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The most unfortunate couples horoscope, which it is better not to contact each other


There are couples who are formed by love. And like everything could be okay, but all the time something is wrong. A quarrel in a vacuum, the scandals over nothing, misunderstanding each other. There is a feeling, as if someone intentionally ruining their relationship. Some think the damage or the evil eye, crown of celibacy. It's much easier. Perhaps they do not fit the horoscope. Most will consider it nonsense. But it is necessary to remember at least one failed relationship, and this fact will be confirmed. Below is a list of the worst couples horoscope, all zodiac signs, which it is better not to communicate with each other.

10. Cancer and Aquarius

Many of these alliances failed. Between them will never understand. Aquarius thinks Cancer pain, Cancer and Aquarius seem too smart. Often in relationships, suffers from Cancer. Aquarius easily manipulates him, and a Cancer on this background develop problems first emotional, and then physical health. The reason for the complex relationships can be unmatched characters. Cancer soft, emotional, romantic. Aquarius are cold, practical, discreet. He does not understand the emotions of the partner. In this Union many contradictions. Even if they are a long time to be together, you can never rule out the gap. The parting will be difficult, the relationship ruined.

9. Taurus and Sagittarius

These zodiac signs compatible is only 50%, they are too different. Sagittarius will be able to meet the needs of the Calf in the intimate sphere. However, it is often looking for adventure on the side, one partner isn't enough. For Taurus this is unacceptable. He loves stability and peace, and not share the adventure of Sagittarius. Taurus likes home peace, comfort, gladly home. Sagittarius doesn't notice his efforts. The first time the relationship will be harmonious, love is bright and beautiful. But a long and strong relationship between them is unlikely to succeed.

8. Libra and Virgo

They are completely different, but still have points of contact. In the beginning of the novel the relationship comfortable and light, romantic and calm. They enjoy each other. But then it turns out that Virgo does not like noisy companies and exits in the light, and the Scales to live without them can not. Virgo loves order and cleanliness, the Scale to it is not particularly gravitate. Virgo sees all the mistakes of the Weights in the household responsibilities. In such pairs, often there are financial differences. Virgo spend money carefully, the Scale will not save on their desires. Even in the intimate sphere are not going smoothly. Virgo in this respect conservative, Libra love romance.

7. Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancers have similar traits. They are easy to communicate, open to new people. They enjoy being together, they will always find something to talk about. Conflicts arise mainly because Cancer lives with the heart and Gemini with his head. All things they look completely different. The twins are very sociable, love fun, always in search of the ideal. And the jealous partner does not allow them to live in peace. It just starts to get annoying. Cancers Twins attract generosity, dedication and effort to build a common life. And the Twins are again close, but after a while all repeats. It is difficult for them together, they always quarrel for small things. Gemini need freedom, Cancers-owners will not be able to give them just that.

6. Aries and Taurus

These signs are incompatible a priori, Aries belongs to the element of Fire, Taurus – Earth. They're both stubborn, no one wants to concede. Aries value their freedom and individuality. It is not soluble in their half without a trace. Taurus trying to control his every move. Freedom of Aries perceives painful, feels rejected. They have different temperaments, Aries active, sociable, he needs the attention and recognition every day. Partner seems to be too slow and passive. For Taurus in the first place is a confidence in the future. The only point of contact between zodiac signs is sex. Here, they have complete harmony.

5. Gemini and Capricorn

The relationship between them is full of difficulties and misunderstanding. Gemini are communicative. They are active all the time are in motion. Capricorn unhurried, practical, have a sober mind, stand firmly on their feet. They do not understand communicative partner. Flirting, without which the Twins are not able to get through the day perceive as an attempt to find a replacement. Besides all the time it seems that the Twins are paying him little attention. The couple has difficulties and at the household level and in financial terms. Capricorns value family relationships, they value family ties. The twins are not ready to assume such obligations. They would have their lives to deal with. The Union can be successful in the case when both partners are willing to go to meet each other and close eyes to many things.

4. Virgo and Sagittarius

Do Virgo and Sagittarius have different values and attitudes towards love. It's an uneasy Alliance. Virgo needs stability, confidence, Sagittarius beckons excitement and new sensations. They are constantly in a struggle. Suffering in this relationship, always a virgin. She is forced to restrain the fiery Sagittarius. It is his temperament, impulsive decisions and actions will increasingly oppress the virgin emotionally. As a result, the virgin may have problems with health. Virgo is very true, change can only be for love, for Sagittarius physical betrayal means nothing. On this basis, they constantly conflict. But no matter how hard the maid, to get the Archer loyalty will be difficult.

3. Leo and Scorpio

Both these sign have the perseverance, strong will. They have similar goals in life. Therefore, one of the main causes of conflict – the struggle for leadership. Leo needs universal attention and admiration. But Scorpio is not in a hurry to erect it on a pedestal. He was very reserved in emotions. Under the apparent calm hides a sensitive soul who also wants attention. Leo loves and knows how to spend money. It's not like the economical Scorpio, who know its value. Scorpio very jealous. Leo with his innocent flirtation would lead him into a rage. Sexual life of the couple vibrant and diverse. Both partners love and sensual pleasure.

2. Scorpio and Aries

At first glance they are very similar. Both have great energy potential, explosive temper, uncompromising character. Both independent. Problems in relationships start when a crazy passion between them dulled. Aries – optimistic, all the events in his life, he takes with ease. Scorpio always overly dramatic. There is a misunderstanding, quarrels, very loud, often in public. In scandals, they also behave differently. The words and actions of the RAM are under the power of emotions. Scorpio thinks it out in advance. He's vindictive, and at every opportunity reminds Aries about his mistakes. In private life compatible, they're the perfect lovers.

1. Pisces and Virgo

Between these signs there are many contradictions. These features of Fish as a daydreaming, emotion, lack of business acumen for Virgins absolutely alien and incomprehensible. They are practical, organized, disciplined. Quarrel will not be, but a common language are hard to find. Virgo everything is taken seriously, thoroughly. I love the cleanliness of the apartment, Fish prefer a creative mess. Virgo frugal, know how to count money. Fish easily spend. All things everyone will have their own point of view, dissenting with the views of the partner. Pisces love to dream, Virgo consider it a waste of time. Perhaps, they are compatible only in the intimate sphere, but on the same sex long-term relationships can not be built.

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