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The most popular sights of Saint-Petersburg


The list includes the most popular sights of St. Petersburg. Each of the historical sites ranked in the top ten, is of great importance and value to the city.

10. Cruiser Aurora

Cruiser Aurora opens the top ten attractions of St. Petersburg. The cruiser is a monument to the revolutionary past of the city and is its symbol. He is considered the number one ship consisting of naval fleet of Russia and is included in the compulsory program of visits by visitors to the city. Museum on the water today keeps more than five hundred unique exhibits, which are stored in six areas of the ship.

9. Museum of history of St. Petersburg

Museum of history of St.-Petersburg is included into the Museum complex attractions are the majestic cities of Russia. This is one of the largest historical museums of Russia. His reason was the initiative of architects-artists in 1907. Here you can find out the full story about the formation of the city. The Museum complex includes a mansion of Rumyantsev, the Oreshek fortress, the Peter and Paul fortress, Museum of printing, and more. For those who want to become more familiar with the story of Peter, a complex required to attend.

8. The Grand cascade in Peterhof

The Grand cascade in Peterhof is the most beautiful landmark of St. Petersburg. The grandest fountain, the construction of the Peterhof ensemble is considered one of the best in the world. His artistic concept dates back to the 18th century and lies in the ideas of glorification of the triumph of the Russian Empire, when she received access to the Baltic sea and victory in the Northern war with Sweden. Over thirty gold-plated sculptures of mythical heroes and gods and twenty-nine bas-reliefs could not be brighter reflect the theme of victory.

7. St. Isaac's Cathedral

St. Isaac's Cathedral — one of the largest architectural sights Peter's Church of origin. Today serves as a Museum where almost every day the divine services are held. Architectural building represents one of the outstanding examples of late classicism, which can be traced to such areas as the Byzantine style, eclecticism and Byzantine style. The height of the building exceeds 100 meters, and the diameter of the dome is 26 meters. Monolithic columns of different sizes, of which there are 112, adorn the Cathedral.

6. The Savior on Blood

Saviour on the spilt Blood — a majestic landmark of St. Petersburg, also known as the temple of the resurrection of Christ. The Church building was erected in 1907, the construction took 14 years. The construction of the temple began in honor of the memory of Alexander II mortally wounded by bomb in 1881. Initially he was not able to attend a simple congregation, it was performed only services that were dedicated to the memory of the deceased king. During the great Patriotic War the Church was to serve as a morgue, and at the same time vegetable store. Ironically it was named as "Savior on the potatoes". For a long time the building was in poor condition and only in 1997 it was fully restored and open to visitors.

5. The Mikhailovsky Palace

Mikhailovsky Palace is a luxurious landmark of St. Petersburg, located in the heart of the city, on the square of Arts. The former Grand-Ducal Palace was erected as the residence for Mikhail Pavlovich. The architect of the buildings was made by the Italian Carlo Rossi. Now the building is a Russian Museum, which contains over four hundred exhibits of sculptures, paintings and other folk art objects. Because of the large collection of the Museum at the time, he has undergone changes in the form of an extension of the new building.

4. Summer Palace of Peter I

Summer Palace of Peter I is on the list of best and most remarkable sights of St. Petersburg. Today serves as a branch of the Russian Museum. The building was built in the style of "Petrine Baroque" and Dating from 1714 year, is included in the list of the oldest buildings of the city. The summer Palace was originally intended only for use during the warmer time of the year talking about first a thin wall construction and single frame. Currently, the former residence of Peter I is closed for restoration and promises to open the updated in the summer of 2017.

3. Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress the famous landmark of St. Petersburg. It begins with her story of becoming Peter. Its construction began in 1703 under the plan made by Peter the Great and French engineer Lambert. Historic designation of this building were to protect the city from attacks by the armies of Sweden. The greatest historical value represents the Peter and Paul Cathedral, which was completed in his lifetime the functions of the Royal tombs, churches, and at one time served as a prison, considered one of the toughest in the city. Today, the Cathedral houses the remains of the Romanov dynasty.

2. Cabinet of curiosities

Kunstkamera is a very popular attraction in St. Petersburg. Full modern name — Museum of anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great Russian Academy of Sciences. Is the first Museum, which was founded by Peter I. Here are a unique collection of objects that reveal the history and life of many people. But most of all the value of the Museum is precisely because of his collection of anomalies and anatomical curiosities. The Kunstkammer was founded in 1718 on the orders of Peter the Great and the architect was the German master Mattarnovi. He is developing the building project. The construction of the Museum lasted for 18 years, after which were received the building in the style of "Petrine Baroque".

1. Theatre of Alexandria

The Alexandria theater is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg. Is considered the oldest drama theatre of Russia. It was founded by decree of Empress Elizabeth, and originally bore the name "Russian for performances of tragedy and Comedy theatre". The current name of the theatre was in honor of the wife of Nicholas I, Alexandra Feodorovna. Today the magnificent building is considered an architectural monument of Saint Petersburg is included in UNESCO world heritage list.

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