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The most anticipated horror movies 2017


The most anticipated horror films of 2017 – find out what interesting news to fans of this thrilling genre.

10. Alien: Covenant

Perhaps the most anticipated horror film is "Alien: Testament" which should be released in the world rolled in may 2017. Fans of the franchise about Alien was waiting for this picture for many years. "Stranger", released in 1979, became a cult band and spawned a series of sequels. All subsequent movies were filmed by other Directors. Ridley Scott promised to go back to the stories about other people, but eventually in 2012 he filmed the prequel "Prometheus" – the picture is mixed, leaving after viewing a lot of questions.

"Alien: the Covenant" – the continuation of "Prometheus". The latter ended up that the archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and Android David in the alien ship Makers go to the home planet to space engineers. They want to know why those first created people, and then tried to destroy them. According to the Director, he decided to start a new series of films that will lead up to the picture in 1979 and reveals the secret of the appearance of Others. Scott also promised that in the film, the audience is waiting for is a new kind of Alien that appeared as a result of some incident.

As for the plot – the colonial ship "Covenant" with a small crew on Board appears on the planet, the study of which leads to disaster. Sent on a scouting expedition finds a giant ship Founders and eggs with Others litigate inside.

9. The devil in the white city

"The devil in the white city" – one of the anticipated horror films of 2017. The picture was taken on the eponymous novel by Erik Larson. The action of the film takes place in 1893, during the world exhibition in Chicago. Henry Howard Holmes built by the beginning of the exhibition hotel, which the locals dubbed "the Castle". During construction he constantly changed contractors, so he alone knew the exact location of hotel rooms. "Castle" was a real labyrinth of death of several dozens of rooms and corridors that led nowhere. Victims of the offender were women who worked in the hotel and the tourists who came to the exhibition. In the story Henry Howard Holmes came in as the first American serial killer. In the film maniac will play Leonardo Di Caprio.

It was planned that the movie will be released in 2015, but the premiere was postponed. It is likely that it will be released this year.

8. The dark tower

"The dark tower" is the most controversial and anticipated film of 2017. Classic horror is not one of them is a mixture of Thriller, mystery and horror. The film is based on a cycle of novels by Stephen king "the Dark tower", which includes 8 books. The writer worked on the series for 30 years.

In the center of the plot – the story of Roland deskana, the last representative of the ancient family of shooters, protecting the Middle world from evil. He should get to the heart of the worlds of the Dark tower to destroy the Crimson king and save the Universe from destruction. The role of Roland went to the dark skinned actor Idris Elba. This caused confusion among fans of the series because the writer himself has repeatedly said that the prototype Roland is Clint Eastwood.

The world premiere is scheduled for July 27.

7. It

Is among the most anticipated horror movies another adaptation of the works of Stephen king – horror "It is."

In the small town of Derry every 30 years awakens an evil that takes many forms and killing children. Seven teenagers find the strength to confront a supernatural enemy, this time took the appearance of a sinister clown Pennywise.

The premiere will take place on 8 September.

6. Alive

The horror of "Live" has entered the list of the most anticipated films due to the promising cast. The main role in the film played by Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. The plot is intriguing to call it: in the hands of the crew of the international space station got the faulty module with samples of Martian soil. In the primary analysis, the Rover found the rock a form of life. To investigate the soil solved the ISS, so as not to endanger the Earth. The assumption was confirmed – the station, scientists discover a living organism and start the process of his awakening. Calvin (the so-called unknown creature) is incredibly smart and dangerous opponent.

The picture they released in the world rolled.

5. Jeepers Creepers 3

"Jeepers creepers 3" is one of the anticipated horror films of 2017 and the third part of the popular franchise about a character named Jeepers creepers picking up the bodies of their victims to sustain their own life.

The main heroine of the picture, trish Jenner, every night of pursuing the same nightmare – her son dies in the same way as her brother. Not to give to incarnate those dreams, she must find those who will help trish win the Jeepers of Creepers.

Premiere in Russia is expected to take place on October 12.

4. Astral: Chapter 4

The success of the "Astral plane" has led to the emergence of the fourth part of the franchise, depicting the struggle of psychic Elise Rainier with the evil supernatural powers. "Astral: Chapter 4" you can safely include in the list of anticipated horror films of 2017. This time the confrontation with the forces of evil will unfold in the border space of the Astral.

3. Mummy

Continuation of the popular series, the picture of "the Mummy" with Tom cruise in the lead role can not enter the list of the most anticipated horror films of 2017. The originality of the plot does not Shine – charming Brendan Fraser was replaced by a not less irresistible Tom cruise, a powerful Egyptian priest – Pharaoh's daughter.

Found in the desert ancient sarcophagus accompanied by a detachment of the military. The plane crashes due to a succession of strange events, and survives only Nick Morton. He learns that the sarcophagus was the mummy of the Egyptian Queen will Amanet, revived to life after a thousand years of imprisonment.

Premiere in Russia will take place on 8 June 2017.

2. Box

Quite interesting promises to be the horror of 2017 "Box". What awaits offenders of a teenage girl, the hands that hit the artifact of incredible power? Soon, the main heroin of the film will realize that the fulfillment of desires you need to pay, but it will be too late.

The world premiere is scheduled for July 14.

1. The Curse Of Annabelle 2

One of the anticipated horror movies 2017 – "the Curse of Annabelle 2". The plot revolves around a puppeteer and his wife, sheltered during the storm, a nun with the pupils of the orphanage. They become a target for Annabelle doll, a haunted evil spirit.

The world premiere will take place on 9 August.

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