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Top 10 best mystical movies 2018


Mystery films are at times very versatile: one, they immensely fall in love with, and others are deterred. Inexplicably terrible things and phenomena not only scare, but at the same time attract. And if something is to ban the person, this "forbidden fruit" will become at least twice as attractive to him. Craving for the forbidden that really interesting. The genre of mystery as the times elaborates and shows the subject. All lovers of mystery and the unexplained are invited to view 10 of the best mystical movies.

10. Winchester: the House that ghosts built

Sarah Winchester — heiress to a large fortune gun campaign, living in seclusion — 80 kilometers from San Francisco. Sarah owns a huge mansion, which is reconstructed by her will. Every day there are new stairs, doors and even walls. But the house she builds not for himself, not for guests and even for their relatives. Sarah Winchester builds his mansion for a huge number of ghosts that want to erase the kind of hard drives from the face of the Earth.

9. Gogol: a Terrible revenge

Gogol: a Terrible revenge — this is the final part of the trilogy. Many farms have been subject to attacks of the gang of a powerful wizard. Everything else, the so-called Black Rider catches the girls and kills them, trying to get revenge. The love of Nikolai Gogol — Lisa is next on the list of the cursed murderer. Gogol expects the most difficult mission in his life: the destruction of dark spells and ancient curses. Nikolai Vasilyevich comes to the aid of Jacob Guro, by that time already established the suspect.

8. The curse of the nuns

The monastery was shaken by a terrible event — one of the nuns committed suicide. Suicide is a grievous sin, which has no forgiveness. The Vatican shocked by this incident. The investigation of the case sent the priest Burke and his novice. Burke's seen a lot, but what he encountered here, left him in shock. In the monastery there is an ancient evil lurking under the black robe. To find the key to unlocking the case, Burke needs to collect all the souls living in the temple.

7. Quiet location

In a remote picturesque village, lives a happy family with two children. Their lives are carefree and full of joy. Only they do not realize that the neighborhood they live terrible monsters. To protect yourself from them only by maintaining absolute silence. Clash with them, forcing the family to communicate using sign language. Now, not only a simple trip for supplies has become deadly, but life itself in this house. Horrible creatures are attracted to any sounds. But will the family understand this?

6. Gogol: Viy

The investigation of mysterious disappearances and murders of girls in the village of Dikanka continues. After studying Gogol papers of his mentor, it becomes clear that Black Rider commits murder just for the holidays, one of which will be in two days. Gogol assembles a team with which he wants to catch the Black Rider. But the plans of Nikolai interrupts the most terrible creatures of darkness — Tions that sucks mortal soul. Some time later, Gogol becomes clear that supernatural forces it communicates something more than the mysterious vision.

5. Astral 4: the final key

Life medium ELISA Rainer filled to the brim with inexplicable and horrific moments. Her life is an eternal struggle with demons and evil spirits. But the price for another battle with evil may be too high for Alice, since the battleground will be the house of her childhood in new Mexico. Living in this house, the family suffers from living there is evil. It was in this house she got the most painful memories. And now she will not only clash with the dark forces, but the struggle with the strongest fears of his life.

4. Beware of your desires

Claire is a very quiet, lonely, modest and not able to stand up for yourself girl. Her father is fond of music and searching for various ancient artifacts. One day he finds an old Chinese music box and gives it to Claire. On the box she sees the inscription "7 wishes", which did not attach particular importance. Being in an annoying mood from a terrible day, Claire wants his childhood bully Darcy rot alive. She soon learns that the blonde Darcy was hospitalized from a rapidly developing necrotizing fasciitis. Claire becomes clear the close relationship between her desires and the box, but it does not understand that their desire to pay. She later learns the price of them...

3. Halloween returns

Michael Myers is back again. Since the last meeting Laurie Strode a maniac and it took about 40 years. But her nightmare is just beginning. All this time Michael was in a psychiatric hospital, where he was destined to rot, but it never happened. After escaping from the hospital, he begins to carry out his plans, which nurtured for 15 years. All attempts to shoot, burn or lock this monster in vain. And for Laurie Strode this battle could be the last. The picture is a continuation of the 1978 film and ignores all the events of the sequels.

2. Selfie from hell

In the United States to his cousin Julia arrives — video blogger from Germany. Immediately on arrival to their guests, Julia very ill and in her sister's house begin to happen strange and inexplicable things. Hannah — my cousin Julia turns to the Internet to find information about the strange disease and stumbles upon Julia's video blog, in which she notices the strange behavior of sisters. Only Hannah has no idea that she is caught in a deadly trap...

1. Muse

Professor Samuel Salomon for several months suffering from a horrible nightmare: each time he sees the brutal ritual murder of a girl. A few days later, under the same circumstances, find this girl. The Professor comes to the scene, where he meets Rachel, a girl who also saw the dream. Together, they find themselves in a world ruled by muses, who for centuries inspired artists.

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