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The most popular sports in the world


Sport has always been an important component of a healthy and vibrant human life. Active games help you to gain energy, confidence and just having fun to pass the time. Currently, the world is rapidly evolving, with new sports, improve old. But the most popular remain the same. They are time tested and are dealt with by millions of people around the world. In this article we will tell you what are the most popular sports in the world.

10. Cricket

For playing cricket you need only two components: the ball and the bat. Gather two teams of 11 people each. Playing on the grass. At the end of the game most points, wins. The match is divided into several periods (innings). One team has a pitcher, another slugger. In the next inning they were changing accordingly. This is one of the most popular sports on the planet is distributed in India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand.

9. Baseball

Baseball is very similar to the Russian lapta. It requires a ball and a bat (Yes, baseball is very similar to cricket). In the game two teams: one attacks, other defends. The attacking players take turns standing at the base and hit the ball sent to them, as far as possible. During flight of the projectile the player needs to cross from one database to another. The defender's task to catch the ball and get them in the running of the player's opponents.
Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, is considered the national game of the United States. It is widespread in Canada and in Cuba.

8. Golf

The goal of the game is simple: you need to score the ball with a club in 18 different holes, located on a grassy field. But not so simple. The rules of this game are painted on 50 pages! The fact that Golf is played on different continents, where the weather is significantly different from each other. Therefore, the rules in different countries vary. And all of them need to paint!
Golf is considered the most expensive sport. It is played by only rich people. In order to enjoy Golf, you need to buy expensive equipment. Land for game korotkostrizhenih grass. But to buy the ground can not afford one. Therefore, to promote the game, occupying the 8th place of the ranking of the most popular sports in the world, came up with mini Golf. The rules are the same, but the area for less.
Golf is popular in Australia and America.

7. Table tennis

The game requires a table, separated by a net, two players, two rackets and a ball. Goal: to hit the ball with your racket so that it does not fly beyond the table. To get a decent level in table tennis is not easy: you need to have a heightened response and concentration. In the process of training these qualities come by themselves, the possession of the racket is improved and the ball sent by the player flies to the right place. This is one of the most popular sports spread everywhere, it is played by millions of people. The majority of them in China. Tennis players from this country consistently bring prizes from international tournaments.

6. Rugby

Two teams of 15 people each, or 80 minutes playing time (2 x 40). The players of each team must pass the ball to each other with hands and feet, to land in the field outside the territory of the opponent, or score a goal in the H-shaped gate.
For Rugby you need to have physically developed body, strong nerves and strong health. A game that occupies the 6th place of the ranking of the most popular sports in the world, distributed in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina. Periodically Rugby Championships in the world, which also contributes to the promotion of the game.

5. Tennis

This popular sport more entertaining than his younger brother. Because it's played on a big court: grass, clay or synthetic.
The player must have stamina, speed, reaction, and ability to analyze the situation.
There are male and female tournaments in tennis. The most popular is the Grand slam tournament, which includes Championships of France, Australia, USA and Wimbledon.
Tennis is played primarily in America and Europe.

4. Hockey

The aim of the game: to score the ball or puck with sticks into the opponent's net. Thus it is necessary to move on skates on the ice.
In this game, occupying the 4th place of the list of most popular sports, played physically tough and hardy people. Because in hockey a lot of struggle and physical tension. In this respect the game is similar to Rugby, only on ice.
Hockey is popular in Northern countries: Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA. Almost each of these States many times became the world champion in this sport.

3. Basketball

The objective of the game consists in throwing the ball in the basket, suspended at a height of 2.5-3 meters. Participants are divided into two teams of 12 people. On the field of play for 5 players. Game time: 4 periods of 10 minutes.
Basketball spread all over the world, but extremely popular in the United States, which is the birthplace of this popular sport, who took bronze our rating. The strongest and most expensive players play in the NBA — the national basketball Association in the States.

2. Volleyball

Volleyball is popular among both men and women. It is played on any sports recreation. The world is full of professional and Amateur volleyball teams. Volleyball is very common in the US, where it is one of the favorite games of the population.
In volleyball, occupies second place in the list of the most popular sports, play on the beach, indoors, outdoors. It is the versatility of the game made it so popular.

1. Football

Football is considered the most popular sport on the planet. Because it is played throughout the world. Kicking the ball are taught from childhood of each boy. The FIFA world Cup become a world-class event, collecting at TV screens millions of viewers from all over the world.
For football game players are divided into two teams of 11 people. They need to score a leather ball into the goal. For every hit — 1 point. Team, over 90 minutes of the game scoring the highest number of goals wins.

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