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The largest breeds of domestic cats


Perhaps there is a little indifferent to cats people. Someone who loves these furry creatures, and someone allergic to tailed beggars. Nature has given cats good flexibility, reaction and plasticity, and has deprived a large body size. But in the world there are breeds that are larger than the mass of even some of the dogs several times. Let us carefully examine the largest breeds of domestic cats.

10. Kurilian BobtailWeight up to 7 kg

The short-tailed cat, native to are considered the Kuril Islands of Iturup and Kunashir. Was introduced to the "mainland" in the 80-ies of the last century. A feature of the Kurilian Bobtail is the lack of fear of water. But in spite of this, bathing a cat is not drawn. Is a good angler and is perfectly resistant to low temperatures. This breed is included in the list of the largest, is a good choice for the future owner. Because Bobtail would be his true friend. He is friendly, active, and in some aspects of behavior similar to a dog (bring toys). Males can weigh up to 6,5-7 kg; females 3-5 kg.

9. ChartreuseWeight up to 7 kg

This breed is recognized throughout the world, except the UK. The islanders believe that Chartreuse is only Shorthair British cats. The first animal steel plant in the French city of Chartres, where, in fact, gave the name of the breed. In Germany, the Chartreuse was called the Carthusian cat, in honor of the same order of monks. This view is similar to dogs: cats are strong, muscular, hear my name, if you wish, can learn to bring things. The weight of the male is Chartreuse, which occupies the 9th place in the top of the largest breeds of domestic cats, is 6-7 kg, of females 4-6 kg.

8. Pixie-BobWeight to 7.7 kg

Artificially bred species of cats. The task of the breeders was to create a breed that looks more like the lynx. After a few failed experiments, they succeeded. Crossed domestic cats with the wild short-tailed cats. Received individual is called Pixie-Bob, which translated to English means short-tailed fairy.

The breed that came top of the most big cats was officially registered in 1995. Most feline systems recognized the Pixie-Bob. But there are clubs of fans of cats refusing to confirm the existence of this breed. In their opinion, it was created contrary to nature. Males weight 5.5 to 7.7 kg, females 3-5. 5 kg.

7. RagdollWeight up to 9 kg

The name of the breed means "rag doll" as the cat absolutely does not resist or react to any action. It can stroke, squeeze, lay in any position.

Was bred by Ann Baker in the 60-ies of the last century in California. Resembles a Burmese cat, but Ragdoll broader chest, thicker legs, and a massive rear part of the body. This breed is included in the list of the largest in the world, is very much tied to the owner. The cat does not tolerate long loneliness and can understand human speech, to perform basic commands. Males can weigh up to 6 to 9 kg, and females 4-6 kg.

6. Norwegian forest catWeight up to 9.5 kg

Widespread in the Nordic countries. Versions about the origin of the cats vary. But many agree that in the 16th century in Europe were imported Angora cats, later adapted to the wild conditions of nature. They have a prehensile claws to climb trees, they learned to catch fish. The Norwegian forest cat, considered one of the largest breeds in the world, has a sociable nature, curiosity, freedom. The size of males reaches 5-9. 5 kg, females — from 3,5 to 7 kg.

5. Turkish vanWeight up to 9 kg

This breed is semi-longhaired cats appeared in Turkey, near lake van in the Armenian highlands. Considered one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. Is muscular and elongated torso. The chest is broad, like a swimmer. The cat, which is considered a large breed, very energetic and communicative. Loves to jump and run. Has a nice voice. Wang is not afraid of water, bathed. Attached to only one host. Even if a few people, Wang will highlight only one of them. Weight males: 6-9 kg females Weight: 4-6 kg.

4. Siberian catWeight up to 9 kg

For the first time about the Siberian cat, one of the largest domestic breeds mentioned in the records of the 16th century. Then they were called Bukhara. It is not known when and who brought cats from Bukhara to Siberia. It is assumed that Russian merchants brought the cats in a cold region with Asian countries, which at that time was an active trade.

The Siberian cat has muscular legs and the body is medium length, voluminous neck, rounded paws and a large tail. Has a long maturity — up to 5 years. Long and thick cat fur protects it from cold, snow and bad weather conditions. Weight of males from 6 to 9 kg and females 4 to 7 kg.

3. British catWeight up to 10 kg

Breed, receiving a bronze rating of the largest domestic cats. Differ independence. They are called "cat for a businessman". Easy to carry for a long period of loneliness. Unobtrusive: the cats of this breed will never ask you for hands or flippers. Strangers are treated with caution, usually keep a safe distance of 1-2 meters. Despite its large size, flexibility and ductility. A good Mouser. "The British" are undemanding in food: they need 150 - 200 grams of meat a day and clean water. Have a stocky body with a broad chest and straight back. Body mass of males is 6-10 kg, and females 5-7 kg.

2. Maine CoonWeight up to 15 kg

The Maine Coon is descended from cats that lived on farms in the Northern US state of Maine. Similar in appearance to raccoons (powerful tail, a specific color), which is why the second part of the breed's name translates as "raccoon." Literally — Maine Coon. Cats, who took silver in the list of most large breeds have a friendly and loving disposition. Different accuracy and high intelligence. They are easy to teach and to train. The males of this breed can reach impressive sizes. Body weight cat — 6 - 15 kg, females — 5-6 kg.

1. SavannahWeight up to 20 kg

Is not only the largest but also the most expensive cat in the world. For the first time they were bred in the early 80-ies of the last century. Crossed domestic cat and an African Serval. The first offspring of the Savannah appeared in 1986. Born two kittens.

Cats of this breed have long legs and body, ears in the form of "bowls" and a spotted coat. Cat's have a high IQ, docile nature, curiosity and great vitality. Find a common language with other Pets. The weight of the largest breeds of domestic cats up to 20 lbs.

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