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The most unusual record for the Guinness book of records


People tend to look for ways of self-expression. Usually one tries to do what before he could not do nothing. Jump higher, run faster or throw something farther than others. It is a human desire is very well reflected in the sports we love to set new records and enjoy seeing how others do it.

However, the number of sports disciplines is limited, and the variety of human talents is endless. The solution was found. In 1953 he was released an unusual book. It contains the world records in different spheres of human life and outstanding natural values. The book was published by order of the Irish brewing company "Guinness". And therefore was named the Guinness Book of records. The idea to publish such a book came up with one of the employees, Hugh Beaver. He felt that it will be a must for visitors to beer pubs, during their never-ending disputes about everything. The idea was very successful.

Since then, it has become extremely popular. People tend to get on the pages of this book, it's practically guaranteed fame and popularity. You can add that the book is released annually, and its circulation is huge. A large circulation is produced only the Bible, the Koran and quotations of Mao Zedong. Some of the records that people were trying to put was hazardous to their health and could lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, the publishers of the Guinness world records ceased to record such achievements.

We have selected for you a list that includes the most unusual Guinness world records.

  • Georgian Lasha Pataraya managed to move the truck, which weighed more than eight tons. The fact that he did this with his left ear.
  • Manjit Singh pulled a double-Decker bus over a distance of 21 meters. The rope was tied to his hair.
  • Japanese Barber Katsuhiro Watanabe also became the champion. He made himself the tallest Mohawk in the world. The height of the hairstyle reached 113,284 cm.
  • Jolene van Vugt drove the longest distance on a motorized toilet. The speed of this vehicle was 75 km/h then she got into the Guinness Book of records.
  • Chinese artist Fan Yang has created the world's largest soap bubble, which could fit 183 people.
  • The Japanese Kenichi ito had set the world record for the speed of overcoming the street on four legs. He managed to run the distance of 17.47 seconds.
  • German Maren Zonker from Cologne has managed the fastest in the world to run the distance of 100 meters with fins. It took her only of 22.35 seconds.
  • John Until one day he managed to have sex with 55 women. He starred in pornographic movies.
  • A woman named Houston in 1999, he performed for ten hours 620 sex acts.
  • The longest sexual intercourse lasted fifteen hours. This record belongs to the movie star Mae West and her lover.
  • The woman who gave birth to the greatest number of children, was a Russian peasant woman, the wife of Fyodor Vasilyev. She was the mother of 69 children. A woman is sixteen times gave birth to twins, seven times she had triplets, and four times she gave birth just four children.
  • During one birth the most came to light of children Bobby and Kenny Mackovci. Born to seven babies.
  • Peruvian Lina Medina gave birth at the age of five years.
  • To date, the biggest dog in the world is the great Dane Zeus, who lives in the U.S. state of Michigan. The height of this giant 1,118 meters. He lives in an ordinary house, in the town of Otsego and not too inferior in the growth of their masters.
  • The world's tallest animal is a cat named Trouble. Its height is 48.3 cm.
  • Another native of Michigan, Melvin Booth, can boast the longest fingernails. Their length is of 9.05 meters.
  • Resident of India, RAM Singh, the Chauhan has the world's longest moustache. They reach a length of 4.2 meters.
  • Dog breed of the Coonhound named Harbor has the longest ears in the world. When the ears are different lengths: the left — 31.7 cm, and right – 34 cm.
  • In Austria built the world's largest chair, its height exceeds thirty meters.
  • The huge violin in the world made in Germany. Its length is 4.2 meters and a width of 1.23 meters. It is possible to play. Length of the bow is more than five meters.
  • The owner of the longest tongue is the Brit Stephen Taylor. Its length is 9.8 inches.
  • The smallest woman lives in India, her name is Giota Amga and her height is only 62.8 cm. This is due to a very rare disease of the bone – achondroplasia. The woman recently turned eighteen years old. The girl lives a normal full life, she is studying at the University and be proud of your tiny stature.
  • The little man is Junrey Blowing, his height only 59,93 cm.
  • Turkey is home to the tallest man on the planet. His name is Sultan Kosen, and his height is 2.5 meters. In addition, he has two records: it has the biggest feet and hands.
  • Michelle Refinery has the widest hips in the world. They have a diameter of 244 cm, and the woman weighs 420 pounds.
  • The oldest twins in the world is Marie and Gabriel Baudrier, who recently celebrated in the Belgian nursing home his 101st birthday.
  • The biggest biceps has the Egyptian Mustafa Ismail. The volume of hands is 64 inches.
  • The longest cigar was made in Havana. She was 43,38 meters.
  • Czech fakir, Zdenek Ruske survived after held in a wooden coffin for ten days, without water or food. With the outside world it connects only the vent pipe.
  • The longest kiss lasted 30 hours and 45 minutes. He belongs to the Israeli pair. All this time they did not eat, did not drink, and just kissed. And then got into the Guinness Book of records.
  • We have listed only a small portion of records that are officially registered in the book. Actually, there are several thousands and they are all very interesting, funny and unusual.

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