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Top 10 list of the best movies-parodies


Special demand from the kings of parody are acclaimed, popular films. That is what produced the most successful black Comedy. Parodies bring some flavor to familiar and a little overexposed subjects. And the victims of comic paintings are absolutely all genres: fantasy, horror, romance, etc. the Public would like to see americalculator-Changeling has long been a familiar movie and a good laugh.

Here are the best films parody, the list of new products over the last few years.

10. The worst moviein 2012

Killer parody Comedy horror about a zombie's worst film (2012) talk about the dangerous adventures of Casper and his friends. Being in charge of the old shop Casper with friends accidentally break an ancient artifact. The guys dumped the ancient curse. Now each of them becomes a murderer without meaning to. One of them is to look at the passerby as he immediately dies and turns into a zombie. While the guys realized what was happening, more than half of the city turned into the living dead. Friends rush in search of clues that will help them remove the curse. To make it not so easy, but it will be funny and hilarious.

9. Twilight: Breaking Wind2012

A parody of Twilight: Breaking Wind (2012) loved by young people, the romantic vampire movie will tell a very different story, chock full of dark and hilarious humor. In the center of the picture unsurpassed Bella, for whose heart are fighting a vampire Edward, his small copy-bellied dwarf and a werewolf named Jacob. A gang of young vampires, known as Suckers stalk the main character smell porn magazine Black trunks. Vampires are going to kill Bella. But to help shy-Tikhon comes the Cullens, which will come into the fight with the evil, harmful Suckers. The Cullens still have hope that Bella and Edward get married at last.

8. Scary movie 52013

Stunning Comedy spoof scary movie 5 (2013) continues to mock newly minted horror films. This time, the events center around a young married couple Dan and Jody. When they have a firstborn Ayden, they notice that started to happen strange things. The neighborhood they settled invisible beings who unfold in the house of the newlyweds flurry of activity. The characters have problems not only at home but also at work and in personal relationships. They begin to understand that their house is filled with demons. The couple appealed for help to the professionals working with the paranormal. House Dani and Jodi fully equip with hidden cameras to hunt down the demonic forces and cast them out.

7. Very hunger games2013

Comedic parody of the Very hungry games (2013) tells the viewer about the adventures of a brave girl kantmiss Evershot, who decides to take part in an unusual competition under the name of the Game starving. She and a guy from her village are sent to a place which will host the show. While playing for Kantmiss open new details: her village mate turns out to be gay and not able to even defend himself, and the girl from the neighboring district wants to murder the heroine. Players also shouldn't be trusted, and all the time have to be alert.

6. The bachelorette in Vegas2014

The Comedy of Bachelorette in Vegas (2014) will tell about the incredible adventures of girlfriends, who are in Las Vegas. It all starts with the fact that one of the girlfriends-beauties before the wedding, decides to throw a slumber party and to party with the girls. They head to Las Vegas to light for a stunning party. The girls manage to break away to glory. Being kicked out of the titty bar, robbed and they almost become a participating monopoly showdown. It turned out unconventional party for a bachelorette party. These memories will stay with heroines for a long time, as all of their antics were filmed by a video camera.

5. House with paranormal phenomena 22014

A hilarious parody of a House with paranormal phenomena 2 (2014) will tell about the unfortunate events in the life of a boy Malcolm. His favorite Kishi dies in a car accident. He decides to live a new way. He does offer the girl that has kids. Malcolm starts a happy family life. But soon the idyll comes to an end, when the neighborhood settles resurrected Kishi. Now the guy certainly will not be bored.

4. Superforce2015

Parody from filmmakers D. A. Friedberg and Seltzer, Superforce (2015) on the cult, the acclaimed film the fast and the furious will immerse the audience in the racing world, filled with sharp humor and irony. In addition, the film contains a parody fragments such as Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and transformers. The film is sure to appeal to fans of black humor.

3. Walk with the dead2015

Hilarious parody of walk with the dead (2015) tell about a funny and dangerous adventures of a police officer. The main character waking up in the hospital, discovers that he was in the real resting place of the zombies. The walking dead has taken over. The task of the officer now is to find his family, if its members had not yet turned into bloodthirsty monsters.

2. Curly the hostage2015

Comedy curly hostage (2015) is a parody of the franchise Hostage. The film's protagonist agent Brian millers is experiencing not the best period in life: he lost his job in the secret service lost the respect and trust of the family. Cocky black guy, Dango Shook plans to take away his wife. The daughter is also hunting to Rob her of her innocence, which she's long gone. But that's not all when choosing a gift for daughter's birthday, Brian attracts the attention of an influential thug, whose only purpose is to take away from each all that is possible. The offender intends to pursue the main character until he's returned a very valuable thing.

1. Fifty shades of black2016

Topping the list of parodies the black Comedy of this year Fifty shades of black (2016). Anastasia is the main character of the film, fell in love with a young and successful billionaire grey. The story begins with the fact that the girl gets to the businessman to take from that interview. All Anastasia wants now is to see again the hero of her novel. One day she meets his object of love in the store, where he acquires a very peculiar and strange set of objects. She was given the opportunity to get acquainted with the hero. She soon learns about his sexual interests. Billionaire offers the girl to sign an unusual contract that entitles him to do with a girl anything. Love Anastasia meekly submits and signs the contract as well as willing to do anything to be with gray.

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