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The most vulgar movies in the world


To readers in the most vulgar movies in the world — top 10.

10. Emmanuelle1974

"Emmanuelle" (1974) opens the list of the dirtiest movies in the world. The film describes the sexual adventures of the protagonist, a beautiful young Frenchwoman Emmanuelle. She, along with her husband Jean, Embassy employee living in Bangkok. The entire diplomatic corps to faint from boredom, and because there prevails a very depraved sexual mores. Jean that is somewhat older than Emmanuel, not only forbids her casual sex, but also encourages them, believing that they contribute to greater emancipation Emmanuel sex. In a very short time Emmanuelle time to try something that had never tried: random connection with a stranger, lesbian love Soon after "education" Emanuel takes no longer young man is Mario, a relationship which greatly influenced her attitude toward sex.

9. My love2005

The erotic films of Italian Director Tinto Brass "my Love" (2005) is one of the most vulgar films. The love story of a girl from Venice named Martha and Frenchman Leon. Six months after the wedding sex with her husband Dario became commonplace, dull, lost that appeal, which was before. Husband Dario quickly ends and goes to sleep, and excited, but unmet in March, had not experienced orgasm, a long time can not sleep, tormented, and to transform sexual arousal, leads a Frank, candid sex diary. The artist then meets Leon, with whom she experiences amazing orgasm. March feels remorse and wants about the affair to sincerely tell my husband, but that all the time. Just five days lasting romance between Martha and Leon and their feelings every day becoming stronger.

8. Nymphomaniac2013

Erotic drama "Nymphomaniac" (2013) — the most vulgar movie of Lars von Trier, which includes 2 parts. This is a story of erotic experiences of women from birth to Cinquantenaire, told by the main character, a woman named Joe, put a diagnosis — nymphomania. On a cold winter morning Seligman, a middle-aged lonely bachelor, stumbles into the alley, Joe, hackneyed and located in a semi-conscious state. Bringing a woman home, he treats her wounds and wonders how it reached such a life. Joe tells Seligman history rich young, full of parallel plots and unexpected digressions.

7. Lolita1997

"Lolita" (1997) — a joint operation of the USA and France, based on the eponymous novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Teacher of French literature Humbert — European Anglo-Swiss origin — arrives in a small American town in New England. He is well mannered, educated, witty and popular among women. But his soul is sick memories of first love. And, having met 12-year-old lolita, Humbert hopes to regain the lost Paradise... In Australia, the film at first was afraid to release because of the danger of a possible surge of pedophilia. It was released only in 1999, with a hard limit R.

6. Deep throat1972

Deep throat (1972) — the first official vulgar film, released. The main character is unable to get sexual satisfaction. Specialist to whom she addresses their problems, clarifies the reason for that is that her clitoris is located deep in the throat. Delighted diagnosed, Linda instantly develops specific techniques of oral sex, which in the film called "deep throat", and "perfects" it on various partners, yet does not find the most appropriate with the desired penis size. The film has set new standards of oral sex. After him in many textbooks on sex appeared tips, learning the technique of "deep throat".

5. Antichrist2009

"Antichrist" (2009) arts film directed by Lars von Trier, who considers her the best in her career. The picture begins with sex scenes. A couple passionately having sex, while their young son Nick climbs out of his crib, and climbs on the window sill. The son falls out the window and crashing on the ground covered with snow. At the time of death of the child the woman experiences a strong orgasm... At the Cannes film festival the film was coldly received by the public and received mixed reviews from critics. In the scenes that show female and male sex organs, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg was the substitute for the real porn actors.

4. The dreamers2003

Art painting by Bernardo Bertolucci "the Dreamers" (2003) is included in the list of the most vulgar movies. The film is set before and during the events of may 1968 in Paris. Young American Matthew arrives in Paris on a student exchange program to improve your knowledge of French. Most of the free time he spends in the Cinematheque, in the company of other movie-crazed teenagers, enjoying the view of the modern tapes, and film classics. There he meets his peers, Isabelle and Theo, who claim that at birth were conjoined twins. New friends invite Matthew during the absence of parents to move into their apartment. American gradually becomes clear that the proximity of Isabelle and Theo on the verge of incest. Cut off from the world of student unrest, all three have selflessly given to sexual and psychological experimentation. the film received in the USA with a hard rolling rating — NC-17.

3. The night porter1973

"The night porter" (1973) is rightfully wear the title of most vulgar movie. All the events in the film date back to 1957. In the Vienna hotel, meet by chance a former Nazi and a former concentration camp inmate. Awakened memories as the executioner and the victim kindle between them a strange, unnatural attraction that a psychoanalyst would call sadomasochism.In Italy the persecution of the film is stopped only after the verdict of the Supreme court in Milan: "the Night porter" is a work of art, and no one under any circumstances has no right to impose his ban.

2. Blue velvet1986

"Blue velvet" (1986) David Lynch is one of the most vulgar films in the history of cinema. The young man after a long absence returns to his hometown due to the sudden stroke of his father. He soon finds in the field of a severed human ear. Unsatisfied by the mere enthusiasm of the police, he begins his own unauthorized investigation, in which he helps the daughter of a police detective. They were surprised to find that in their quiet serene town there is a criminal underground. The trail leads to a beautiful and mysterious woman and her violent partner-the drug dealer. Between him and the woman fastened a strange, unhealthy love, despite the fact that it is partial also to the daughter of a detective...

1. Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom1975

"Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom" (1975) by pier Paolo Pasolini tops the list of the most vulgar movies. Ekraniziruya novel of the Marquis de Sade, Pasolini takes effect in 1944-45-ies, in the fascist "Republic of Salo" in Northern Italy, where a group of people from high society, led by Prince humiliates, mocks, torments, tortures boys and girls gathered for pleasing perverted elite who feels his own destruction. Lasts four months, this execution. For adults this is the last opportunity to satisfy their basest instincts, for young people — the price paid for their youth and desire to live. At the Venice film festival art film was awarded the film award for best restored film.

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