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Most popular cartoons 2016


Cartoons are popular not only in young but also adult viewers. They are filled with good humor, bravery and courage of the main characters, true friendship. Good cartoons teach children proper character traits. For this reason, the TV screens often going the whole family.

Readers are the most popular cartoons of 2016.

10. Wolves and sheep BAA-e-e-suminoe transformation

"Wolves and sheep BAA-e-e-suminoe transformation" (2016) open top ten most popular animated movies of this year. By the will of evil case Grey, claims to be the leader of the pack and the hand of a beautiful wolf that turns into a sheep. Not to be eaten by their own relatives, the wolf has run away from the pack. Now he needs to figure out how to return back to his wolf skin and trust of his beloved...

9. The secret life of Pets

"The secret life of Pets" is included in the list of the most popular cartoons of 2016. In a moment the life of the protagonist of the cartoon Terrier max is flipped upside the head. The thing is that his favorite owner decides to pick up a stray dog Duke. The first time the dog engaged in rivalry, but soon they will forget about it — they knew about the intention of a stray rabbit that decided to raise an army of abandoned Pets vs Pets...

8. Batman: Bad blood

"Batman: Bad blood" — a popular and already a favorite with many viewers cartoon 2016. For many years Batman leads a double life. By day he is a successful businessman Bruce Wayne, who managed to earn a decent fortune, and by night he's a superhero protecting your city from villains. On account of his not one hundred of the defeated criminals, making the city residents can sleep peacefully. But on the way up stronger opponents, which he can't win. Then, to help Batman come his partners Nightwing and Robin, who will replace a superhero and instead protect the people of Gotham.

7. Barboskiny

"Jackson" (2011-2016) — the popular animated series, the new series which appeared on the screens this year. The main characters of the characters of the cartoon are five puppies: rose, Lisa, Gena, my friend and the Baby. Also, sometimes the episodes appear mom, dad and friend timokha, fell in love with Rose. Each of the characters has an individual character and has their desires... in barboskinyh all as humans: dad watches football, and spends time at the computer, girls are fond of music and fashion, and the guys play football and dream to get the Nobel prize.

6. The adventures of Puss in Boots

"The adventures of Puss in Boots" (2015-2016) — one of the most popular series, another season of which was released this year. The main character of the animated film puss in Boots in the new season decides to go to San Lorenzo, which is invisible and hidden in the mythical lands. From encroachment by other people, the city and its residents are protected by spells. But the main character manages to destroy a powerful spell. But now he had to protect the San Lorenzo from the invaders and find a way of returning magic that guarded these lands.

5. Masha and the Bear. Mashkin horror stories

"Masha and the Bear. Mashkin horror stories" (2014-2016) is a Russian cartoon, which for several years held the popular among young viewers and not only. "Mashkin horror stories" are a new project of the creators of the cartoon "Masha and the Bear". All the famous character of the animated series Masha was very afraid of the dark. But once she invented a story about a beetle who is also afraid of her... Now the heroine has taken over the telling of frightening tales, each one worse than the other.

4. Paw patrol

"Paw patrol" (2013-2016) is one of the most popular cartoon serials. The main character of the cartoon Zeke Ryder is a very talented and precocious boy. He's ten years old, and he already understands the great electronics and miscellaneous technology. His life is full of colorful and sometimes dangerous adventures, but he is not afraid of them. He has a team of fearless dogs that care about the order in the streets. Dogs are not only a security mission, but also help others out of difficult situations or troubles. Zeke and his puppy patrol any business on the shoulder, because they are called to do good works.

3. Kung fu Panda 3

"Kung fu Panda 3" (2016) opens the three most popular cartoons in 2016. Animated film was nominated for an MTV. In the previous parts of the cartoon For learned many things. For example, he resisted the enemies who threatened his comrades. Now, the main character will be faced with more serious problems that he can solve without a fight. In the city there is an old Panda, caught the real father. Together they go to a place where pandas live alone. Now the protagonist has to live here with his father. But family welfare will soon come to an end when the village appears villain Kai, all threatening, if you fight him will be a brave warrior...

2. Pete and his dragon

"Pete and the dragon" — one of the best cartoons published in 2016. Animated film is perfect for viewing the whole family. The story begins in a very dense forest, where the Rangers find the wild boy of ten years. He was entirely without clothing, except for a loincloth. The main character of the cartoon with a boy builds a relationship of trust. She asks him how he managed to survive in the wild forest. And then little Pete about his friend Elliot, who turns out to be none other than a real dragon! The boy brings his new family to the cave of fabulous animal. But the dragon had a remarkable ability — he could become invisible at the approach of danger. People who have decided that the mighty beast may hurt, are going to destroy it. Now Pete needed to save his friend...

1. Zeropolis

"Zeropolis" (2016) is the most popular cartoon this year. By results of voting of visitors of a site "Kinopoisk" animated film ranked 52nd among the best. The modern city called Zeropolis inhabit a variety of animals. It is divided into areas, each of which follows the natural habitat. All the animals living in this wonderful metropolis, civilized. One of the main characters rabbit Judy. childhood dream to serve in the police. She decides to achieve his goal and on his way to Zeropolis. But on the first day of service she offered to chasing after criminals, and to prescribe penalties for those who leave cars in the wrong Parking places. Having finished its job, Judy is sent to the city streets in search of criminals...

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