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The most anticipated series 2017


Soap operas have become an important part of everyday life of modern man. Ever since "Santa Barbara" and "Morena Clara" people are happy to keep track of and watch new serials. But producers did not forget to delight their releases as often as possible. Some of them reach the hearts of the audience and remembered for a long time, others raise the hype even before the release of the pilot episode. This ranking presents these are the most anticipated TV shows of 2017. I must say that this year will be particularly rich in interesting projects and continuation of the acclaimed series.

10. 33 accident

"33 misfortunes". Opens our rating new, but has already managed to make enough noise project "33 misfortunes". The project is a more advanced version once became very popular eponymous feature film. The plot of this film has already released not one video game, but the adventure of three orphans who find themselves in the care of the villain, is still relevant and excite the audience. The history of the crimes of Count Olaf has turned into a series of books that the producers finally decided to film. The main role, that of Count Olaf takes Neil Patrick Harris. Reviews of the series 2017 very waiting.

9. American Gods

"American Gods". This series is another attempt to portray the world around us in the form of a cage for supernatural forces. The plot revolves around a recently paroled criminal who was thinking of something to somehow earn money. But where do we find the work of an ex-con. Suddenly the head of a young man dumped by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday who offers him employed to his bodyguard and escort during his trip to America. But all is not so simple. This is Mr. Wednesday is actually the ancient God of Norse mythology Odin. Traveling around the country, he's looking for their relatives to deal with the new deities of a free country. Through the story of this series is worth the wait.

8. Star wars: underworld

"Star wars: underworld". The team of the famous franchise "Star wars" decided not to be limited to two bestsellers in recent years. Fans of "far distant galaxy" may this year to wait for an extended series about the history of the Jedi. The plot of the series will take the viewer away from what is happening in the main series films events. All series describe life in the distant Coruscant – the capital of the Empire. In addition to the great Emperor of the Sith, as it turned out, the Empire is still a lot of powerful lords, which by plexus conspiracy trying to find the their hands on the legacy of the Jedi. Political games, murder, and Grand revelations in a futuristic style await viewers this year.

7. The Incredible Hulk

"The Incredible Hulk". This series 2017 would be a real surprise for fans of the series marvel comics. The creators hide the details, and apparently will be the last to keep this secret. But today we know that the shooting of the first season is almost completed. But the release date is still not exactly known. Yeah, okay, because when you would have got this show, the audience he will be very much. After all, despite the large number of feature films about the green monster, and kameo, with its audience participation never cease to amaze powers is superhero the destroyer.

6. Mata Hari

"Mata Hari". The story of the first woman spy heard almost everything. Her identity for a time was part of the school curriculum on the subject of history. In addition, in the late fifties Hollywood already filmed about her life and work. But now after half a century producers and Directors have decided to re-breathe life into this historical figure. But this time shooting is conducted by the representatives of several countries, among which are the cinemas of Russia. Besides, one of the main roles starred Christopher Lambert, which is popular for its participation in the film "Beowulf". In General, the series 2017 about the history of spy-dancers will delight all.

5. Star trek: discovery

"Star trek: discovery". Perhaps the next new series in the ranking describe makes no sense. You can enable them later, after reading a hundred releases in 2017. Now imagine continue already known TV series and movies. In this issue Star trek falls under both categories, since it was already filmed a lot of TV series and even three films, the last of which the viewer will see this year. Glad that the actors who participated in the feature films gave consent to participate in the series. However, more details as information about the release date yet. But surely a long wait for this masterpiece not make.

4. Taboo

"Tabu". Though Stephen king has long been nothing new writes, but this story, like no one remarkable, turned into the series that won the hearts of millions of viewers. Ahead of the new season of the show, which is expected in 2017. For those who are not worthy to watch previous seasons, the story revolves around men 30 years with unique abilities. But he's not a superhero, but just an incredibly accurate shooting. The series to appeal to fans of hardcore, blood and mysterious events.

3. Twin Peaks

"Twin Peaks". The plot of the series is quite banal. Detective, investigation, murder and revelations. However built it so interesting that watching is almost impossible. Events in the new season of the series in 2017 will start a quarter-century later from the events of the last series. However, pending investigation, unsolved murders and mysteries of the past do not give the main characters quietly live out their lives. They will again face to face with their sins of the past and take responsibility for them in full. The overall series would have been an ordinary detective, if not for the overall storyline of all the investigations that will eventually lead to a common denominator.

2. Escape: A Sequel To

"Escape: The Sequel". Previous seasons were simply amazing and watched the people around the world. High ratings each series give the right to call the series a cult or even a classic of the genre. A since the end of last season was trying to create something similar, but so far few have succeeded. And here again the audience can watch the story of brothers, prisoners in the same prison, sharing a common goal. The producers tried to cast remains the same, so as not to spoil the reputation of the series. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most anticipated series in 2017.

1. Game of thrones

"Game of thrones". Who does not know this release, he does not watch soap operas. For the past eight years, Hollywood delights the audience with all the new and exciting stories, the Palace conspiracies, large-scale battles in a fantasy world of Westeros. Every year, the new season of the series was traditionally published in April and consisted of 10 episodes. But this year, it seems, will be no exception. The release is postponed for the summer, and the number of series was reduced to eight. But do not worry, because this season promises to be the key to answer many pressing questions fans.

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