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Top 10 biggest universities in the world


Now higher education is available to every person. Moreover, that higher education forms the world and opens the way up the career ladder. But, unfortunately, in Russia, with higher education, things are not so rosy, and the diploma does not guarantee practically nothing. What can be said about Europe and America. Where higher education can serve as a good start in his career. Especially if you are lucky enough to go to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. But the load in such schools is enormous.

Enrolling in one of the world's universities have to constantly work. Moreover, if the training is not cheap, but a scholarship can only be obtained if you succeed in your studies. And some universities are not only considered to be the most prestigious but also the biggest in the world.

10. The Johns Hopkins University

Opens a rating of the largest universities in the world the Johns Hopkins University. The training school was built by John Hopkins in 1876 in Baltimore, USA. In addition, affiliates of the University are located in Italy and China. The University is not only teaching students but also conducting research. One of the areas in which the UNIVERSITY conducts research, is a military development. Project volume in this sector, the Johns Hopkins University took second place.

9. The University Of Georgia

Another major University in the United States is the University of Georgia, the campus of which is located in the city of Athens. The total area occupied by the school is 161,7 sq. m. Thanks to this site, the University of Georgia is considered to be the largest among the many educational institutions in the world. The UNIVERSITY was built in 1785. According to the Carnegie classification, the UNIVERSITY is among the universities with high quality education. In addition to training students in an educational institution engaged in scientific research work.

8. The University of Chicago

About the University of Chicago known to many, and many applicants from all over the world dream to get there. The UNIVERSITY was built back in 1890. The INSTITUTION is located in Chicago. The campus of the University of Chicago, built in the city, occupies 215 acres. The school is on the 4th place by the number of alumni and staff holding Nobel prize. The University conducts research in the field of economic theory, sociology and Philology. For a long time the University was funded by John Rockefeller. Through the Foundation, opened by a billionaire, the University of Chicago was able to survive the Great Depression. In 2011, the University campus was named one of the most beautiful in the United States.

7. Yale University

In the famous Yale want to get to many prospective students. Yale University is one of eight Universities, which includes the world-famous the Ivy League and is an elite instructional institution existing in the world. And part of the "Big three". Urban campus of Yale University is 339 hectares and is one of the largest in the world. In addition, Yale University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world. It was built in 1701. The origins of the founding of Yale University belong to 1640. Is Yale in new haven. Five presidents of the United States graduated from Yale University. In it were trained many Hollywood actors, scientists and politicians.

6. Massachusetts Institute of technology

In one of the suburbs of Boston, on the grounds of Cambridge, is Massachusetts Institute of technology. In the University being developed in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. In addition, he is considered one of the biggest Universities not only in America but throughout the world. By area, it occupies 68 hectares and is the only urban campus. The most famous Institute is the MIT Lincoln laboratory, which conducted military development. 81 member of the lab is a Nobel prize winner. This is a record among all world Universities. Mit has an agreement with "SKOLKOVO" project based learning and cooperation.

5. Princeton University

In the area of new Jersey is the largest University in the world. Princeton area covers 200 hectares in the suburbs. The main campus of Princeton University occupies 500 acres. Along with Yale, Princeton included in the Ivy League. The training is conducted in the field of natural Sciences, Humanities and exact Sciences. In addition, the University great attention is paid to sports. At Princeton University there are lacrosse, Rugby, football, basketball, rowing and many other sports. Within the walls of Princeton taught himself albert Einstein.

4. California Institute of technology

Along with MIT, California Institute of technology is included in the list of leading Universities dedicated to research in the field of engineering studies and Sciences. School owned lab in the jet propulsion. Thanks to the laboratory, most robotic spacecraft are set in motion. KTI was founded back in 1891. The city campus occupies 50 hectares. the Institute is Located in Pasadena. LPS in absentia became a member of the series about the physics of "the big Bang Theory". Some characters of the series are employees of LPS.

3. University of Oxford

Another University where you dream to get many applicants – Oxford. Oxford University is in England, in Oxford. It is not known exactly when Oxford was founded the University, but according to some, the origins of the founding of the educational institutions lie in 1096. It is the oldest educational institution in the world. In the middle ages at the University of Oxford have studied only the priests. Now it has more than 60 branches. In addition to training, in Oxford conducted the research work.

2. University of Cambridge

The oldest educational institution in the Kingdom and, in particular, of the world. Find the campus on the territory of the County of Cambridgeshire. According to some sources, Cambridge was founded in 1209. Within the walls of Cambridge conducted training in the following areas: Humanities, social Sciences, ecology and economy, clinical medicine and technology. Three College composition at the University of Cambridge only accept women. The rest are mixed. In one year, applicants are forbidden to apply to Cambridge and Oxford at the same time.

1. Harvard University

On the territory of Massachusetts is one of the oldest universities in North America, Harvard University. Harvard was founded in 1636. Harvard is among the world's most prestigious Universities of America's "Ivy League". In the University instruction in eight directions. The area of the main campus occupies 85 ha. Sports facilities of the Harvard occupy 145 hectares In area, which is Harvard University, he is one of the largest in the world. Harvard graduated eight graduates who have held the position of President of the United States. Among them are George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

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