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The most promising cryptocurrencies 2018


Bitcoin is one of the most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency to date. But now on the market, users are provided with a huge number of alternatives, working on the same principle as bitcoin. In the following list were the most promising cryptocurrencies 2018, which are serious competitors to the most famous virtual coin.

10. Siacoin

Siacoin opens a rating of the cryptocurrency that in 2018, according to some predictions, the most promising. It also is a platform for decentralized file storage. Users from around the world can submit their hard drives PC, but rather the free space on them, forming a huge scale decentralized network. If the data amount of cryptocoins, the user has the right to remain on the platform of your files. All work is ensured through encryption, create smart contracts, and other innovative technologies. If the host keeps a file before the expiration of the terms of the contract shall be paid a fee. To prevent data theft, all information is encrypted reliable method.

9. Golem

Golem is a relatively new cryptocurrency on the market, but according to the forecasts of many experts, perspective. It appeared just over a year ago. The platform has a number of advantages. This project is versatile and with it you can perform many tasks of different types. Decentralization is responsible for the smooth operation of the network, so the user can be sure that there will be any problems. To the network can at any time connect an unlimited number of computers. The system is considered to be one of the most protected and therefore safe.

8. AntShares

AntShares is a promising platform and is a blockchain with open source. It may well support numerous digital currency and using a digital certificate which ensures the credibility of the public blockchain. This means that assets issued by users with a digital certificate, protected by law. Embodied blockchain technology is highly reliable and provides the value of smart contracts. In AntShares cryptography is used and the particular coding technology, making possible the prevention of the quantum crisis.

7. Waves

Waves is a blockchain platform, which predict a good future. Designed for the production kryptografiska tokens. It operates on the basis of LPoS, allowing the miners to betray their own balance sheets in exchange for a portion of the profits from mining. They shall have the right at any time to withdraw your funds. Cryptography is used to ensure the immutability of the block chain that make up a base of operations. Holder cryptocurrency has control over its balance sheet until such time as his key does not become known to others.

6. EOS

EOS is able to scale decentralized applications of a different nature. This platform worked great its developers, so the plan is to use the EOS in many companies and projects, thanks to good speed and high bandwidth transactions. This platform is able to expand its capacity up to several hundreds of millions of transactions. When creating EOS for was based on the Ethereum. The result is a more optimized and fast functioning cryptocurrency. EOS has great potential, the implementation of which depends largely on the developers themselves, which outlined big plans.


IOTA is a cryptocurrency that is open source. It was created for efficient and secure transmission of data and payments between devices. Transactions are completely free regardless of the size. The number of transactions to be processed at the same time has no restrictions and does not require much time for their confirmation. Control is provided by the Fund IOTA IOTA Foundation. In IOTA shall apply a cryptographic signature based on hashing that is much faster than ECC.

4. NEM

NEM is a "Japanese Ethereum". Translated into Russian abbreviature means nothing, as the "new economy". This cryptocurrency was launched in the spring of 2015. NEM is capable of forming a blockchain using the algorithm of "proof of importance". The formation of the block takes into account several criteria, namely: the amount of cryptocurrency on balance, the activity of the miner and the duration of its stay in the network. The advantage of this cryptocurrency is no need to consume a large amount of electricity in contrast to the same bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, the platform has a high performance.

3. Ripple

Ripple opens the top three in 2018. This cryptocurrency platform was formed almost six years ago. It focuses on operations with currency exchange without chargebacks. Unikalnost product is the consensus of the registry. This system allows for rapid and safe transfers everywhere. The speed of the transactions Ripple is superior to Bitcoin even. Through this platform users are between make payments by using cryptographically signed transactions. Ripple is currently very popular among the miners.

2. The Ethereum

The Ethereum is one of the most promising for the current year. Alt-coin is the brainchild of Swiss organization Ethereum Foundation. The smallest unit is Ethereum the ether. It differs from fellow bitcoin is that it is an open platform through which any user has a unique opportunity to use the technology of the blockchain to create decentralized apps. In popularity after the bitcoin cryptocurrency deservedly takes second place. This is due to the fact that Ethereum makes it easier to implement blockchain technology.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin ends the ranking of the most promising cryptocurrency to date. For new users to get it will be quite difficult, as you need to have a very powerful computing machine, because the manually collected farm obviously can't handle it. The payment unit can be used in the exchange of goods and services. There is also the possibility of exchange for ordinary currency. All more and more miners lately prefer this cryptocurrency, which "predict" future. Is it really so time will tell.

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