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The most anticipated movies of 2018


The coming year promises to surprise fans of the movie hot new movies. On the screens will be far more than a dozen hot Prime, which many viewers are already waiting with great impatience. The top ten were the most anticipated movies of 2018, promises to be the best films of the near future. What are these films that the reader may learn from the following rating. The list includes films of different genres due to the different preferences of the viewer.

10. The maze runner: the death Cure

"Maze runner: the Cure for death" reveals the top ten most anticipated movies of 2018. Premiere to be held on 25 January next year. The film is the third part of the series "the maze Runner". The protagonist of the sci-Fi Thriller Thomas stands at the head of a detachment of the survivors of Gleizerov to perform one of the most dangerous missions of his life. To rescue his pals gladere led by Thomas, penetrate into the Last city, which is a deadly maze, which controls VICE. Those who can survive here and get the answers that tormented him, and find a cure for the deadly disease. What will end this whole story, the viewer will learn very soon.

9. Bad boys for life

"Bad guys forever" is included in the top ten most anticipated movies of 2018. The first part came out back in 1995. Before the viewer will again see the two chatty detective, which will play will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The first and the second part was a huge success, so Directors decided to continue the withdrawal of the acclaimed film. The output of premiere is planned for mid-January.

8. Fifty shades freed

"Fifty shades freed" is the sequel to the acclaimed film "Fifty shades of grey". The film will tell about the extraordinary relationship between a man and a woman. The film's protagonist helps his sweetheart from the former complexes. They marry, and it would seem in their life. But at one point POPs up far not cloudless past Christian. Declared on the horizon his old enemy, who is going to take revenge on the main character in full, selecting a victim of the newly minted miss grey.

7. Black Panther

"Black Panther" — one of the most anticipated films of the genre of fantasy 2018. The film is loosely based on the comic book publisher marvel Comics. The unfolding events represent a continuation of the movie "the First avenger: Confrontation." The main character returns to Wakanda. He learns that some are against his government. To destroy Wakanda, combined two of the enemy. Stop the evil intentions only Black Panther.

6. Pacific rim 2

"Pacific rim 2" is the sequel to the first part of a fantastic picture of "Pacific rim". The film is set a decade later, which were shown in the first part. Our planet again invading kaiju monsters. One of the main characters who stands up to protect the earth is Jake the son of the Steker Pentecost. After the first attacks on the planet the earthlings Jake got into a huge fight with his father and began to be in criminal circles. As Earth faces a new threat, he returned to the pilots, leading the whole team. This time the earthlings have prepared even better and ready to give a serious rebuff the advancing enemy.

5. Meg

"Meg" is a fantastic film, which is scheduled for spring 2018. One of the most anticipated films will tell about two friends, in plans in which to stop the Megalodon ancestor shark of gigantic proportions. The protagonist Jonas Taylor Professor who lectures on the megahit students on a course of paleontology. Many years ago in his life the tragedy occurred, when his expedition died from megacolon. The main character miraculously managed to escape. In the existence of the ancient ancestors of the sharks are few who believe, but Jonas will have to prove otherwise.

4. Lara Croft

"Lara Croft" one of the ten most anticipated movies of 2018. The film is based on the restart of the series "tomb raider". The main character in the performance of Alicia Vikander go in search of his missing father. She wants to complete his archaeological research, as well as to reveal the secrets which are concealed in a mysterious island, where, and went to her father. Lara Croft will face many dangerous challenges for the return of the glory of the name of her kind.

3. Jurassic world

"Jurassic world" 2018 is the fifth film in the series "Jurassic Park". Premiere films scheduled for the end of June next year. The Director of the previous part and the writer part-time hinted in 2015 on the development of the franchise, as the hackneyed scenario in which people escape from the fierce creatures viewers to be fed. In the new film the secret of recreating the dinosaur becomes accessible to several large-scale companies. Each of the corporations existing information begins to use for his purposes, which inevitably leads to a global catastrophe.

2. The invisible man

"The invisible man" is one of the most anticipated films of the upcoming year. The main role in a fantastic film will perform johnny Depp. The main character loses his memory, and when it comes to himself, realizes that he is invisible. While in this state, it is difficult to understand who you are. This unfortunate turn of events contributed to a combination of circumstances: the main character received a large dose of radiation from the strange machine, which he tried to escape. While running away he falls, and then wakes up, remembers absolutely nothing. Another remake, of the acclaimed film promises to be unlike any previous. How is it different from all other viewers will be able to learn in the spring of 2018.

1. The Avengers: infinity War

"The Avengers: infinity War" heads the list of the most anticipated movies of 2018. As you know a fantastic picture based on the comic book publisher marvel Comics. One of the main characters of the movie is Robert Downey Jr. About the release of the premiere was announced in late 2014. The audience in the coming year will see only the first part of the adventure Thriller with fragments of fantasy. The Avengers always stand on guard for peace, protecting it from any external dangers. The Terrans in danger of death, and this fault may be an intergalactic tyrant, in order which to collect six Infinity Stones, which gives its owner incredible power and pervasive authority.

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