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Top 10 funny movies to tears


When I want to dispel the autumn Blues and forget about the problems that brought the previous day, the hand itself stretches to include some funny movie.

Readers of funny to tears movies – list of films instantly uplifting and thought-at least for a time to forget all the troubles and problems.

A great Comedy for all time of existence of cinema had created a great variety for every age and taste. We have selected to your list of funny movies that have received recognition of the audience of the largest cinortele world wide web.

10. Always say Yes

Opens the list of the best funny movies to tears the Comedy "Always say Yes" with Jim Carrey in the title role.

Unsociable and ill get along with others, Carl, all the requests and the application always responds with a categorical refusal. After attending a seminar in which participants propose instead a "no" answer is "Yes", Carl decides to change his life from now on to answer all consent. A new way of life gave him a meeting with a wonderful girlfriend, a promotion and lots of friends. However, radical changes in the life of the protagonist of the picture led to major problems...

9. Killer vacation

Keeps a list of funny movies to tears Comedy "the psychic". Each of us has his strong opinions about people we don't even know, but follow the imposed point of view. The film tells about the fact that stereotypes are often false, and the appearance of the person often does not speak about who he really is. A group of students sent to rural areas to relax and have fun. In the same area on the newly purchased cottage are two friends, Dale and Tucker. Movie characters briefly meet at the gas station. Students frightened appearance of two strangers and their fear is amplified when they learn about the terrible massacre that occurred at these places many years ago. Dale and Tucker are neighbours of the students. When bathing in the lake a girl from their company accidentally scares Rybachiy Dale, she falls and gets a head injury. Friends take her to the cottage where first aid. Girl friends think Tucker and Dale have kidnapped her and devise a plan of salvation.

8. Rules of removal: Method hitch

"Rules of removal: Method hitch" is one of the funniest movies that makes laugh to tears.

Alex Hitchens is a rare and very interesting profession – he's a pick-up coach, helps love shy guys to approach girls and gain confidence. Have a hitch, as they call him, never fail, because he is a professional. One day he calls for help for the humble accountant of one company, crazy in love with a wealthy client of the company. Hitch helps him, and he at that time falls in love with a journalist who writes an article about a romantic familiarity of the accountant with a rich client. The girl learns that in this story involved Alex. Losing their loved ones, the heroes of the film trying to regain their trust and prove that we feel for him a sincere feelings.

7. The hangover

Best Comedy film of 2009, "the Hangover", won the love of millions of viewers. If you decide to spend an unforgettable bachelor party in Vegas in the company of best friends, don't be surprised that the next morning will find in the closet of another child and a tiger. What happened last night and where the groom – to these questions, the heroes will find the answer in this funny Comedy to tears.

6. Nine yards

"The whole nine yards" – a great Comedy with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis in the lead roles. What will come of the friendship quiet and downtrodden by the bitchy wife of a dentist and a hit man? Nicholas Oseransky went on about his wife, who learned in the new neighbor known killer nicknamed "the Tulip" and reported it to the mafia, seeking a Hitman, because he testified against one of them. Arriving in Chicago, Oseransky meets Cynthia, the wife of Jimmy "the Tulip", and between flashes novel. Now, Nicholas is forced to work on two fronts to save myself and Cynthia from violence.

5. Rat race

Keeps a list of funny movies to tears the Comedy "rat race".

Bored rich people decided to make a "rat race" party to reach the destination first will get a huge amount of money. Visitors to casino, received from the "one-armed bandits" gold medals, became participants of unusual competition. They need to overcome 700 kilometers and to open the key to the locker that holds 2 million prize to the winner. The participants of the race bets and the wealthy organizers of the "rat race" watching them all along the way. Most interesting is that in the race there are no rules, and soon it becomes known to the participants of the race...

4. DMB

"DMR" – Russian Comedy became a cult, phrases and dialogues which went on quotes.

"You see a gopher?


And I do not see. But he is."

If you want to laugh heartily over a funny, but not vulgar dialogues and jokes – you should see the movie about the life of conscripts in the Russian army.

At the recruiting office meet four future soldiers from different walks of life: factory worker, student and frequenter of the casino. After giving each other nicknames, they go into one part where they are waiting for an incredible adventure and meeting colorful characters. The film consists of four short stories linked by a single plot.

3. The Big Lebowski

Comedy "the Big Lebowski" from the Coen brothers keeps a list of funny movies to tears. The main character, Jeffrey Lebowski, performed by Jeff bridges, an unemployed pacifist, the only passion which is bowling. One day he is drawn into a story of a kidnapped wife of a millionaire and, by chance, the namesake Lebowski. The gangsters by mistake come into the house of the main character and demand a ransom.

2. Big walk

List of funny movies to tears will not be complete without the Comedy "Big walk". The action in the film takes place in 1942 in occupied France by German troops. British pilots crash land on Paris. They leave the wrecked German aircraft and agree to meet in a safe place. Landing in different places of the capital of France, they rush to find each other, falling on the way to comical situations.

1. Unlucky

A special place in the list of most funniest movies to tears is the cult Comedy "Unlucky" in 1981. The main role in the film was played by Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu.

There are people who are desperately unlucky. These include Mary, the daughter of the President of a large firm, disappeared in Latin America. When the girls yielded no results, the psychologist the company offers custom solution is to send on the trail of Mary the same pathologically unlucky person. He is the co-worker Francois Perrin. Together, the private detective, Jean Campana he goes in search of the girl.

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