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New movies 2017 — the most anticipated Russian films


This year the Russian cinema promises to treat moviegoers promising new movies. Some of the feature films, as stated by the best Russian Directors, will certainly appreciate not only domestic but also global audience. What are these paintings we learn from the top 10, which included the new movie in 2017 — the most anticipated movies of Russian.

10. Project Gemini

"Project Gemini" opens the top ten most anticipated films of 2017 Russian cinema. The world premiere is to be held on June 19. The film of the fantasy genre will tell you that humanity is in search of a planet that may be habitable. Accidentally astronauts during space travel revealed a terrible secret that over the Earth from this global threat, which may lead to the death of all mankind...

9. Beyond

Fringe — anticipated new Russian cinema, which will be released on 28 September 2017. Adventure Thriller with fantastic accent tells you about the adventurer named Mike, whose plans the Heist of a big casino. But suddenly in his path is a serious opponent who is a real professional. Even superpowers possessed by the team of Mike, will you help him get out of the critical situation around him. The hero will be able to solve the current problem, which threatens danger to his friends and his beloved.

8. Kitchen. The last battle

"Kitchen. The last battle" — the most anticipated Comedy of 2017. Exit films account for 27 April. The film's protagonist, Victor Barinov, on the orders of the Russian President is heading to the championship of chefs around the world. The chef still has no idea what the outcome for this culinary battle. Unexpected and ironic twists of fate await the main characters in the final season of "Kitchen".

7. The legend of Kolowrat

"The legend of Kolowrat" — the most anticipated historical film with a fantastic twist of Russian production. Release date of new items is scheduled for may 25, 2017. The film reproduces the events of the 13th century, when there was a fragmentation of Russia. Yevpaty Kolovrat (Ryazan Governor) finds out about the attack of the Mongols in his native city. Together with his retinue he was sent to Ryazan, to avenge the Batu and his soldiers for their country and loved ones.

6. The first time

"First time" — new Russian film, released April 12, 2017. The storyline of the film is associated with the cold war, which was conducted in the 60-ies of the last century between the two great powers — the USSR and the USA. The two countries are fighting for supremacy of the conquest of space by mankind. The Soviet Union is not willing to concede to the Americans and will do anything to be the first who will be able to visit in the interstellar galaxy. But it turns out that a few weeks before the implementation of the programme spaceship explodes. The way in which Russian engineers and astronauts will get out of this situation, the audience will learn very soon.

5. Love with limitations

"Love restrictions" included in the list of the most anticipated Comedy melodramas 2017. Russian new product should see the light of day on March 9. The main roles in the film went to Paul Prilichnom and Anna Starshenbaum. Mike learns about a new presidential decree, where there is a order in each of the large-scale corporations provided jobs for people with disabilities. The main character always wanted to have a secured life, so found out about the new law, he's willing to fraudulently get disability certificate, and thus did not mind riding to a wheelchair. Fortune turns to the young man's face, and he gets under the quota prestigious place in one of the major companies. The young man now has everything he dreamed of for so long, but instead of that he needs to pretend to be disabled. Misha meets a girl who is in a wheelchair since childhood, and falls in love with her. Now the hero faces a difficult choice: continue to pretend and stay with his career and money either to confess his sin and be with his beloved.

4. Love story

"Love story" — the new Russian cinema, released 14 February 2017. The main character Seva Gorelov can't build a successful picture of the actor, so he has to moonlight as a taxi driver. During another call he meets a girl he once loved. The heroine is now an adult, stylish lady, she's headed to Sochi for the groom, which in a short time they should be married. But the road to hottest city in the country long enough, and during this time might be that unexpected. What the viewer learns very soon.

3. Super Bobrovy 2

"Super Bobrovy 2" — anticipated film of 2017, related to the innovations of Russian cinema. Fantastic family Comedy tells about how the Beaver house crushed by a meteorite. The incident leads to the fact that every member of the family becomes endowed with superpowers. This turn of events becomes for the family the beginning of a new adventure. Now they can fly, overcome space in the twinkling of an eye, or even become invisible. The plans for the family to move to live in another country, but before that they want to Rob a Bank to secure a comfortable existence. What it all will lead viewers know already this spring.

2. Selfie

"Selfie" — one of the most anticipated Russian films of 2017. The novelty should get in the car in the fall. The film by Nikolay Khomeriki will talk about how the substitution of known TV presenter Vladimir Bogdanov. The absolute double of the main character suddenly deprives his career, the beloved woman and family. He does it very skillfully and professionally, and only daughter of the present Bogdanova waiting for the return of his own father. Art painting belongs to the genre of psychological Thriller. The main roles in the film went to Konstantin Habenskogo and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

1. Attraction

"Gravity" tops the rating of the most anticipated new 2017 Russian kinoteka. The film is of the fantasy genre saw the light of day on 26 January this year. The Director's sci-Fi picture was one of the most popular Directors of the national cinema — Fyodor Bondarchuk. The storyline Kinopalats associated with the collision of humanity with extraterrestrial intelligence. Shooting of the movie took place in different parts of the capital of Russia using the latest military hardware. Work on the special effects feature films was carried out by the best Russian artists over the 18 months. On the first day of hire the picture has collected more than 40 million rubles.

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