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Top 10 modern books for Teens


Despite the fact that the modern world of technology is replete with a variety of entertainment programs for youth, all editions of artistic works remain to this day relevant and loved by many teenagers. Based on the analysis of existing modern prose has compiled a list of ten, which included contemporary books for teenagers 15-16 years.

10. James Buen "a Street cat named Bob"

Opens top 10 modern books for young people unusual story from Jamama Buena under the title "a Street cat named Bob". The book tells about true friendship street cat Bob and young man James. Every day the cat started out in search of food. Musician James suffered from addiction, and each day also began with a search of dope. Meeting with a cat has saved a young man from despair. The book created a boom in social networks, and became very popular as its main characters.

9. Ray Badbury "451 degrees Fahrenheit"

Ray Badbury became the Creator of the modern masterpiece "451 degrees Fahrenheit", which immediately caught the fancy of the youth for their eccentricities. The novel belongs to the genre of science fiction describing a society of consumers which is unusual for feelings and flying thoughts. People have everything but don't want to think and live a real life. The government has robotsrule society and very carefully watching over. The representatives of law enforcement from unruly citizens reveal, and dealt harshly with them. In order to achieve the perfect "order" in the country, the people in power pass a law to burn all the books that can get people to think and feel. No wonder the writer gives such an extraordinary name to the novel. The book is in the top 10 modern young adult books, and will be useful and interesting to the younger generation.

8. Stephen Boxi "it's Good to be a wallflower"

New work by Stephen Boxi "Good to be a wallflower" is a modern book about the lives of teenagers. The protagonist of the novel Charlie is different from their classmates views on life. The boy loves to read books and has its own diary in which he pours out all your feelings. His mentor and friend is a teacher bill, who gives a teenager a useful and important life advice. Charlie very often maintains an internal conversation trying to understand themselves and their feelings to the high school, which he loved.

7. Susan Collins "Hunger games" "catching fire", "mockingjay"

Susan Collins has gained popularity due to their trilogy, which is so loved by young readers. Her creation consists of three action-Packed stories: "the Hunger games" "catching fire", "mockingjay". In the center of the story a teenage girl Katniss and her lover Pete, Malark who will take part in the tough games without rules. Teenagers are the only hope for salvation. The brave girl will not only save his life, but also to dethrone totalitarian state despotic ruler of the districts. The book became an international bestseller and is considered one of the most widely read books among teenagers of 15-16 years.

6. Jerome Salinger "the catcher in the rye"

Psychological novel by John Steinbeck. Salinger's "the catcher in the rye" was ambiguously received by critics and readers. Many consider the work a masterpiece of world literature. There are those readers for whom the novel has not made due impression. Nevertheless, the artistic work is one of the most famous novels, which belong to the modern classics. The book will be of interest to many young readers because it is topical and gets inside the psychology of adolescents in the face of the protagonist Holden Caulfield. He doesn't want to put up with rules and laws that it imposes on society. At first glance, Holden is a normal teenager, no different from the others. But the reader is nothing more than blatant bribes naturalness of the boy and his rebellious spirit.

5. Markus zusak "the Book thief"

Postmodern novel of famous writer Markus zusak "the Book thief" has had an impressive influence on world literature. Starring works is not quite the usual hero – Death. On her behalf and conducted the narration. Death tells the reader about the fate of a little girl who lost the most people close to her. In the history in detail and in paints describes the death of a relative liesel. My brother's funeral mark a turning point in the fate of the girls. At the cemetery she finds a book that dropped the gravedigger. First, she asks her foster father to read her a bedtime book. The only way a girl can sleep. It will take time, and little liesel learns to read. The book will be a real passion for her. This will be her only salvation from the cruelty of the real world. Popular romance of our time included in the 10 best books for young people.

4. John green the Fault in our stars

A sentimental story about love and the value of life John green's "the Fault in our stars" is in the top ten of modern books for Teens. The novel tells the story of love of two teenagers suffering from cancer. They understand that their lives could end at any moment, so ready to fight for the right to be together till the end. Young people have to face misunderstanding and condemnation of others. The book raises questions about the meaning of life and its main values – love.

3. John Tolkien "the Lord of the rings"

Third place in popularity goes to the novel of George. Tolkien's "the Lord of the rings". Fascinating artistic history of the fantasy genre is the most striking book of contemporary for the younger generation. The novel consists of three parts: "the fellowship of the ring" "Two towers" and the final story "the return of the king". The main character of the trilogy, Frodo, the young man receives a gift from his uncle a strange ring that can work wonders. He does not know what terrible secret keeps the decoration. Subsequently becomes known that this ring belonged to the evil Lord Sauron and became the cause of his death. The subject not only gives its owner power over the world, and completely enslaved. Fantastic epic became world famous and comes in top 10 most famous modern books.

2. JK Rowling's "Harry Potter"

A series of books about "Harry Potter" is loved by the young generation. The main hero of the adventure stories of Harry Potter enrolls in school of magic. The boy is a good mage and confronts the dark side of evil. Front of him waiting for a dangerous adventure and a fierce struggle with the main enemy, the evil wizard Volan de mort, which wants to enslave the world of magic. Incredible colors and dynamics of the plot will not leave indifferent any fan of science fiction. The work among the three of the best modern books for young people.

1. Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

The first position ranking is a novel by American writer Stephenie Meyer "Twilight". The book, conquer the youth, became a bestseller of our time. The spine-chilling action-Packed episodes and a tender scene of love confessions of a girl vampire can't leave indifferent any reader. The novel is devoid of platitudes, and every line is filled with intrigue interwoven with sincere feelings of the characters. The novel became one of the most popular modern books for Teens.

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