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Top 10 most alcoholic drinks in the world


Alcohol, which contains more than 20 degrees, is considered a strong drink. Worldwide, there are a huge number of alcoholic products with high strength. These include vodka, cognac, brandy, whiskey, sake, tequila, Calvados and others. Their lot is simply impossible to count. Some of them can be used in pure form and in cocktails.

In our rankings were the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world, the fortress of which exceeds 40 degrees.

10. Gin Bombay SapphireFortress 47%

Gene opens the top ten best spirits in the world. Translated into Russian the word jin means "juniper." The common name of this kind of drinks is directly related to their composition, as they insist on juniper. The strongest varieties are 40 degrees and above. Bombay Sapphire ("Bombay Sapphire") – English gene, which is one of the strongest of its kind. The fortress of 47%, it is used for making cocktails, and used in pure form, preferably with ice. Despite its strength Bombay Sapphire has a smooth taste with pronounced notes of juniper, orange and lemon.

9. Armagnac Domaine de JaulinFortress 48,3%

The Armagnac is among the ten most spirits in the world and is a relative of cognac. It is produced directly in France. One of the strongest is the Armagnac Domaine de Jaulin ("Domain de Jaulin") 1973 the fortress was 48.3 %. It was made in the estate of Domain de Jaulin family Darroz. Armagnac for 37 years aged in oak barrels, and then in 2010 was bottled in glass containers for sale. French drink has a unique taste and cask strength, as it has not been cold filtered and not diluted. Aroma Domaine de Jaulin combines notes of coffee, tobacco, fruit and oak. It is recommended to use in pure form, without meals, to experience the richness of taste.

8. Grappa Bepi Tosolini GRAPPA AgricolaFortress 50%

Grappa is one of the spirits of the Italians. It is made by distilling grape pomace and its stalks and seeds. One of the most fortified varieties is GRAPPA Agricola Bepi Tosolini (Bepi tosolini), containing 50 % alcohol. This drink has crystal clear color and a pleasant aroma with strong notes of berries and raisins. Leaves behind a slight aftertaste of fruit.

7. Whiskey Glenfarclas 105Fortress 60%

Whiskey is one of the noblest drinks of all time. The average fortress is 43 degrees. But some varieties may contain more. For example, Scotch whisky Glenfarclas 105 (Glenfarclas), a fortress which reaches 60%, is the strongest in the world. It is used both in pure form and as a base for cocktails. The drink is made from grains and yeast with the addition of water. Its original taste is in the wood barrels in which it maintains its fortress. Whiskey in a greater extent prefer the Americans and the British.

6. The Beer Is Snake Venom, The Fortress Of 67.5%

The beer is called Snake Venom (Viper venom) and strength of 67.5 % broke all records at the fortress of beverages of this kind. The authors of fortified beer Scottish steel manufacturers which published this drink in 2013. Despite a high rate of degree "snake venom" has a hop-malt, the pleasant and slightly spicy taste. Manufacturers warn that the product should be drunk in small portions, like all fortified beverages such as brandy and whiskey.

5. Georgian ChachaFortress 70%

Georgian chacha is the national drink of Georgia, and not inferior in degree to the most fortified varieties of alcohol. Its strength in diluted form up to 70%, − with such a maximum strength, this kind of alcohol goes on the shelves of the store. For making real chacha comes only immature grapes Isabella Kacic. Alcohol has fortified flavor with hints of grape.

4. Rum Bacardi 151Fortress Of 75.5%

Rum is also considered one of the most fortified beverages in the world. It is made by fermentation and distillation of cane syrup and molasses. One of the strongest representatives of this line of alcohol is Bacardi 151 rum("Bacardi") from South America, which contains 75.5 percent. It is aged for 8 years, so Bacardi 151 gets its original taste and astringency. The drink most often consumed in the form of cocktails, but there are those brave souls that drink it in its pure form. Rum is amber in colour and combines notes of vanilla and oak. "Bacardi" has about 300 awards and is the most decorated rum in the world.

3. Absinthe Jacques Senaux BlackFortress 85%

Jacques Senaux Black ("Jacques Hay Black") is considered one of the strongest absinthes in the world, the production of which is established in Spain. Its name he received from world-renowned French tasters and blenders Jacques Hay. In 1915 in France has suspended the production of this drink, as it equated to a strong hallucinogen. But in 1956, the son of blenders Juan Teichenne Hay decided to open its plant in Spain in order to restore the production of the drink according to the recipe of the father. This product, containing 85% alcohol has a fresh and bitter flavor with hints of anise and wormwood.

2. Liquor EverclearFortress 95%

It is accepted that a liqueur is a sweet fortified alcoholic product with a high sugar content, which is in the berries and fruits used for cooking. Usually its strength is not more than 35 degrees. But as it turns out, there are liqueur, the fortress which is breaking all records. It is Everclear is the strongest liquor in the world from American manufacturers, who are in the Guinness book of records. The drink is also called as "devil's water". Its peculiarity is that when the alcohol content of 95%, it has neither taste nor smell. Basically, it is used as a basis for cocktails, as in its purest form its use is extremely dangerous. It is noteworthy that the sale of Everclear is banned in 13 States due to its harmful effects on the body.

1. Vodka Spirytus WratislaviaFortress 96%

Vodka is one of the most fortified alcoholic products. Usually its fortress does not exceed 40-45 degrees. However, in Poland invented vodka Wratislavia Spirytus ("Bratislava Spiritus"), which is considered one of the strongest drinks in the world with a content of 96% alcohol. The main ingredients in the manufacture of an alcoholic product are wheat and potatoes that give Wratislavia Spirytus original taste. Vodka has crystal clarity, thanks to a thorough and multi-level purification from harmful impurities. The drink is not recommended to use in pure form, as it can cause irreparable harm. In diluted vodka has a pleasant and mild taste.

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