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The most powerful air rifle


Pneumatics is used not only for target shooting, but for sports shooting ranges, and hunting, depending on the power of firearms. The power muzzle energy is measured in joules. It depends on the power.

The top 10 includes the most powerful air rifle for hunting and training purposes and for professional shooting. Among the presented models there are those that can be purchased without a license and with her.

10. RAR VL-1241 the Cost of 62 thousand rubles

RAR VL-12, produced by Russian Air Rifle (RAR), ranks among the most popular air rifles. Presented in calibres 4.5 mm to 6.36 mm. The differences between models is the length of the barrel. The barrel is 500 mm is considered elongated. Muzzle velocity is governed by the urge of a spring firing pin. Equipped with guns CROSMAN or Lothar Walther. The number of bullets in the drum depends on the caliber. The maximum pressure in the tank can reach 300 atmospheres. The stated number of shots — 50 shots in the top five. The weapon can be used for training purposes and for hunting small bird. Sold freely without a license. The initial power is 3 joules. The cost ranges from 41тыс. up to 62 thousand rubles.

9. Hatsan 125 VSCost of 15 000 rubles

Turkish air rifle Hatsan 125 VS caliber 4,5 mm is among the most powerful. Is one of the most popular among hunters, due to the low price and good power. Ideal for duck hunting. Power with the original spring is 30 joules, and the speed of a bullet reaches 380 m/s. Bed, and the stock is made of plastic. The average cost for a model is 15 000 rubles.

8. ATAMAN PCP ML 15BCost 52 000

PCP ATAMAN ML 15B is sufficiently powerful air rifle from the Russian manufacturer in the caliber of 6.35 millimeters. The weapon is equipped with a Lothar Walther barrels with choke length 605 mm. Gauge is located in the box of the carbine. Thereby to control the supply of air much easier. ATAMAN PCP ML 15B has about 15 shots on a plateau from 175 atmospheres to 140 atmospheres. The average accuracy of the rifle on the plateau is about 2.5 cm on 50 meters. This model can be equipped with semi-automatic drum 8 cartridges, which is able to accelerate several times the process of reloading. Tank volume is 250 m3. The maximum muzzle power of the model can reach 50 joules. The price of 52,000 rubles.

7. EVANIX GTL 480SPrice 146 000 rubles

EVANIX GTL 480S in caliber 4,5 one of the most powerful air rifle of the Korean production. The high pressure cylinder is provided at 480 m3 pumped up to 200 bar compressed air, that allows up to 60 shots with the speed on the muzzle 308-259 m/s. Power muzzle energy of 55 joules. Total length of arms 850 mm or 915 mm. EVANIX GTL 480S has a decent weight 3.9 kg since it is made of metal. The average price of 146 000 rubles.

6. FX BOBCATCost 130 000 rubles

Swedish air rifle FX BOBCAT in caliber 7.62 mm is one of the most powerful to date. Gear weapon has excellent accuracy, as claimed by the manufacturer. Perfect for hunters and fans of shooting sports. One of the main advantages of the FX BOBCAT is considered to be 20 accurate shots are made with the gearbox. Has a configurable, adjustable escapement, which allows the use of weapons in both shooting competitions and hunting. A reservoir with a volume of 400 m3 could provide 18 shots. The power muzzle energy is 60 joules. The approximate cost of this model is around 130 000.

5. R3M standard. МatadorCost 65 000

Air rifle from the Russian manufacturer Standard. Matador R3M is one of the most powerful and popular among lovers of hunting. Bullpup standard length is 75 inches, of which 47 cm falls on the barrel. Produced with a caliber of 6.35 millimeters. The reservoir capacity of the standard model 289 cubic inches. The power muzzle energy of 80 joules. The average price — 65 000 rubles.

4. FX IMPACTCost 36 000

Swedish air rifle FX IMPACT included in the top ten most powerful to date. The rifle is available in calibers up to 7.62 millimeters. The power of the rifle changes when you replace the barrel and is adjusted using the wheel from one hundred to 160 atmospheres. In the 7.62 mm weapons firing with a pressure of 160 atmospheres, in other — 130 atmospheres. Small calibers have a barrel length of 500 mm, and six and seven — 700 mm. Total length FX IMPACT — 760 mm or 920 mm. Has a sliding muffler. The high pressure cylinder of a carbon fibre 480 m3. Maximum pressure — 250 bar, that allows to make a full 30 shots in seven. Claimed maximum power is 110 joules. The price of FX IMPACT — from 36 000 rubles.

3. FX BOSSCost 70 000 rubles

FX BOSS 7.62 is the most powerful air rifle of the Swedish company FX Airguns. It is very popular among fans of sports shooting, and among hunters. The total length of the weapon is 120 cm, while its weight varies from 3.2 to 3.4 kg without scope. Available with either wooden or plastic bed. Have a FX BOSS is no power control — here everything is already set up initially to the maximum. Pressure tank capacity of 500 m3 160-220 atmospheres. With refills for 220 atmospheres you can make up to 30 shots. This model is effective at distances up to 220 meters. The speed of a bullet is 265 m/s With 8-10 g bullets with this gun it is possible to hunt not only for birds and for big game: ROE deer, beavers and hares. Power FX BOSS is 110 JOULES. The average cost is 70 000.

2. FX INDYthe Cost of 100 000 rubles

FX INDY — air rifle from Sweden, used in sport shooting and hunting. Available in caliber 4.5 mm to 7.62 mm. FX INDY with pre-pumping shooting in semi-automatic mode. The initial velocity and number of shots depend on the caliber. When 7.62 mm muzzle velocity is 265 m / sec. Magazine capacity is 9 bullets. The weapon is quite heavy, its weight is 4 kg. barrel Length is 600 mm. Power FX INDY — 110 joules. The average price — 100 000 rubles.

1. Quackenbush 458 LA OutlawCost 20 000 rubles

Quackenbush LA Outlaw 458 in the caliber of 11.63 is the most powerful sniper rifle in the world of American manufacturing. The air in the cylinders can flow from the compressor to 3000 bar or inflated manually by a pump. The fire power is equal to 680 j when the speed of the shot 223 m/s. Such a powerful weapon, even for hunting bears. The total length of the model is 112 cm with a barrel length of 66 cm, Weight Quackenbush LA Outlaw 458 is 3.6 kg. the Rifle is designed exclusively for professional shooters. To obtain a license for it in Russia is not possible. The price in the U.S. is $ 3,000.

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