacific and Atlantic.
Travelers are drawn here beautiful nature, plenty of lakes and rivers. There are several large mountain ranges. But McKinley is the highest mountain of America! Its height is 6 194 meters. Alaska is a region with volcanic activity, rich in gold, oil, coal and gas.

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