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Top 10 most stupid celebrities in the world


Often celebrities fall on large television screens not only because of his talents and skills. Insidious journalists and the paparazzi are always on guard "delicious" news, therefore and strive to catch a public person in an awkward or even silly situation. And the stars themselves, to be honest, not always Shine with the mind, allowing yourself to say absurd and ridiculous things right in the camera operators. And even reinforce the "pearl" absolutely shameless, childish or outrageous behavior. Interestingly, for some celebrities shocking and stupid antics is the only way to stay afloat. That is to say, "bad advertising is also advertising".

Let's see what 10 celebrities managed to end up in the tabloids thanks to his silly phrases and actions.

10. Christina Aguilera

Innocent face and insanely beautiful voice in the past for Christine, this set was enough to gather the stadiums of fans of her work. But coming hard on the heels of the younger and no less talented generation, so Aguilera should sell themselves all imaginable and unimaginable ways. Well, elementary ignorance and immaturity play into her hands. In one of the talk show the singer was sincerely interested in where will be the annual Cannes film festival this time. Moreover, despite the lack of a rapid response of the host, the girl insisted on receiving a reply, without even giving himself a little poraskinut brains. Maybe she's just overworked, and perhaps sincerely believes "festival de Cannes" with a proper name.

9. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West

The star couple never ceases to surprise the journalists for their ignorance and absurdity of the spoken phrases. Sometimes it seems that the couple decided to have a race – who are more sophisticated and silly are going to get "Perl" to the public. Kim already has children of her own, while her Outlook stuck on the school level. And what are her endearing arguments from the category of "I'm Armenian, therefore dependent on laser hair removal as air, water and fun." Sounds like fun, but the man seriously thinks he is. Powerful metaphors Kanye finished off the audience finally, because the singer was managed among his main competitors to list Michelangelo, Picasso and even the Egyptian pyramids.

8. George W. Bush

It would seem that the head of state has no right to afford public stupid though, because he writes the lyrics specially trained staff of philologists, linguists and public speakers. Nevertheless, would-be politician was constantly struck by the electorate of the nonsense, the contradictions between their words and actions. For example, he once stated publicly that thinking about how to harm America with the rest of the world. And similar things out of place often noted for the representative of the government. But his head was not injured in professional sports, as was the mayor of Kiev Klitschko.

7. Megan Fox

Many viewers are asking themselves how such a stupid childish girl is actually legit. Is surgically made teles and handsome face of her stupidity are willing to endure the entire crew? The inability to keep mouth shut not just play with Megan a bad joke. For example, for offensive phrases about the head of the project "transformers" she didn't get the coveted starring role in the continuation of the Saga. In an interview, the actress also managed to give the funniest stories from the biography: I will tell you how the food from his mouth men got into her body, then tells you about the severity of the sink in the critical days, compared journalists with writers.

6. Brooke Shields

The star of "Blue lagoon" in a role of a young virgin could afford a slight naivety and limited knowledge. But now shields is already a noble lady, the mother of the family with a great experience behind, so they need to understand the nuances of media relations. However, the actress has repeatedly caught in a game of words, when it absolutely does not put meaning into the sentence structure. What is her signature "pearls": "if you are killed, you already lost part of my life." Thank You, Captain Obvious! The speech of the actress liked to have been adapted by fans under memes – again fact, not to understand then at least you can have some fun.

5. David Arquette

It would seem that the former "Friends" star Courteney Cox was supposed to choose a husband smart and reasonable person, but about Arketa say can hardly. The actor is so concerned about the involvement in Hollywood projects that did not care about building a speech channel. Philosophizing on the theme of divine from David cheers of the fans from the heart, because we compare God with energy pulsating vibrator can only be a very stupid and uneducated people. Maybe David actually believes in heaven, but we doubt that the path he indicated that wave "heavenly vibrator".

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Unfortunately, Arnold decided to sit three chairs, but in fact comfortably took only one. Niche sport man closed with great success – still the younger generation admires the pile of his muscles. But other areas were left open – mouthed acting the Terminator is actually useless (what they say colleagues in the set), and in politics the Governor of the far left, as has repeatedly been the laughingstock of the public. For example, once Arnie with an expression like the sage told the press about the possibility of a homosexual marriage between a man and a woman.

3. Britney Spears

Known in the ' 90s, the singer literally "freaked out" after the depression, litigation, children, a failed marriage and drug use. Old and pretty "worn out" Britney is no longer the image of a young girl with a naive kind eyes and childish cute text songs. Singer behaves like a clown in public and, it seems, a gram did not hesitate. Spears truly believes that Japan is in Africa, and even to feed the population of the country can only fish products.

2. Vitali Klitschko

Unfortunately, the mayor only does what a disgrace her publicly on the world stage. Sometimes it seems that the only reason the "funny puppet" world leaders have thrown on a human review, because of the jokes but the jokes are less noticeable economic chaos and the realities of life in the country. Examples of citations of Vitaly even pointless cause, because of them it is safely possible to create thematic dictionaries. The youth continues to laugh from the belly and cooking fresh videos with "pearls" from the policy. Of course, a professional boxer, it is impossible not sincerely to regret, because his brain and nervous system in General got much during the years of critical loads.

1. Mariah Carey

In addition to headstrong character and obscenely askorbinki figures, Mariah has managed to be remembered as a stupid woman. Once in an interview with the singer raised the issue of excess weight and stated that he wants to be like starving children, only preferably without the death and painful suffering. As we would like at this moment to see the face of the African child, which is not holding a bowl of food. And immersed in their own teles Cary continues to luxuriate in silks and machines, not even thinking to think over what I had said.

Sometimes black plays a great PR service, so the most stupid by the standards of people celebrities often remain at the hearing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the average man like to feel the superiority over the rich and famous.

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