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The most anticipated cartoons of 2017


Regardless of age and social standing all love cartoons. Nowadays animated films are no worse than the blockbuster movies with their special effects. Cartoons, in our full of vanity are a kind of unifying factor of the entire family. The subjects of some of the tapes not only amusing, but instructive. Here are the most anticipated cartoons of 2017, selected according to the preferences of the network users.

10. Ballerina

"Ballerina". French-canadian film tells the story of a village girl, an orphan, who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Follow your dream, a girl arrives in the heart of France – Paris and thanks to a happy coincidence, falls in the Grand Opera as a student. But the adventure girl is not the end. She encounters an obscure young engineer, who also is on the road of destiny in pursuit of his dream. Creating unique items for its time, a young engineer strikes a ballerina and decides to help her in implementing her long-cherished wish.

9. LEGO movie: Batman

"LEGO movie: Batman". Tireless creative people from the abode of cinematography and animation characters in several genres, presented the story of the night vigilante – Batman. This time he appeared before the audience in the form of the famous toy company LEGO. However, in the manner of a good cartoon in this story the strong and wise leader of the superheroes of Gotham will not only have to fight for the safety of his hometown, but also care about the proper upbringing of the young, rising generation of defenders of humanity. Especially his faithful companion Robin is forcing our hero to rethink the value of heroes to the city, and also to draw attention to themselves. In General, one of the most anticipated cartoons of 2017 was published on 9 February.

8. Zveroboy

"Zveroboy". Of course, each of us in the shower singer. From time to time we sing in the bathroom, in the kitchen while cooking the next culinary masterpiece, at work and even just walking down the street. Songs have become an integral part of our lives. But this applies not only to people. The film, expected in March 2017 will show viewers what the vocal talents and musical abilities have brothers our smaller. The plot of the movie revolves around a TV show in which famous singers are selected young and not opened talents for their promotion. In General, all as humans, and sometimes even better. This is a great family cartoon.

7. Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers

"Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers". April will enjoy another exciting story about the life of a magical emerald city. Of course, the well-known tale in which the evil master carpenter creates a formidable army of soldiers and decides to take the magic capital. And in defense of the city stands a young girl with his loyal friends, which was a hurricane was in the land of magic. The film adaptation promises to be interesting and very funny. The voice acting of the main characters involved such actors as Konstantin Khabensky, Dmitry Dyuzhev, as well as the main chips invited Sergei Shnurov. In General, a cartoon of 2017 promises to be hilarious and interesting.

6. Spark

"The spark". However, the APR will please not only the good old fairy tales, but also futuristic stories about travelling in space. The only not surprised by the limitless space of the universe. It is horrific monsters and beautiful planet and of course, brave heroes. One of these characters is small and very smart monkey Spark. Caring for the residents of the rare planets in space, he and his rescue team have a special mission to liberate the planet Ban from the hands of the dreadful space villain Jun. He plans to lay their hands on the most powerful weapon in the universe – creating black holes, the Kraken. And to prevent this, a Spark, and his team will go all out. Such a plot makes the movie very expected by all categories of viewers.

5. Cars 3

"Cars 3". Another expected sensation of 2017 promises to be a super sequel of the famous cartoon about the adventures of a racer McQueen. Yes, the third part of this movie is expected for a long time. And finally, producers and animators got together and released a new history of the race. In this story, McQueen once again have to prove he is the best and fastest racer in the history of all cars. However, a new adventure with friends of Radiator spring and the new young racers to show him that racing and winning is not the most important thing in life.

4. Despicable me 3

"Despicable me 3". The bad to the bone, the storm all the defenders of order, the greatest thief of all times and peoples – GRU's back on the warpath. In this he was, as always, the help of numerous subordinates and various minions. But it is not easy to maintain a reputation as villain number one, while having a wife and three lovely daughters. Parenting, conjugal and family life in General is not allowed to run in the way of superiority among the villains. And here the shadow of this way again come on the heels of GRU. Trying to protect yourself and your family from this echo, he gathers all his strength and talents in a fist and spoiling for a fight. As always, he is not alone. Expect this cartoon of 2017 is in June.

3. Beautiful

"Fine". What little Princess doesn't dream about the engagement with the handsome and strong Prince. But such countries in the world, and where to find it. But the heroine of this movie expected in 2017 was more fortunate than many others, or so she thought. Meet beautiful Prince, she decided to get engaged with him, in order not to miss such a rare opportunity. However, the glory and attractiveness of this youth is so big that with him, at the moment, got engaged not one, not two, but three princesses, and each wants to seize his opportunity. And our heroine is not shy. In General, to observe the war brides in the genre of the Royal tale will give a lot of positive emotions.

2. LEGO movie: Ninjago

"LEGO movie: Ninjago". The history of this, one of the most anticipated animated films of 2017, very well known to every viewer of children's TV. Indeed, in a series of toy story-ninja broadcast for many years. The more viewers, especially young, are eager to see a full history of these characters. The story is very close to teenagers, as it tells the story of children of school age who have incredible abilities and fighting evil instead of extracurricular activities.

1. Coco

"Coco". Recently viewers prefer calm and interesting stories than superfantastic and rich fantasy films. Because of this, this release is the most anticipated in 2017. The movie tells about the story of Miguel is a 12 year old boy, who all his life dreams of becoming a great musician. The talent he has, but obstacles do not allow him to do what he likes. His family music is strictly prohibited. And how will fight Miguel harsh mandate of his parents, the viewer will be able to see in November this year.

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