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The youngest Russian cities


In Russia today there are 1113 cities, each of which is unique. Interest is not only ancient objects but also the young settlements.

The top 10 became the youngest cities of Russia today.

10. Mizhhiria1979

In tenth place is the small town of Mezhgorye (1979) in the Republic of Bashkortostan is divided into two parts, one of which is located at the foot of mount Yamantau and the other near the mountain of Dunamaggan. While the city is in the Ural reserve. Despite the fact that intermountain is quite a young town, it is already known through interesting events, for example, the construction of the bunker for important people in case of natural disasters or war. The complex many sports facilities, it is home to two well-known athletes — Olga Vilukhina and Maxim Burtasov. The population of the city is 16041.

9. Agidel1980

The city with the beautiful name Agidel ' (1980) is included in the list of the youngest settlements of Russia. He came through the construction of a nuclear power plant in Bashkortostan. After the station was closed, most of the residents had to find a new job. To maintain the city, the President approved the project of creation of industrial Park in Agidel', located near Neftekamsk. The population of Agidel -15645.

8. Langepas1980

Langepas (1980) is in eighth place among the youngest cities of Russia. It is located in Western Siberia, between the cities of Nizhnevartovsk and Surgut. The name means "squirrel land", so his character is a furry and fun animal, adorning the flag and the coat of arms of Langepas. 20-year anniversary of the city of Langepas even built a sculpture of a squirrel, which is so fond of not only local residents, but also visitors to the city. It is believed that if you RUB the nose of the monument and make a wish it will come true. Despite the long winter here, the surroundings of the city are overwhelmed by the large variety of flora and fauna. Langepas is reminiscent of a European city, characterized by wide squares and streets. There are a huge number of monuments of architecture, monuments, fountains and beautiful flowerbeds. The population of Langepas — 43337.

7. Pine1982

In seventh place in the list of the youngest cities in Russia is located the settlement called Cedar, located seventy kilometers from Tomsk (1982). He also is one of the smallest cities of Russia with a population of 2047 people. Here developed the field of oil and gas companies such as Rosneft and the East-Gazprom. Despite the fact that Cedar built buildings is relatively low (the highest structure of the building), the advantage of it is the favorable ecological situation, as it is surrounded by pine trees.

6. Muravlenko1984

Sixth place is a young city in Russia, Sochi (1984), developed at the expense of the oil industry. It is named after engineer and hero of socialist labor Victor Ivanovich Muravlenko. Currently the town occupies a small area, very clean and comfort. But the main value of Muravlenko is its people, doing everything possible for the development of his hometown. In Muravlenko according to official data at present there are 32786 people.

5. Pokachi1984

In the list of the youngest localities in Russia city Sochi (1984) occupies the fifth place. It is located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. This is a beautiful, gaining strength and acquiring its unique character and tradition of the city. There are no houses above a five-storey, all buildings were painted in bright, iridescent colors. The compact layout of buildings makes the city cozy. It's peaceful, there are two religious communities — the Orthodox and Muslim. The dominant enterprise of the city is oil and gas company, which is part of the Corporation LUKOIL. The population of Sochi is 17899.

4. Gubkinskiy1986

Gubkinskiy (1986) — one of the youngest cities of Russia, which is named after the famous geologist Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin. Thanks here's hydrocarbon reserves and oil industry of Gubkin is a cultural and sporting city with a decent educational institutions. Here are the best among sports shooting clubs of Russia, and also there are many spas and periodically hosts competitions of various sports. The population of Gubkinskiy — 27070.

3. Polysayevo1989

The modern town of polysayevo (1989) reveals three of the most young cities of Russia. Polysayevo is a dynamic city of Kuzbass. Socio-economic development of sites for residential development due to several factors. On the one hand, the rise of the coal-mining industry on the other — a good geographical position in the center economic zone of the Kuzbass. In addition to coal mining industries here are machine-building enterprises, construction materials and food industries. In polysayevo lives 26893 people.

2. Magas1995

Magas (1995) took second place in the ranking of the most young cities of Russia. It was originally built as the capital of Ingushetia, after the secession of Chechnya, the Republic was left without a main town. Magas, is located four kilometers from Nazran. Despite the modest number of residents (5841 people) in the capital, there are 90 percent of the public institutions of the Republic. Modern Magas highlighted the lack of industrial enterprises.

1. Innopolis2012

Innopolis (2012) — the youngest and most promising city in Russia with a population of 96 people. It is located 40 km from Kazan on the Volga river. The settlement has developed infrastructure and good environmental conditions. Innopolis is a project created with the aim of attracting scientists and experts in the field of information technology, so there are all conditions for a good life and productive work: modern housing, educational and health institutions, quality roads, etc. Uлавной feature of Innopolis is the University, which trains highly skilled professionals of the industry, innovations and information technologies.

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