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Top 10 most expensive whiskeys in the world


Whiskey – the heritage of Irish and Scottish culture. It is made by soaking and germination of seeds (barley, wheat, maize), distillation and long steeping in oak barrels. In the end, the drink can contain from 32 to 60 percent alcohol.

The history of whiskey production has deep roots. It is considered that the Scots borrowed it from Christian missionaries who have mastered this technique from the crusaders. The original sources of the traditions of distillation should be sought in the middle East. The Scots have made adjustments to cooking technique, replacing the grapes, barley, and received a drink that was named whiskey "water of life".

The popularity has led to the emergence of plenty of exclusive and expensive varieties of the drink, among which we have tried to identify the most expensive whiskey in the world.

10. Chivas Royal Salute10 000$

Opens the top ten is not the most expensive whiskey, but the drink that distinguish great taste. It is manufactured by the Chivas Regal Royal Salute, which coincided with the release of this variety for the ceremonial of the coronation of Elizabeth II. This whiskey is aged at least 50 years.

Was released a little more than two hundred bottles, but to buy a drink is not so easy, because each nation has a special quota. Value of whiskey – 10 000 dollars per bottle.

9. Macallan 193910 130$

The ninth position drink called Macallan 1939. The gap from the previous price is only $ 130. Masterpiece has been recognised for the first time, and can be considered as its highlight. The first drink tasted in 1972, but it was unanimously decided to continue the improvement of the formulation. Second wind drink was 2002. Then Macallan 1939 appreciated. The taste of "nectar" is incredibly soft and velvety, with a distinctive caramel and fruity.

8. 1955 Glenfarclas10 900$

One of the oldest varieties, price of 10 $ 900 – 1955 Glenfarclas slowly brings us to the more valuable specimens, though not the most expensive whiskey in the world. The uniqueness of this beverage is that it was timed to coincide with the bicentennial anniversary of the company Glenfarclas. The drink is a true delight for gourmets, it traced the sweet, caramel notes, nice spicy taste. That is why Glenfarclas whisky firmly entrenched in the collections of the most expensive whiskey in the world. He was aged 50 years and bottled in 2005.

7. Dalmore 5011 000$

Also claims to be the "most expensive and exclusive whisky" Dalmore 50 sample. This drink was born of the namesake number of years and was poured into 60 bottles. Starting from 1978, whisky Dalmore 50 enjoys unprecedented popularity. He has a soft and captivating taste that is rich in flavors, caramel start and a pleasant aftertaste.

6. Macallan Lalique Crystal Decanter12 500$

The sixth position among the most expensive whiskey is Macallan Lalique Crystal Decanter, worth twelve and a half thousand dollars per bottle. The drink was aged 55 years and bottled in bottles of 420, the number of which is gradually reduced, leading to a steady rise in the price of whiskey in this class. The taste is soft, fragrant. Thanks to the maturation in barrels, the beverage felt notes of smoke, and also opposite, but at the same time, complementary colors – natural, caramel and citrus.

The uniqueness of the drink that he had poured into the vessel – prototype containers for spirits. A masterpiece can only afford the richest people in the world. To have a drink in his collection – a great honor for lovers of this brand.

5. Glenfiddich 1937for$20,000.

Continue to determine the most expensive whiskey in the world, but first let's consider the top five. Opens the list of Glenfiddich 1937 price of $ 20 000 per bottle. Experts call this whiskey is one of the oldest in the world, if not the oldest. According to experts, the drink has 77 years.

All who were fortunate enough to try Glenfiddich 1937, celebrating its rich, bitter flavor, which mixed seductive hints of chocolate, spices and dried fruit. Fully reveals the taste of the drink is a light tobacco flavor.

4. Dalmore 6258 000$

Hot masterpiece Dalmore 62 for fourth place. To have in your collection this famous drink will have to pay 58 thousand dollars. Whiskey was created gradually and carefully, starting in 1943. It is based on the malt grown in the years 1868-1939. According to the stories, one collector bought a bottle of the drink and drank it with his buddies. This caused a mountain of outrage among fans. How can you be so frivolous to drink the most extraordinary and expensive whiskey this series!

Feature of this drink is its rich dark hue, achieved by mixing several kinds of malt. Experts are trying to describe the taste of the drink, which is dominated by mild tobacco notes, aromas of citrus and berries. The taste is very harmonious, it is not surprising that the drink has been awarded this glory.

3. Macallan 192675 000$

Opens the top three – Macallan 1926, which by average standards, already sky-high valuable, though it is not the most expensive in terms of money whiskies in the world. Among tasters, there is no consensus regarding the taste of the drink. Some experts call it too dry and not very clear. However, the price has been established and is not disputed.

Even more to the popularity of the class contributed a variety of stories related to the sale, many curiosities and other interesting things. Anyway, the drink in the top three. But there are only 12 copies.

2. Dalmore 64 Trinitas160 000$

A little more and you can learn what beverage is awarded to be called the most expensive whiskey in the world, but first and second place Dalmore 64 Trinitas. A bottle of the eponymous beverage is 160 thousand dollars. He has an impressive shutter speed – 140 years. In Scotland, this whiskey was first sold for such a high cost.

Connoisseurs claim that the drink is really worth it. He has a very pleasant and mild taste, smoky aroma. In addition, the whiskey is bottled in special bottles, which are themselves a masterpiece.

1. The Macallan in Lalique460 000$

The Macallan in Lalique brand has broken all price records. Its value is due not only exceptional taste, but also the skill of the feed – whiskey is poured into a beautiful vessel.

460 000 dollars. This price is for the drink, which is called as the most expensive whiskey in the world.

And, of course, not to mention that the value of the drink is unprecedented due to the presence of only one instance of The Macallan in Lalique.

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